Coronavirus 2020



Almost impossible in Ireland with our

  1. Lack of comparable social cohesion. Taiwan doesn’t have a Traveller community for example and tens of thousands who speak they’re own languages and live in parallel communities with regular travel to their homelands allowed
  2. Open borders Globohomo political class
  3. Backdrop of an Offences Against the State Act for 50 years and oppressive use of State Power.
  4. Despite all the guff about how resilient we are, we’re not really


The Guardian article is total garbage. As to be expected.

Taiwan has a massive civil defense infrastructure to deal with actual very real threats of chemical and biological attack made by mainland China. Taiwan is in a state of war. The Taiwanese CDC had a very detailed pandemic disaster management plan and infrastructure greatly expanded due to its experience with SARs in 2003. Taiwanese intelligence had been keeping very close watch on what had been happening in mainland China during the second half of 2019. On December 31’st 2019 the situation was so serious in mainland China that the Taiwanese CDC triggered the pandemic disaster plan and it was this , and only this, that forced the mainland Chinese government to make its first public notification to the WHO.

On December the 31’st the full disaster plan was set in motion which include the activation of multiple Taiwanese army and civil deference NCB battalions to take care of all contact tracing, detentions and related measures. A role they had already trained for. These troops and associated government officials, it was a very extensive fully integrated operation, had full access to all real time cell phone records and tracking and had very wide power of detention and testing. Due to Taiwan being in a state of war.

Not one single part of the Taiwanese response or plan applies to any other country in the world , apart from South Korea. The only other country currently in a state of war and with a large NCB civil defense infrastructure. And all the civil powers that go with that.

The article is so fucking stupid on so many levels. Nothing about the Taiwanese experience applies to any western country. In any way. And I can guarantee you that in 10 years time the prevalence of SARs CoV 2 in the general population in Taipei will be about the same as every other country. Because of, you know, science and stuff.

But as the typical Guardian reader is a closet totalitarian the readers will get their little frisson of self righteous indignation from the article. Its true purpose and the only reason it was written.


Wonder what prompted this? Fear of mass protests probably…

But the plan was reversed following a crisis meeting on Wednesday.

It had been widely criticised by business leaders and scientists.

The lockdown would have been Germany’s strictest yet, with most shops closed and gatherings limited.

For five days over Easter from 1 April, Germans would have been asked to stay at home and reduce social contact.

In-person religious services would have been cancelled, large family gatherings banned and almost all shops would have been closed.

The head of Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, Armin Laschet, told a regional parliament meeting on Wednesday that the lockdown was “not enforceable in this form”.

“This mistake is mine alone,” Mrs Merkel told reporters in Berlin. “The whole process has caused additional uncertainty, for which I ask all citizens to forgive me.”


Ah no. It was Science of Course.


The CDU and SPD’s had catastrophically bad state election results last week. Voters were most unhappy about the COVID cockup. Merkel governs by doing nothing actively decided to “do something”. She has only “done something” once before - when she allowed in over 1 million illegal immigrants because of the bad political optics in the German media at the time. This time there was massive push back immediately from the states. A whole bunch said they would ignore the Federal government because it was so stupid.

Merkel caves immediately.

Nothing about Merkels politics makes any sense unless you remember that Putin has the Statsi file on the Kasner family and Merkels father actively worked for the East German security apparat. There again two wings of the SPD are now wholly owned political subsidiary of Rosneft and Gasprom .


In reference to Dr. Varadkars latest demoralisation move here, below is a graph plotting the cases and labs volumes for the period in question and also the run of case numbers based on the unreliable PCR tests that easily creates fake positives, but used none-the-less to sustain the imposition of lockdown.

Note the doubling of testing volume (blue line) for the Hospitals, and the comparative drop in Lab volume to the point they are even by March, nothing like that has happened before in the pattern of volume testing, the external Labs have always been the source of the case increase numbers (headlines), never the hospitals.

Date Cases
Nov 1 552
Nov 2 767
Nov 3 322
Nov 4 444
Nov 5 591
Nov 6 499
Nov 7 335
Nov 8 542
Nov 9 270
Nov 10 270
Nov 11 362
Nov 12 395
Nov 13 482
Nov 14 456
Nov 15 378
Nov 16 456
Nov 17 366
Nov 18 379
Nov 19 429
Nov 20 330
Nov 21 344
Nov 22 318
Nov 23 252
Nov 24 226
Nov 25 269
Nov 26 335
Nov 27 206
Nov 28 243
Nov 29 299
Nov 30 306
Dec 1 269
Dec 2 270
Dec 3 183
Dec 4 265
Dec 5 456
Dec 6 301
Dec 7 242
Dec 8 215
Dec 9 227
Dec 10 310
Dec 11 313
Dec 12 248
Dec 13 429
Dec 14 264
Dec 15 329
Dec 16 431
Dec 17 484
Dec 18 582
Dec 19 527
Dec 20 764
Dec 21 727
Dec 22 970
Dec 23 938
Dec 24 922
Dec 25 1025
Dec 26 1296
Dec 27 744
Dec 28 765
Dec 29 1546
Dec 30 1718
Dec 31 1620
Jan 1 1754
Jan 2 3394
Jan 3 4962
Jan 4 6110
Jan 5 5325
Jan 6 7836
Jan 7 6521
Jan 8 8248
Jan 9 4842
Jan 10 6888
Jan 11 4929
Jan 12 3086
Jan 13 3569
Jan 14 3955
Jan 15 3498
Jan 16 3231
Jan 17 2944
Jan 18 2121
Jan 19 2001
Jan 20 2488
Jan 21 2608
Jan 22 2371
Jan 23 1910
Jan 24 1378
Jan 25 1372
Jan 26 928
Jan 27 1335
Jan 28 1466
Jan 29 1254
Jan 30 1414
Jan 31 1247
Feb 1 1062
Feb 2 879
Feb 3 1013
Feb 4 1318
Feb 5 1047
Feb 6 827
Feb 7 1024
Feb 8 829
Feb 9 556
Feb 10 1006
Feb 11 866
Feb 12 921
Feb 13 1078
Feb 14 788
Feb 15 821
Feb 16 744
Feb 17 650
Feb 18 901
Feb 19 763
Feb 20 988
Feb 21 679
Feb 22 686
Feb 23 575
Feb 24 574
Feb 25 613
Feb 26 776
Feb 27 738
Feb 28 612
Mar 1 687
Mar 2 369
Mar 3 566
Mar 4 462
Mar 5 522
Mar 6 539
Mar 7 525
Mar 8 437
Mar 9 311
Mar 10 631
Mar 11 592
Mar 12 646
Mar 13 543
Mar 14 384
Mar 15 575
Mar 16 349
Mar 17 557
Mar 18 582
Mar 19 507
Mar 20 525
Mar 21 769
Mar 22 520
Mar 23 371
Mar 24 683



If that were the case her position on Russian sanctions, the war build up in the Ukraine and Navalny ect would all be very different, the simple truth about Merkel and almost every other western leader is that they are total clowns, it must take a real effort by Putin and Jinping not to laugh every time they deal with them

Trump, Boris, dementia Joe, Maricon, Trudeau…all idiots


The Nordstream story is very illuminating. Especially with the internal German politics. Thats the only story that matters in the bigger picture. Until Merkel shut down nuclear Germany had some energy wriggle room. But since then Nordstream is vital. Merkels support of Nordstream over the last decade in her maneuverings is what you need to watch. The Russian “sanctions” are a smokescreen, mostly coming from Brussels and ignored on the ground in Germany. As is their huffing and puffing about human rights in China. The Ukraine war was an EU foreign policy operation that went very very wrong. A bigger version of Georgian overstretch in Ossetia and Abkhasia. But with much more catastrophic results. In the same way Obama owns Syria and ISIS the EU owns the war in eastern Ukraine.


Exactly, everyone knows the type of person who gets involved in politics, student or otherwise. Look at the career timeline of Michael Martin, student politics geek - briefly a teacher - nearly 40 years as full time politician.

Is this a man capable of conspiracy, original thought, change? No.

As you say, same is true across Western, governed by clowns with no experience of reality.


Yes, no, no.

For the first all he has to do is follow orders…


This news item deals with a poll on the perception of the AZ/Oxford injection.

61% of French, 55% of Germans, 52% of Spanish believe the injection to be unsafe.

The equivalent figure in the UK is 9%. Considering the only news consumed outside of the Regime here is usually British it’s important to remember that ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in Ireland is minor compared to continental Europe. Important to consider this while divide and conquer tactics are used against us on a daily basis.

I still wonder about all the attention being on the AZ/Oxford injection and none of the others. From my untrained perspective the AZ/Oxford injection was the lowest risk, should one have to have one. As it was supposedly a conventional approach and the others were mRNA and ‘new technology’:icon_eek:


It’s a false dilemma, they’re all bad gringo’s but since people can only focus on one bad guy at a time (says the media-framing) the others sneak past.

The other thing is do you know what secret agreements for example the Provid Regime has entered into with the funny-money-men and the narco-pushers to dance to a particular tune?

Did you see anything reported in the media? Hmm?

Think hard. Think about what Dr. V said and the beginning. Think about MM’s all on red - Compare and contrast to other counties and other information.

Consider would it be different or the same here. Is it more likely to be the same since everything else, all the propoganda-set-pieces are the same, all the moves are more or less the same that we see, so would the other things we do not see also be the same, less same or none at all.

What are all the scandalous, criminal, immoral, unethical and other hidden things that 30% money from the Regime makes sure never sees the light of day in the media… what an operation.


I just saw another “government information video” has appeared on my facebook page, the comments posted below it are almost universally critical of the governments handling and overreaction to the situation. The tides really turning against then now.


If Bill Gates was particularly fiendish he could run the AZ/Oxford debacle as a false flag operation to kettle people into the hands of Pfizer/Moderna mRNA hell. :overfriendly:

I’m getting too good at this for my own liking :popcorn::icon_rolleyes:


Thats a more perfecter way to put it, I likes.

You might also say the media are the thin blue line kettling peoples minds into the arms of the white coats.


This is worth watching.



It’s a …

  • Supply
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Skin Color
  • Social Class <-



Dear God…it would make you yearn for the those halcyon days of national hysterics over people queuing (outside) for Fish ‘n’ Chips at Beshoff’s in Howth - or the hapless fruit-pickers arriving in to do the dirty work in North Dublin…