Coronavirus 2020



Hotel quarantine laws:

#leotheleak had said a week ago that this would be unconstitutional


Why pretend, just skip to the prison bit. Same thing.

Wake the FCK up people. Be under no illusion, this is no longer a constitutional republic.


I think most people here are awake. It’s the rest of the country is the issue.


In the US, there are more noises about investigating Cuomo for the nursing home deaths.


Interesting analysis of the Swedish outbreak, don’t worry about the hosting site (some think it’s only for climate change deniers).

One of the points raised is that where there was a bad flu season the previous year, the number of covid deaths is far lower. A bit like a bushfire being far worse in areas that have not been burned in recent years.

Whether the longer or shorter regression periods provide better estimates of normal mortality in 2019 and 2020, it seems clear that excess deaths, as a proportion of the population, were much higher in England than in Sweden. Excess deaths in England per 100,000 population were about four times those in Sweden for 2019 and 2020 combined, and about double those in Sweden for 2020 alone, .


There’s an idea…


Anyone know of a good link for tracking covid restrictions, across Europe? Going by media here you would presume Europe is in lockdown, which is not the case. 9 more weeks of this shit. They are fucked when UK starts opening up as that’s all everyone in Ireland seems to pay attention to.


It does seem the “mutant strain” stories in the MSM are a facile cover for the effects of the experimental injections being administered across the world.

Britain, Brazil, South Africa - IIRC, they were all preceded with roll out of a experimental injections and that British one gets around right as do the others? Lockdowns yea?

Correlation does not imply causation, I hear you say, yea maybe but the media are brutal unreformed disseminators of half-truth, untruths, diabolical deceptions and ideological programming and we have the leaked stages off the roll out, mutations being part of the 3rd Act…


A health professional at the hospital in L’Aquila, Italy, was infected with the Brazilian variant of the new coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, even after receiving the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech. The new strain was identified during periodic examinations performed on all health operators and analyzed by the Abruzzo and Molise experimental zooprophylaxis institutes.

In summary:

You can call it the British Strain,
The Brazilian Mutation,
and the the South African recombination
but if you call it the China Virus,
you are as good as dead to us,
dead to US.



3 weeks . Flatten the curve. Protect the hse. Mask up. Stay at home. Bollox.


Flatten the curve, boss?? But I thought you said flatten the country!


If wasn’t so fckin terryfying it would be hilarious. Money and all that jazz can be replaced. Your loved ones, you?

And make no mistake, there is a crime underway in a care home near you now. GP surgery edition coming soon for round 2. Protect your people and family.



One ISAG member, when asked if there was certainty within ISAG that mid-April would be a practical date to reopen parts of the economy, told Gript that “we gave a time because you have to give a time” and that “we don’t know how long this will take.”

If you take a public position, based on your qualifications, credentials or position as a scientist or a doctor. You had better be fucking certain that you. Are. Telling. The. Fucking.Truth. Especially if that involves locking down a fucking country.

This letter also told the Taoiseach that, if he implemented ISAG’s policies, there would be no need for future national lockdowns, as any outbreak would be handled by “active public health intervention” instead.

The public health doctors in this country are so under-supported and demoralised in this country that they were due to strike in January, and are tweeting about job offers abroad.

Interestingly no member of ISAG or WCBZ appears to have registered as a lobbyist despite their repeated outreaches to politicians, nor is the group registered with SIPO.

As far as I know (I have never been in a lobby group so haven’t had to read the fine print) it is a requirement to register. My institution sends quarterly reminders to all staff about the requirement to register if associated with a lobbying group.


All credit to whomever it is that is leaking. Please keep doing so. Dark to light.


Getting just like DC.

Needed for many at this stage I hazard to guess.

I thought workmen were banned at present in the home ???



Anyone out and about around Dublin this afternoon? I’ve rarely (in recent times) seen the parks and coastal areas so full of families, couples, singles, groups of teens, elderly etc, all taking in the fine Spring weather.

Fantastic to see so many getting out in the fresh air and the warming-ish sunshine. And it’s still only February…

(Note: I was in two parks today - Deerpark Mount Merrion and Cabinteely. Friends and relatives posted pics from Howth, Clontarf, Dun Laoghaire and Seapoint. Also saw a pic on Twitter of the traffic jams heading for Marlay Park.)


Father in law went into hospital 2 weeks ago wth a fractured hip. Late 70s. Went home 11 days ago and back in today on oxygen with suspected covid.

Hasn’t left the farm since he got back so highly likely he got it in the hospital. Joke shop


Sounds delightful. This was 8.30pm last night at Westmoreland St-two junkies fixing a crack pipe in the middle of the footpath:


Worth watching and taking notice .

I see this linky isn’t working, could a techie pinster oblige. It’s from Dave Cullen over on bitchute.