Coronavirus 2020



This is not about a virus. It is not a vaccine. Continue from there.


The whole show is powered by mass magical thinking.


Gov demand €2,000 to flee Ireland.

Not sure if this is per-person fee, but I’ve always thought Governments were the largest human traffickers on the planet.

archived link:

Its clearly not profitable to make it illegal to leave the country, and stop airlines to take bookings (cause that might run afoul of something else) but going for the Quadruple-hilarious now €2k Holiday Tax*, who sees permo checkpoints at all ports to paper over budgetary cracks? :whistle:


How did we get from temporary restrictions one year ago - just TO FLATTEN THE CURVE LIKE - to today fining travellers THOUSANDS OF EUROS???!
I mean, how did we get here??
(And do you know any real hard covid cases yet? No, me neither)


UK is talking about 10 years of porridge if you try to evade quarantine by lying…


Did you have any particular prison in mind, Matt?
Yeah. Strangeways


Un fckin believable. FFS people. FFS.


Mind you, last May there was confusion between guidance and law. So don’t know if this is now properly legislated this time? Who knows???



Unconstitutional is as Unconstitutional does.

Captors vs captives.


You need to be honest here. To reconcile the conflict.

I have no idea where you are getting this arbitrary 1 million target, perhaps this is an inclusion that you think is reasonable? I have seen NPHET sat 70%? Who are they to say anything of this matter. Something that is a no thing. An unthing that is no one. Nothing.

However, let says this is your reasonable assumption, based on a particular view of reality, that you see as the threshold for a safe resumption of what you assumed would be returned (whatever).

So you want your constitutional rights and you arbitrary-something, let’s call it constitution vs magic.

(there are a lot of competing arbitrary-somethings, so this is a rhetorical point in the baking)

I do not believe the Constitutional Republic and a representative government tasked with upholding your ability to live, upholding pursuant rights is contingent on magic.

If we are to accept magic, then we reject and accept the Constitutional Republic as we knew and thought of it as superseded by magic.

Personally. I do not believe there is any provision for magic in the constitution for good reason and so neither are compatible. Thus it is a binary choice as the gender fluid kidz like to say these days, or at least use to.

However, there is interestingly provisions for the common good and many more things besides as you point out in the constitution.

The actions of the occupational-regime are not anywhere near the common good, not by a mile, but I think they are running under the assumption that the “common good” is magic, enabling them the requisite power to pull of whatever magic they choice to wield, as their power.

So on that basis, they are no longer a constitutionally legitimate government.

Draw further conclusions or not.


Dimensionally Asymmetrical Info War.

Ah, now this explains the sudden positive pivot to a pro-israel-vaccine-policy is doing-the-do narrative in the media maelstrom :whistle:

Israel plans to open up some hotels, gyms and other leisure facilities in two weeks to those documented as being immune to Covid-19, health minister Yuli Edelstein said on Wednesday.

Having administered Pfizer Inc vaccines to almost 40 per cent of its nine million population, Israel saw first signs of managing to outpace highly contagious virus variants, he added.

Israel has said it would issue an official app allowing users to link up to their health ministry files and show if they have been vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19, with presumed immunity, in order to gain entry to leisure facilities.**

Those to whom neither applies would be able to get a Covid-19 test and, if the result is negative, display it on the app for up to 72 hours of similar access, officials have said.

Initially dubbed “Green Passport”, the system has been renamed “Green Pass” in an apparent bid to head off speculation that it would also enable unfettered travel abroad.

Today - finally, finally - there is an encouraging sign

“The estimated date is the 23rd of the month,” Mr Edelstein told Ynet TV. “We are talking about gyms, hotels, places like that, where using the Green Pass would be both appropriate and practicable.”

“Today - finally, finally - there is an encouraging sign, a small reduction in morbidity,” he said. “If this vector continues, we will meet all of our commitments.”


Furious Tory MPs say Covid vaccine roll-out is pointless unless UK goes back to normal life soon after SAGE doomsters push back on easing lockdown within weeks and warn we could be wearing masks FOREVER

Furious Tory MPs fumed today that the UK’s hugely successful Covid vaccine roll-out will be pointless if it doesn’t unlock Britain from brutal lockdown curbs soon – as prominent SAGE scientists called for longer restrictions to drive cases down to almost nothing.

No10’s top scientific advisers warned there must be no more than 10,000 Britons infected on any given day — the equivalent of fewer than 1,000 daily cases — before Boris Johnson should start easing the measures, or they claim the country risks allowing new mutant variants to spawn. To dip below the 1,000 mark, cases must drop by at least 15-fold as official data shows around 15,000 Britons are testing positive each day.

They also claimed some restrictions like the Rule of Six and face masks in public places might need to remain in place ‘forever’ because Covid will become endemic.

Tory MP Marcus Fysh told MailOnline SAGE’s demands were ‘highly unrealistic’ and warned ministers must stick to the hospitalisation and deaths criteria to dictate their lockdown-easing plans ‘in order to preserve the confidence that people have in the process’.

He added: ‘There are people that are hanging on for dear life in economic terms at the moment, who need us to get back to normal. The whole point of vaccinating is so normal life can operate. If we don’t get back to that soon there has not been any point in the vaccinations.’

Trouble at t’mill


3 weeks.


There is no vaccine. It is not a vaccine. None.

That’s the why!

Another bait and switch, a diabolical bait and switch. Losing count?

It is never too late to learn.

These operators would make the boys in the dock at Nuremberg blush.

The original bait and switch - Flatten The Curve.

Flatten the Curve = Soft Landing

Remember what happened after that?

The pathology you are dealing with has a common name.


Any questions?


What to do? Most are fast asleep and can’t wait for their jabs. I have two friends who don’t want to get it. Just two. I started posting here (I usually lurk on forums) because I’m getting nowhere with friends / family and want some sane conversation or debate :slightly_frowning_face:


Stop complying with EVIL, in simple ways that help you in the first, retain your sense of self and stability of mind.

A simple way is to stop using the language of the perps, case in point - “jabs”, instead use your own words that you feel more accurately convey it, though they may not be entirely be accurate, they may have far greater effect if your intention is without malice as a genuinely sincere act as opposed to the junk euphemisms cooked up to consumed-uncritically like fast-food.

It there are no suitable words, find great combinations, even taboo words. Look to other languages to see if they have something more suitable, but if all that fails, create your own words!

That’s one thing. There are many, many many things you can do. Unlurking is another. :wink:


You cannot talk any sense into most frightened and brainwashed people no matter how intelligent they might be otherwise. Its one of the things you learn when doing Disaster Prep.

Not just the Normalcy Bias but the huge psychological block of most people just doing what they see other people doing when their normal world is turned upside down in the blink of an eye. The idiocy of crowds. Which is why it is drilled into you that you should do all your psychological prep beforehand, plans, physical prep etc, so that when disaster happens you can ignore what everyone else is doing if need be and make clear headed decisions about how to best look after yourself when the shit hits the fan. You are taught that you should look after those you care about but the old mantra hold fast - you can help people but you cannot save them. So you have to prep those around you as well. Before hand. Much easier with earthquakes than with pandemics.

In this current situation you can try to inform those around you but if they dont want to be informed then you have to learn to disengage. It was no different pre 2008. I was telling all and sundry from 2003 onwards that a very bad property crash was on the way. I had seen them before elsewhere. Most would not listen so you just learned to ignored them. Not mention the subject again around them. A few listened so the message was tailored to what best suited them. And some you just primed so that when things went pear shaped a single hint was all that was needed to get them to listen more carefully to what you said.

The Pareto Principals holds. 80% of people will not be convinced. Ever. They will go with “what everyone else is thinking or saying”. Often the most surprising people are the most stubborn to holding to opinions not matter how obvious the cognitive dissonance. Another 10% are by nature skeptical of current accepted opinions so they will need no convincing. Maybe 10% might be swayed but they have to be convinced. Each case will be different and very few will make the jump quickly. So priming is always needed for the small steps.

As for the vaccine there is not a lot one can do except avoid the inevitable debacle. By deflection if need be. The “I’ll gladly take the vaccine when it has got full 501(1) b approval” sort of thing. Or invent a history of allergic reactions. Actually for most people there will be some history. Anything to be at the end of the queue.

Some people might be convinced by the line - your personal risk of death form COVID is about the same as from influenza but the vaccine is at least 80X more dangerous might work. If they mention “herd immunity” then ask them if there is “herd immunity” against Influenza. A similar kind of virus and a similar sort of vaccine. Again different lines work with different people. But unless they are very old and frail then if they ignore your warning that they are not being given all the facts then ultimately its their own lookout. And if family / neighbors make old frail grannie get vaccinated and they die soon afterwards its almost always a lose / lose situation for the person doing the warning about the risks of vaccination.

Frustrating I know. But in these very dangerous times of mass hysteria ultimately you have to look out for yourself and your own future. Compassion and selflessness have their limits. Again something one learns in Disaster Prep. You help other when you can, but not when it will seriously jeopardize you own well-being and survival.


The Covid vaccine is 80X more dangerous than the flu vaccine or the covid vaccine is 80X more dangerous than the covid virus itself?


Yep and tptb know all of this is true and leverage it big time.

Words. The power of words.

Meanwhile, here is a link to 50+ odd pages of recorded deaths post lethal-jab, looks like many with underlying conditions.

The age profile skimming a few pages few pages indicates, old, very old, elderly + lots of pre-existing.

However, the HSE and Paul Reid is very excited right now.

Currently, Ireland is just behind Malta and Denmark said Mr Reid, adding we are “well above” the EU average.

He said there is a very “exciting” week ahead in terms of the volume and mix of jabs, including Pfizer, Modern and AstraZeneca, confirming 243,000 doses have now been administered in the State, including 154,900 first doses and 88,453 second doses.

The next cohort of the population to be vaccinated will be those over the age of 70, who will be invited by GPs to receive the jab from next week.

So next week should we expect a surge of deaths by lethal injection across Ireland elderly population?

Weirdly then they run a more recent story indicates that the over 70’s will not be getting the AstraZeneca elixir. So is that good news, but the will get the others, is that bad news? Could be fatal news for some.

What is interesting but also concerning is even though the dataset behind the dashboard of death are at their new headline figures, counting the HSE’s experimental genetic-jab-roulette program numbers (per below) do not have a corresponding dataset.

Unless it has been missed and is buried in another dataset (yet to find), this seems somewhat remiss - has anyone got the data?

Total 1st Dose Vaccines Administered

Total 2nd Dose Vaccines Administered

Exciting times. More trains. Fatser Trains. Better Scheduling. Mobile chambers. Pop in your pocket. Incredible advances advancing and we have the credit lines to get it done.