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So my take here is that so many wards were cleared of patients in Spring 2020, almost half of beds empty (about 7000), that despite having such a very low rate of ICU beds per 100,000 and almost no immediate conversions ICU beds there were at least 1,000 beds and probably 2000 beds available for immediate conversion to ad-hoc ICU beds. Just like they did in Hong Kong. Several thousand extra ad-hoc ICU beds were made available in addition to the 1500 immediate conversion beds. The conversion process in HK took about 48 hours and mostly involves moving beds out of wards to lower the bed density and leave room for the monitoring equipment.

Given that despite “the worst public health crisis in modern times” the number of ICU beds has only increased about 20 (maybe) in the last year one can only conclude that there never was any kind of ICU bed crisis, ever. Or that such a simple disaster response plans operation as moving beds around, and scrounging equipment and staff on short notice is completely beyond the capabilities of senior hospital management and the HSE. As it was a fairly normal death rate last year from severe respiratory illnesses it very much looks like the latter case.


Huge indeed, dedicated topic here - Irish FOI Data-Release Proves Hospitals Were Never Under Strain In 2020


One small addition - a reminder that a lot of the discharges were from acute hospitals into nursing homes (“to clear the beds”), without being tested for COVID, and so spread it to said nursing homes.

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I note that they’ve changed New Hospital Admissions to "Total New Confirmed Cases [in hospital] in recent days. Presumably reflecting the fact that the term “new admissions” was misleading and that an unknown number of those so called new admissions were no such thing - merely people who were already in hospital who happened to pick up the virus while there. Took them a while…


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V-Day in 3 days time. Have I got that right. 1 Year anniversary?

V-Day :united_nations: Vs Paddy’s Day :ireland:

Which will the nation celebrate more?



I know where I’ll be.


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A period of GREAT DYING occurs at the start of 2021 which is the HIGEST DYING EVER (so far) representing the greatest TSUNAMI DEATH WAVE right about the same time the Irish Government begins to mass inject an experimental mRNA and untested shot, into the arms of the Irish people.

2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT

The Mink culls were a test, next will be other more domesticated animals moving closer into our human food supply chain… then think, what’s up next, what’s up the food chain… hmm yes, but the real essential question is, is it top of the food chain? :ninja:


The culls of farm fowl started in the UK last year.


It’s very clear that the boys and girls in the provid regime did a deal at the very start and will never want you to know this, and part of that deal was to inject most of the population with experimental mRNA, among many other parts of the agenda.

The Irish Provids signed everyone up without ever telling them.

The Provids have to followed through on all parts of the plan or else the money will run out and the whole magical world they have created falls to the ground and they are devoured by the people.

Thus far, it’s identical roll out as in many other territories but with cultural and operational tweaks, this betrays the overall control by the malignant force behind this War against you, from locking you down, playing with your emotions, destroying your economy (soon probably supply lines and food supplies) beating you up for being alive and enrolling your society in a mass mRNA experiment pretending they are here to save you, which also has NO END IN SIGHT, yes, you have already been told this and many other things.

You are ALWAYS told what is coming. It’s part of the deal, revelation of the method and plan. NO resistance equates mass consent, in their twisted logic.

Anti-IrishTimes interview Feb 2021 with Dr Varadkar:

Into Next Year


On the flip side, it could still be quite some time before we return to normal. “There will be some form of restrictions at least until the end of the year if not well into next year,” he says. “I don’t see mass gatherings happening, I don’t see people filling stadiums and things like that, at least until we have 70 or 80 per cent of the population vaccinated and we know that it works in terms of reducing hospitalisations and deaths. Then we’re in a totally different space.

It’s amazing what they KNOW and what they SEE and what they do not KNOW and do not SEE.


You are always told in advance.

More from Dr Varadkars Crystal Ball Gazing in Feb 9th in the company of the Anti-Irishtimes.

“My best guess … is that we’ll have a relatively normal summer in that the shops will be open, personal services will be open and domestic tourism will be a real possibility. And potentially outdoor gatherings of 10 to 15 people, maybe even 50 but nothing beyond that until we have a critical mass vaccinated of 70 to 80 per cent; we’re aiming for September for that.

“There is still a worry about next winter because it does seem there’s a seasonal element to this virus.** People are indoors more and you’re 20 times more likely to get it indoors than out. So there will be a concern about a fourth wave of some sort next winter and there will be huge caution about allowing mass gatherings until we get through another winter.

“That’s a hard message to sell and not what people want to hear but I think it’s better to be honest about these things.”**

More here:

So there is the plan. No plans have been ripped up. No hands are tied (except when it ccomes to holding firm and sticking with the plan). It only require a little bit of logic to figure this out form the onset form what they told you at eh beginning… 2-10 years.

BIG EVENT (MORE) end of 2021… answer on a postcard.


We should form an ethnic majority. Fair play to them.


You have to admit.

Next days news is either jealous of my incredible chart of super-truth ahead of the curve-of-time, and/or need to un-message it a tad and misdirect over back to you people. The evil much-too-free-in-your-mind people-who-think-they-know-better-people.

This is a good chart, it’s not a great chart, but it’s a good chart, it shows the lockdowns. It shows the lockdowns hahahaha the LOCKDOWNS!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

MSM gotta unMESSAGE the reality that the DEATH TSUNAMI and HIGEST EVER DYING EVER (NOW CONFIRMED) occurred when the Provd Regime ok’d the roll out of the death injections en mass pretending they are vaccines.

… but but but but but bbbbuuuuuttt, wait - It’s like oh man they’re like a DOOM DJ that jsut landed the gig of their lifetime, they’re lining the next tune, the one where you all party on PADDYS DAY - - - ‘cause they are shittin’ it, no, they are not shitting’ it don’t be silly, they’re not shittin’ it at all, if they were shittin’ it they would stop the killing spree, but no like all good criminal caught in the act, they project their activities and behaviour on to you, and accuse you of the very thing they are guilty of doing. Let’s see how their comic book reality tales pan out over the next 72 hours… watch the messaging instead of believing the messaging - as an exercise in cognitive dissociation i.e. you can leave the movie any time.

They don’t really care about you. They only care about the plan.

You have always been at War with the Virus and it’s siblings on the street.


Anyone here been injected with the experimental “vaccine” yet? Any side effects?


Nothing to see here…

Nine Trim nursing home residents die with Covid-19 after first-dose vaccination (

Nine Trim nursing home residents die with Covid-19 after first-dose vaccination

Residents of Meath home contracted disease eight days after vaccination began

A publicly run nursing home in Co Meath experienced one of the most severe post-vaccination Covid-19 outbreaks across the country during the third wave of the pandemic in January.

The HSE has confirmed that first doses of the vaccine were administered at St Joseph’s Community Nursing Unit on January 12th and 13th, with all eligible residents being vaccinated.

An outbreak of the disease was declared at the nursing home on January 20th with 25 residents at the 50-bed care facility testing positive for Covid-19.

Nine residents died during the course of the outbreak.


Italy braces for widespread closures as Covid cases rise | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Italy’s government is expected to announce the closure of schools, restaurants and shops across most of the country as a new wave of coronavirus infections puts hospitals under strain.

The prime minister, Mario Draghi, will hold a mid-morning cabinet meeting on Friday to decide new restrictions for the eurozone’s third-largest economy, which on Thursday recorded almost 26,000 new Covid-19 cases and 373 deaths.

More than 100,000 people with coronavirus have died in Italy since the pandemic swept the country a year ago, sparking a months-long lockdown and the worst recession since the second world war.

With new, more contagious variants now widespread, Italy’s more populated northern regions such as Lombardy, which includes Milan, will reportedly join several others in being classified as the highest-risk “red zones” from Monday, as will Calabria in the south.

Mario ‘whatever it takes’ Draghi


Well if the below is true and I think @diana posted same story maybe, then game is up.

Discussed here >

Comment of note:


March 11, 2021, 5:38 pm

“The media are calling those who question the vaccine “conspiracy theorists”, and saying that those who don’t take it are selfish and irresponsible, but if you go to the UK government’s website page, “COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions”, they’ve got the following data on the Pfizer vaccine (at the bottom of a 59-page document): 29,750 people injured and 212 dead. Astro Zeneca: 42,917 injured and 244 people killed.

These vaccines have only been available for the last couple of months. In Austria, when they found there was one adverse reaction and one death, they suspended it straight away. In the UK, we have all these deaths, but no one knows about it because the MSM keep promoting it aggressively. According to the government, the vaccine is “acceptably safe” despite having injured 72,667 and killed 456 people.”

– Andy Hitchcock on recent David Duke podcast.

Btw, his facts check out. Link:

If that url does not work try this -