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So it looks like that leaked plan from Canada is becoming more true by the day-the army are being deployed domestically to transport people to quarantine. I’m not a legal person but there are several aspects to this law that jump out as utterly flawed to me.


I have visions of a hotel full of Roma and Travellers…that should be fun…


I don’t believe this will end well.


Probably not, if they’re “travellers” entering the state, they’re more likely to be migrant workers & holidaymakers with a few on business trips than “travellers & Roma”.


Wow, they’re getting desperate to put people off protesting; I wonder who they’ll claim is behind them next-the Russians? Isis? Ted Bundy?


Just a reminder that according to the official WHO numbers that were used by the government as the justification for the first lockdown (IFR/CFR = 2.0%, R0=2.5/3.0, > 2% asymptomatic cases, weak age specificity) in Ireland after 12 months the total number of people who should have died from a SARs CoV 2 pneumonia would be well over 20,000, the total with a SARs CoV 2 related illness about 60,000 and the total number hospitalized over 100,000. Also remember that the WHO and others said that lockdowns would only temporarily postpone these deaths. By a few months at most. Those mortality rates over the long term were fixed.

So 2% death rate of 40% plus of the whole population. In two main waves. Both about the same size. Spring 2020 and Autumn 2020.

Those deaths would be in addition to the normal death numbers of 30K plus per annum.

Apart from the CFR not one single number quoted by the WHO, all derived from SARs CoV 1 in 2003, was true. Not a matter of being incorrect but outright lies due to the WHO kowtowing to the Chinese government and its coverup of the SARs CoV 1 outbreak in 2003…

The actual number of SARs CoV 2 pneumonia in Ireland in 2020 was maybe 1200 to 1600 max. Over 90% of them old sick people. At least 80% seem to be cause substitution deaths. People who would have died anyway, but of some other serious respiratory infection. At least 2K people die every year of Influenza in Ireland. At least 3K old people die of pneumonia.

So the country was destroyed and your basic legal rights taken away for a disease that killed several hundred old people this year rather than in a few years time. A total YLL of around 1K max.

Of the 30K plus people a year die in Ireland over 90% of them old people. Total YLL for all deaths 200K plus. So in purely YLL terms the actual SARs Cov2 excess deaths are not even a rounding error.

Now the longer term negative impact of the lockdowns will probably add at least 10% to 20% to the total YLL cost of annual deaths for the next 5 to 10 years.

When can Varadkar, Martin, Harris and Donnelly be put on trial for their crimes against the country? Because what they have done in the last year most certainly is criminal negligence of the highest order. This is not just Anglo Irish bankrupting the country level of negligence. There actions will kill many thousands of people over the next decade who would have otherwise lived if it had not been for the lockdown. Due to disruption of medical screening / treatment and due to suicides.


Totally agree. The imperial modelling was ridiculous as well. More people are waking. But not many. My family and social/work bubbles still totally believe this. My family are speaking very kindly to me. An ‘intervention’ may be on the horizon. Everyone is making decisions from emotion - fear, and it is very hard to change emotion-based decisions with reason and logic.

The same people that insist we can’t repurpose drugs with excellent safety profiles for 40 years, trying them off-label because there is no multi-centre RCT yet, are exactly the same ones who want a jab of an entirely new type of medication (mRNA) less than a year old, for which we do not know the medium or long term safety profile.

The fact that people are coming out on the street is great. As is the fact that we’re having repeated delays on vaccine roll-outs.

I’m hoping the US continues to wake and the CDC and WHO get totally blown out of the water. Soon. I think that’s the only thing that has a hope of waking more people here.

UK now requiring exit visas for citizens is chilling. Our quarantine law is worded for those arriving into the country as far as I know. I did look. Hopefully that wording wasn’t removed, and/or the powers won’t be expanded.

Also saw this yesterday - don’t know the full context, think it was in relation to travelling to Cork, but will the dissidents be deemed mentally ill and sectioned instead? Like I say, my family are talking ‘kindly’ and this country does not have a history of treating awkward women well :grimacing: [rest of image cropped cos names - although it is out there on the inter webs elsewhere]


You’ve such a way with numbers. Outstanding post.


Using black highlighter is not a good way to make the tweet anonymous, we can still see the names.


Snagged it from online, so it’s out there anyway but ty - will try again.


Nature article re T cell immunity just Published:

Robust SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity is maintained at 6 months following primary infection

Pre-existing T cell immunity paper from 2020 suggested cross-reactivity/immune effect from past CV infections like SARS-2003 (caveat - small numbers in this paper).


Another article from nature - now about lockdowns:

In conclusion, using this methodology and current data, in ~ 98% of the comparisons using 87 different regions of the world we found no evidence that the number of deaths/million is reduced by staying at home.

Modelling like this is :grimacing: beyond my levels of (decent, but routine) statistical skills - @jmc


The most useful part of that paper is showing just how mathematically flawed pretty much all the papers published are. Those are some pretty terrible numbers quoted for the bulk of the papers in their study.

Probably the most interesting paper I’ve read recently is this one…

which is basically an airing of the dirty laundry of the epidemiological modelling world. I ended up there quite by accident. Someone was making some outlandish claims about how robust these models are and I was wondering, as super-spreader events are so important with initial cluster outbreaks of SARs, most clusters are super-spreader events, how are they modeled. Because i dont remember seeing this as a primary variable in any of the models I’d seen.

Turns out I was right. They dont take into account super-spreading. The clustering model is rudimentary to say the least. To use the analogy of computer graphics. The mathematics used for population modeling and interaction in these epidemiological models is about as realistic and high res as 1980’s computer graphics.


Maybe that’s why I could never “understand” models to my satisfaction then :joy:

Ty for the link - will have a read


Military style isolation camps. What could go wrong.


Ooof, negative social credits for me, and i had been doing so well…

Anyway, back to Corona, this was front page of sports section of Sunday Times yesterday:

Kind of felt it should have been on the front page of the paper, all that close contact and no evidence of even one transmission. Its a billion pound industry, and the track and trace used would be best going.


Not sure if this has been posted yet, stating the obvious i suppose:

The obvious link between obesity and death from Covid. Very little made of this over the last year.


Tracking, tracing and testing can do exactly what the designers need it to do at any given moment in time. Its genius. :ninja:


Thats Racist. :wink: