Coronavirus 2020



A quick summary of that UK doc

Name: COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine

Recorded Dead: 226
Recorded disorders: 92,892

Reaction name Total Fatal
Blood disorders SOC TOTAL 2294 1
Cardiac disorders SOC TOTAL 1153 26
Congenital disorders SOC TOTAL 5 0
Ear disorders SOC TOTAL 819 0
Endocrine disorders SOC TOTAL 12 0
Eye disorders SOC TOTAL 1398 0
Gastrointestinal disorders SOC TOTAL 10534 12
General disorders SOC TOTAL 28915 114
Hepatic disorders SOC TOTAL 18 0
Immune system disorders SOC TOTAL 528 0
Infections SOC TOTAL 2059 38
Injuries SOC TOTAL 458 1
Investigations SOC TOTAL 1073 0
Metabolic disorders SOC TOTAL 587 1
Muscle & tissue disorders SOC TOTAL 12823 0
Neoplasms SOC TOTAL 24 0
Nervous system disorders SOC TOTAL 18059 17
Pregnancy conditions SOC TOTAL 34 1
(Device) null SOC TOTAL 14 0
Psychiatric disorders SOC TOTAL 1409 0
Renal & urinary disorders SOC TOTAL 212 0
Reproductive & breast disorders SOC TOTAL 389 0
Respiratory disorders SOC TOTAL 3986 14
Skin disorders SOC TOTAL 6809 1


COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis print

Report Run Date: 09-Mar-2021
Data Lock Date: 08-Mar-2021 19:00:03

All UK spontaneous reports received between 9/12/20 and 28/02/21 for mRNA Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine analysis print


So were they registered as covid deaths?


An interested take on all the dance videos… puts me in mind of @jmc saying the data from the hospitals in January / February didn’t add up or behave normally…


Again watch the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony, that was the opening mega ritual.

Dance is a fundamental part of tribal rituals.

  • Witch Doctor does a dance to cure the village of whatever ails them all.

  • Western Medical Staff do dances to life spirits and frighten the virus away.

Is there a difference?

The purpose of dancing in these instances is to open portals in the spectator or dancing and drumming is used to move into an altered state of consciousness/perception.

The mask, is part of the cos-play of your new tribe, so on and so forth.

There were whistle blowers at the time and plenty of videos indicating the hospitals across the world were not over run. The dancing has continued and has spread beyond hospital staff, to the polling forces, it is used to humiliate and communicate to the masses, we can make our puppets do anything, dance if you want to dance, and it overturns western progress and usurpers higher spiritual and aspirations, if you have not noticed, online behaviour was highly nobel in many respects, and has since regressed to tribalistic forms of behaviour and all out tribal warfare, it has all the hall marks of deep and knowledgeable orchestration and basically shows the tteh same malignant force has transposed all it’s tricks fully into cyberspace.

The mass manipulators are good but they only have one playbook. They have all the hardware, assets and most of western mind cybernetically at their finger tips now and the majority have willingly allowed them direct access to their minds, and the minds of their children.


This has always been notable I have not seen anyone mention it here as a thing - that when all this kicked off, suddenly, everyone including educators and all the children were on zoom.

Had you heard of ZOOM before the attack of the virus began placing 24/7?

How did that happen? Facebook? Magic?

It seemed like it went from obscurity to front and centre 24/7, overnight success.


It did 100% did. Still don’t have it, or the others. Bad stuff.


Zoom has been rapidly gaining ground since about 2018 as an alternative to skype, but yes it exploded this time last year as the one to use for those who didn’t have the likes of web-ex and the other professional video conferencing systems.


It’s amazing how educators all over the world flocked to ZOOM - a damming endorsement’s of modern education or ???

Reddit says - In summary, it’s cheap and easy to use, greta quality/product and was given to educators free.

How did they scale to meet the demand, I mean if the world piled on surely they had problems? Were there problems I wonder? Did their servers get kung-flu’d by the volume of traffic? Hmmm… :thinking:


Yes they did, so did the servers of all VC systems for a short while, but data centres around the world were already expanding like a virtual virus before the real virus broke out. So it was easy to redirect resources to the expanding VC market, they just reduced their “spare capacity” to accommodate the extra requirements.

Downside is that with the recent data centre fire in France, there was no 100% failover available as there was previously. Several minor customers suffered a total loss of data.


Does anyone feel a “rise in cases/deaths/or-both”, message-moment imminent, any day now? :ninja:




100 deaths tommorow for Sunday news messaging/ massageing. Some back to 2019…and beyond.

Stay at home.


Well based on the current death curve the HSE are only collating and inputting the data once a week now. And it takes two days for data entry. So once the case numbers go below a certainly level there will be one day a week with very high numbers and the rest of the day of the week almost no deaths. So that RTE will ignore the death number six days a week and make a song and dance about the weekly death rate being “yesterdays” number of deaths.

Remember the motto, ever single story about SARs on RTE is a very deliberate lie.

This guy is not stupid…

Even a not terribly bright journalist would see the pattern in the HSE death statistics. And work out why. So if they make a big deal about once a week death numbers there is always an ulterior motive.


Listening to the newspaper reviews on Newstalk this morning - the story is all about case numbers not dropping (or going up slightly), vaccination slow-down/chaos and construction workers leaving in their droves to work abroad.

One of the reviewers spoke about the inevitable “unholy rows” that will be going on within Government in the coming weeks. He wasn’t wrong.

(Meanwhile families will be meeting up tomorrow for Mother’s Day, house and street parties will take place on Patrick’s Day, the kids are mostly back at school and summer is almost upon is.)


PCR is very sensitive, but not specific, so case numbers won’t drop below a certain floor due to the false positive rate… Does anyone know wha CtPCR we’re using? Is it still 40-45?


It’s very simple.

The Hospital labs are testing double the volume in 2021, and for many weeks they have been almost identical in volume to the external labs.

That’s really never ever happened. Totally different signature.

Gears changed and WHO directive in place means that 2021 figures are simply not comparable to 2020.

The public at large have not a clue how the whole testing thing is being gamed to terrify them into submission and total surrender and force them into no-other-show-in-town outcome which will see their old lives never coming back.

Remember the plane is in place to get 80% of the population injected by SEPTEMBER, has always been in place.

SEPTEMBER is the target date to hit the target injection numbers.

Then you know what is next…


…what is next?


Press play.


Also to add - 80% is everyone injected like rabbits in cosmetic laboratory, minus the 0-14 year olds based on the 2016 CSO (require some salt pinched) but you get the point.

Next… passports, new passport regime.

The passport office is closed.

Is there any activity?
Any contractors doing any work there are the moment?
Any orders for new machines/technology (or already in place)?
Any new developments that require training and new materials to be created and published?

Destination: Global Track and Trace of all the bloodlines.

Arrival Time: Final Qtr 2021


Mmm. Dangerous virus. Dangerous bombers.