Coronavirus 2020



It has been mentioned on many occasions by the medical profession, but completely ignored as far as I can tell by the politicians!

Along with the inconvenient fact that the majority of deaths occurred in people who were already “on the final lap” and would most probably have died soon from one of the many other age related conditions they had.


Yep, there was a French document too that leaked in 2020 which was supposed to line up with the Canadian leaks (might have been posted here as well).

In summary.

Fear of the Virus is has been transitioned into FEAR OF THE STATE

The hardening of measures after the horse has bolted, i.e. things people would have been totally behind at the beginning (march 2020), are being done so far beyond the timeline of useful intervention it can be only one thing, provision for Rule by Force.

The question is Why?

However, going back to the point and do need to check the timeline, but by the end of 2021, everyone will be less free than ever before, is the plan.

It’s been a very well orchestrated mass-deception using mass-hysteria to blindside the world.



Deja Deja Deja Vu


My favourite film as a teenager! :heart_eyes:


Gosh. Wow. Who’d a thunk it…

The devastating third wave of Covid-19 began as early as November 22 before the country opened up in early December for Christmas, it has been revealed in a new report.

Soooo that means it began during our autumn lockdown. :thinking:


It’s non-PC to say it though, you get accused of no sympathy or empathy, along with “so you think their lives don’t matter then?”


Jan 12th, 2021

Anyone learning yet? :whistle:


Current new narrative #2272:

We are like soooo frustrated, really super disappointed, like totally devastated, so cut up, can’t believe the mess and lack of supplies, can yoy believe this shit? It’s totally wrecked our plans, we had plans you know.

How long before:

Since we have not reached date correct level (when none was really offered only totem cohorts dangled) of vaccination (growing numbers of people are growing resistant to the mind-control and have offered themselves as unwitting guinea pigs as we had hoped) it is certain there will be a longer lockdown end of 2021 due to the lack of supplies and supply chain issues but the good news is you will have some free time in the summer and then back into the sheds an we expect even greater does to deliver a new-wave of poison glimmers of hope, and lights at the end of the tunnels.


Man their schtick is too obvious… found this headline while searching for something different, after I posted the above. The muppets show had more plausible plot devices than the junk on offer here:

The Virus ate my homework miss.

As the virus ‘keeps ripping up plans’, summer now a realistic reopening target

Last Friday, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar repeatedly emphasised at a private virtual meeting with hospitality industry representatives that “the virus keeps ripping up our plans”.

The meeting with representatives of the pub, restaurant and hotel sectors was also attended by Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe and Tourism Minister Catherine Martin.

We have always been at war with the Virus.


A nation bred for subservience, you could take almost every single scandal right up to the Davy one, the proposed “solution” is always more government power and overreach and its lapped up. Ignoring the fact the Govt had any tools required at their disposal to deal with 99% of eventualities in the first place. Servile submission is where the Irishman belongs.

Even the “industry bodies”, kulaks cheering their own slaughter, embarrassing, and commies think govt is run by and for business LOL.


Cats out.


Have you looked at that guys CV. Yet another career bureaucrat by the look of it. I dont get any sense that he has even much basic MD clinical experience (apart from med student experience) let alone any grasp of even basic epidemiology. So another bullshit artist bureaucrat like Holohan. For me the initial degree is a very good indication that the guy really is not that good at real science. Or mathematics for that matter.


First thing that struck me was he’s young, with less experience / qualifications / achievements than you would expect for someone placed in that role. Like Harris. Selected, not elected, to borrow a turn of phrase.


The Fall Guy?..


Who knows with Irish politics & what’s happening behind the scenes. It’s only in recent years I realise how naive I used to be about it… we’re a small Island & vulnerable to external influence. Used to just be Boston & Berlin…


Watching the House of Commons committee questioning Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance this morning.
The Brits are ready to go now and anger is finally bubbling up with sufficient momentum lest they be sold a bum steer again. It won’t be just a load of well meaning crusties and ‘conspiracy theorists’ playing Van Morrison in Trafalgar square next time around. There are enough Tory backbenchers feeling the heat from middle England now, and patience has run out.

After months of Dublin media slagging off the British, it’ll be fun watching Varadkar, Gynn et al punch their way out of this paper bag.


They’re all fall guys. We know this game. Useful well-paid-idiot experts communicate the messages (leading economists says blah x on y day…), all of them including the Politicians, and especially the current top 2, are allowed, inhabit their rolls.

Compartmentalisation + Death by a 1000 experts.


Nolan and Henry. Hiding in plain sight. They are the real enemy. All others functionary stooges. Dangerous fcks.

Terrified of us these guys are. Terrified of people. Terrified that we know. We know.


They still must have some hold though. The fact that the Obstetricians & Gynaecologists have been rolled out to say (1) COVID placentitis is now apparently a thing and that (2) the COVID vaccine is absolutely proven safe in pregnancy is… why??? (2) cannot be known!!! It is too soon to make that blanket declaration, even if it was safe and we eventually confirm that in 10-20 years time. Women are demonised for taking a small sip of bubbly during pregnancy! Disclaimer - yes fetal alcohol syndrome is real, but a sip in the third trimester, lighten up.