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It’s amazing how the reporting spike of deaths and experimental injection #1 occur almost at the same time, more of that reporting cycle output we’ve come to suffer and why the love of the 7-Day averages is official, and also maybe why the very many 0 day deaths are often not celebrated in the media much cause they’re not really real moments? :thinking:


One weird thing - after the #2 injection, see the red deaths curve, well, there appears to be what looks like a dead cat bounce later on, winding out the period of peak. See what I’m sayin’? See it? No? It occurs with a slight preceding offset or at the same time as the peak of injection #2 - A real weird thing that I’m probably imagining.

Is the dead-cat a softening of the earlier double-death pitchfork, probably a reporting pattern, as outlined by @jmc, but it’s a real peculiar feature all the same.

There are at leat 5 distinct double-death pitchforks, these are completely unique to this period, nothing like it ever occurred in the past in the data death stats. It’s so artificial and peculiar, it has the cadence of a production line or something occurring with a very deliberate organised regularity.


Oh really.

Analysis: Pandemic severity best measured by death toll, and ICU and hospital figures



These are highlights from the 1979 German Sci-Fi psychological thriller, “The Hamburg Syndrome,” or “Die Hamburger Krankheit”, directed by Peter Fleischmann. The film’s has striking similarities to the present-day COVID-19 global ‘pandemic’ storyline, and shows an eerily similar psychological manipulation waged by government and the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Interesting comment on the video:

sjobang - 2 months ago (edited)

It’s no coincidence that Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnsons father, published a book named “The virus” in 1982. Fictional literature and movies creates a window where delicate matters can be described and discussed, even in public, without it being questioned by others than “irrational” people.


Missing Time

Todays current readout on the dashboard of death:

Total #1

Total #2

Total Injections

Based on the published figures as per previous posts on the available data, it appears there is a grand total of 240,378 experimental injections missing from the data source.

Many injections = 240,378


Come again?


Total injections per dashboard: 668,529

Total injection per injection data: 428,151

The difference being 240,378, unaccounted for injections for the period Dec 30th, 2020 - Feb 2nd, 2021, as best as I can ascertain.

The data must exist if the dashboard is totalling it.
If anyone can find it, that would be great.


The dashboard is not great to get a quick scan of these numbers:

% Column - percentage of group that has received injection #2

Cohort #1 #2 %
C1 106815 76735 71.8% Residents aged 65+ in LTCF
C2 202452 92409 45.6% Frontline Healthcare Workers
C3 172728 11865 6.9% People aged 70 and older
C4 5012 10 0.2% People aged 16-69 and at very high risk of severe COVID-19 disease.
Not Coded 459 44 9.6% Jab Junkies / Back of A Truck / Family & Friends

Assuming no calculating mistakes this makes for an interesting snapshot in time.

Only 45% of Frontline Workers have received injection #2

The group whom have received the highest volume by percentage as a group of both injections, are those in Nursing homes (I assume LTCF, is Long Term Care Facilities) and they are the ones who have done most of the dying right?

Very low second round for the 3rd group, 70’s+

I’m guessing Not Coded is family and friends and whoever is within arms distance, “zero-waste”.


There isn’t even justification for this story based on the opening paragraphs, but it’s a good provid regime supporting headline and insidious piece, one of the many I’d say on the way for daily consumption because there are targets to be filled.

They’re going to come at all angles now. Provid regime have targets to meet by September. Lots of cohorts still to be injection, once the sot taverns dry up, the easy pickings, those in care in their last days, the old and infirm who have been perfectly terrified for 12 months locked in their homes, health workers.

Every move and every angle coming form the media is a stick to get you to line up and injected by September.

Else the money stops.

Isn’t that right.


The other thing this week is that they are allowing nursing home visits again.

As cases are rising (in the young, the vast majority of whom should recover with no issue), but as deaths are falling. Now the nursing homes will reopen…


(UK) Deaths now below 5 year average.

So, after a bumper harvest, the grim reaper is having a rest.
I expect that the average death rate will be below the 5 year average for the next couple of years as many of those who were “circling the drain” were taken out quicker than usual.

Interesting to note that the report states deaths “involving COVID” as opposed to “caused by COVID” which was very much the narrative earlier on.

Should also mean that the “death wave” has passed and the dangers from COVID have mostly passed, it will get harder to enforce the measures as the death rates & hospitalisations continue to drop.

The “hero” vaccines will be hailed as the action that “eliminated” COVID, where in reality it was probably herd immunity and lack of weak victims to infect.


The injections are eliminating people.


Interesting to read the comments section below the story, the scepticism about the needs for the lockdowns is getting stronger after each and every story. More and more people are waking up to the fact that COVID mostly affects those who are already near end of life.


Did I post this here already?

Data in the pre-print (table 2) suggests that there is an increased risk f catching COVID in the first 2 weeks after the initial jab. There have been a lot of reports of nursing home deaths (Lusk, Kerry) in residents who had received their first jab, but not yet their second, so consistent with that timing :slightly_frowning_face:



Now you know why the draconian measures and the rest only started appeared after the horse had bolted… timed for when the frogs being boiled started to get a bit angry and to add further coercive pressure to get the experimental injection.


So…Denmark - an EU country with a similar population to ours and with one land border (and a bridge to Sweden) has a plan for reopening - complete with dates and parameters etc.

Similar “cases” to ours too. (Slightly higher in recent weeks.)


This is the guy who runs the Danish Health authority…

Dr Søren Brostrøm received an MD degree from the University of Copenhagen, where he also obtained a PhD degree in neurophysiology in 2003. He specialized in gynaecology and obstetrics, with a subspecialisation in urogynaecology focused on laparoscopic pelvic surgery. He joined the Danish Health Authority in September 2011 as the Head of Hospital Services & Emergency Management, with broad responsibilities for the national planning of specialized hospital services, emergency services and preparedness, communicable diseases, immunization and screening programmes as well as national action plans on cancer, cardiovascular diseases and mental health. Dr Brostrøm has extensive clinical and academic experience and has served in numerous positions in national and international scientific societies. He received an MPA degree from Copenhagen Business School in 2011. Before joining the Danish Health Authority, he worked as a Senior Consultant Urogynaecologist at the University Hospital of Copenhagen in Herlev and Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen. Dr Brostrøm was appointed Director General of the Danish Health Authority in October 2015 and is responsible for the Authority’s development and implementation of policy on a broad range of issues in public health, health care and social services for older people. He represents Denmark in WHO and other international forums and chairs the Standing Committee of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe.

This is the guy who runs the HSE…

Explains everything I think.

Who does this remind you of? John Hurley at the Central Bank in 2008?..


RTE’s barely concealed contempt for Denmark’s reopening plan…from a month ago. (Don’t see anything on their site today.)


The Regime is contempt incarnate.


Lessons from Taiwan:

Taiwan, population 22 million, has lost 10 people, and had just 1,000 documented cases, the vast majority of them among quarantined travellers.

  1. Hospital infection control

  2. Border control

  3. Engage in communication

  4. Close contact tracing - intrusive data collection measures authorised temporarily for disease control, including using phone data for electronic “fencing” of people isolating after possible Covid-19 contact, have been widely accepted by the general public.