Coronavirus 2020



Thats awful. Speedy recovery wished.




I am so sorry to hear that. It seems to be happening to quite a number of people…


And here’s the response from the State - to people getting out in the fresh air and sunshine…

("People socialising"…let’s put a stop to this criminal activity - now.)

Gardaí may be redeployed to beauty spots as crowds flock to parks and beaches (

The number of people gathered in public amenities during the weekend is very likely to see Garda personnel redeployed to popular locations to discourage crowds forming, according to Garda sources in Dublin. Gardaí were expected to reintroduce static checkpoints at some beauty spots and parks around the country after crowds flocked to many public amenities during the good weather at the weekend despite the Level 5 lockdown restrictions.

Garda sources in Dublin said there appeared to be a noted increase in people socialising outdoors.

However, they said thousands of people lived within 5km of some of the busiest locations on Sunday and were permitted to exercise within that “5km-from-home zone” under restrictions currently in place to combat Covid-19.

The Office of Public Works reported Phoenix Park, Dublin, was “extremely busy” on Sunday with all car parks “near capacity” at about lunch time. Those who planned to visit the park were asked to “consider walking or cycling”.


Lots of people out in the open air, exposed to sunlight that fills them with…vitamin D, known to boost the immune system and protect against infection by cold, flu, and novel coronavirus.
Gotta put a stop to THAT!


So sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers soon.


Marion Koopmans, a member of the recent World Health Organization mission to discover the origins of COVID-19 in China, has served as an advisor to the Chinese Communist Party’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention and authored studies funded by Chinese government-backed grants


A federal grand jury issued a superseding indictment charging Chen Song with visa fraud, obstruction of justice, destruction of documents, and false statements in connection with a scheme to conceal and lie about her status as a member of the People’s Republic of China’s military forces while in the United States


Australia ain’t happy…

Australian Open crowd boos at mention of vaccines and government


No surprise really, they’re tennis fans watching a tennis match, they’re most likely also wanting some escape from the drudgery of COVID restrictions, the last thing they wanted to hear was an announcement about COVID.
The organisers at the open venue should have realised the fans did not want to hear about COVID!

For politicians to get uppity about it clearly shows a real sense of detachment from the real population.

PS the video’s broke.


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So watching the Boris Johnson news conference last night and the headline of 21st June before restrictions end.

What struck me is that he kinda described last summer. Bars open, hairdressers open, general retail open again. But there is also the possibility of stadia taking in a few thousand, because we can all admit that Sars Cov2 is not as prevalent during the summer.

But then, the seed was sown in our head that masks will be needed next Autumn/Winter. I wonder if the British will get their hopes up but 2021 turns into a repeat of 2020, with maybe a bit more sport, and a bit of theatre. You come up for air for a bit but we’ll be plunged back down again next September.

He kept mentioning the term ‘irreversible’ about the easing of lockdown. He is obviously conscious of the need to appease the Tory backbenchers who are acting as the effective opposition now.


I think that there is a much greater chance of eradicating COVID during the summer by herd immunity either with vaccination or transmission amongst the general population.
By the Autumn, almost everyone will have been vaccinated so unless a vaccine dodging variant appears, they should be in the clear.

Remember that the Spanish flu burned itself out after two years.


If the vaccine is seen to have had no impact on wider society thats when civil strife becomes highly likely.

Currently it can still be argued that an element of ‘common good’ applies and people can still be shamed for non-compliance on that basis.

If everyone over 55 is vaccinated those arguments no longer carry any weight.

Its hard to know with Boris. Hes a populist at heart and flaps a lot but he may have a personal belief in what he perceives to be ‘British’ values of personal liberty etc. Hes lived his own life in that manner anyway. So maybe this will prove to be a genuine attempt to fully exit lockdown.

It all certainly reflects poorly on the EU and is as big a vindication of Brexit as could have occurred. Im still waiting for Fintan O’Tooles article on the subject


BBC reporting he said this

Thats quite encouraging if indicative of thinking at a high level in the UK.

Again our own crowd and the EU could take note.


Looking at the latest HSE numbers… very quickly, to me it looks like they’ve tweaked the numbers so they will run with a Positivity rate narrative from here on out, looks like they have hit a sweet spot the last few weeks, so not cases no more cause they are down down down) and the deaths now they’re at all time reliable high. Totally legit.

I am guessing this is probably to reinforce a “never going away” narrative, haven’t been paying attention to local media, so maybe it is already in play, living in the shadow of the beast and all that jazz… the artificially and fraudulently created cases volumes using the flawed PCR lab process to create pretend cases has done it’s job to convince the world and got us to this point, so they need to move away from that into a management/maintenance mode for the next phase of the mass conditioning and general social engineering, all leveraged via the early phase fear condition, so as to reap what has been sown to get to higher levels fo new-normal, to the point, were some will begin to forget and others may harbour PTSD for the rest of they life and never return to their former selves.

In short, it looks like we are to be always at war with Virus-stein.

Your gaff has a BER rating your country now probably a SCARE rating.

From the numbers, it now seeming self-evident that the labs testing was used to create bullshit fraudulent case numbers for the mid and later half of 2020 to keep the show on the road and justify continued tyrannical terror campaign going against the population.

If you have not figured it out now, how they critically disabled most of the world was to injected the term asymptomatic into the reality sphere creating a global blindspot.

No one in the world gave a fiddlers about a technical medical phrase until March 2020

So that’s the past - 2020 9/11 for the mind.


Aside from the fact it’s not a vaccine (mRNA injections), it is having an impact, a very real impact.

It is currently killing and maiming in quantifiable numbers most probably underreported.

Real shit. Let’s ignore. Fake shit. Here have some more.

Currently it can still be argued that an element of ‘common good’ applies and people can still be shamed for non-compliance on that basis.

If everyone over 55 is vaccinated those arguments no longer carry any weight.

Well past the point of credulity that the “common good” argument is a viable even logical defence at this point.

If that was the case, then the proof would have been the emergency use of HCQ and Ivermectin and many other possible treatments (many doctors used and called for) early last year and ongoing, everything would be on the table in an unprecedented event like this right… but everything was not on the table.

It was and has always been “only show in town”, and the humans, people, the very citizens of nations, have been reduced technically legally to that of herded livestock, reduced to animals status by their respective governments.


It might seem that way but a majority still consume RTE and the rest and many many people are scared into submission at this stage.

The evidence would need to be incontrevertible for them to change tack and an absence of repoening following the over 55s having been vaccinated would go a long way toward that.

Theres a lot of people moving in that direction as it is. This lad has nearly a million views apparently


Exactly. The mass mind-control is still in affect. However, as you point out below, the ratio of those digging in and those putting their heads above ground is changing.

Truth alone does not end it, it requires critical mass and it’s over.

Yes, the video went viral outside of Ireland before it made waves here IIRC.


We had one death reported on Sunday, and one yesterday. No briefing today I see.

Total cases for Ireland (as of yesterday) were 215,743 with 4137 deaths - a CFR still of 2%. Only half of which were in hospitals (previous post).

The wave last year - which got into the nursing homes (and that scandal and those deaths should be investigated in the same way as Cuomo is the US is being investigated!!) accounted for a huge portion of these deaths, infecting the most vulnerable among us.

In the interest of balance - the Irish actuaries blog (using stats I think) show January did have higher access deaths than normal and a large jump from December 2020. Their seventh blog had been fairly positive, saying that deaths in the latter half of 2020 was still within norms: this one is a change in tone.