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Almost certainly a parody video, but things we believed to be parody in the past have come to be true!


OW Time mark: [2014]


Political Policing. Political Reporting.

RTE And The Establishment Are Getting Desperate

Finally, there is no doubt RTE are now feeling the heat. They published the names and work addresses of everyone arrested by the Stasi on Saturday. This is doxxing taken to a new level, and a cynical effort to further divide and conquer the Irish population. They are obviously looking to send a message – ‘middle Ireland stay away from this or we will shame you and destroy your career’.

This absolutely stinks of desperation because they have almost certainly opened themselves up to defamation lawsuits pre-trial. They have arguably destroyed those kids’ future career prospects – RTE’s actions here are unprecedented. Calculate every year of their potential earnings for life then add in damages, lawsuits are surely incoming for RTE…

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Is this true?
Is it unprecedented?


The Journal is some PUP in fairness, probably one of the many media junkies hooked on the gear. had outed in past reports that 30% of media revenue in Ireland now is accounted for by COIVD-GOV GEAR so if true, everything you read is bought and paid for, lies, the kind of lies a junky will tell to get to the next score.


Well i guess one of us must be deluded all right. We can disagree on which one.


The reason the PUP was brought up in court is because he sought legal aid.


You should have a look at some of the videos going round, may change your opinion on degeneracy levels.


Perhap, but I suspect we’ll have differing conceptions of the term “degeneracy”.

IMHO, getting overly upset at the frightfully aggressive behaviour of the bad man on the telescreen could potentially be a form of degerate behaviour too.


Who’s getting upset now? I was laughing at the clips i saw. Clown show.


Oh obviously, you must be morally superior to all those people you saw via your telescreen.

(+4) social credits for you.


Nothing morally superior about looking at the clowns perform. No need for the contrived wordplay BTW.


(+2) social credits for you.

Keep watching.


Papers please!


No surprise that Varadkar looks to Israhell


This could be you or anyone else next. They are terrified of us and the truth.
Keep up the good work.


Looks like a typical cross section of Irish people of all ages to me. Must be a huge disappointment to the media and the chattering classes that there wasn’t any sign of the mysterious “far-right” at this peaceful assembly.


RTÉ focusing on the arrests of a few as opposed to the actual rally itself.

I see that the only arrests were for breaking the 5km rule, none for violence or civil disturbance and that “countless” were turned back!
I wonder just how big it would have been if all those who wanted to attend were allowed to?


These are and will be shown to be illegal arrests.


I see that the WHO covid page now includes vaccination data, will be interesting to follow to see at what level of vaccination is needed to cause the case rate to fall significantly.
In theory, countries with over 70% vaccinated should see a rapid fall off in new cases.

Edit: the UAE with a vaccination rate of 35% is not showing any slowdown in new cases, do we need to wait a few weeks for the affects of the vaccine to fully kick in?


What is being administered is not a vaccine. It’s experimental gene therapy , it’s dangerous and its killing people.

Take the gene therapy if you wish but call it what it is. There is no vaccine.