Coronavirus 2020



Dear God is right. FFS did you read down that thread. It’s hilarious and frightening at the same time. Look left and right in front and behind peeps. Some of these are there.

Jebus fckin wept. Whiskey.


Keystone cops and Dad’s Army…

This is appalling. Unbelievably harsh treatment of an Irish family returning from Australia after seven years to start a new life. (They transited through Dubai - but since it’s on the “verboten” list they now have to quarantine in what looks like a small room for a family of five…


This shyte might have held some stock if it was 14th of March 2020, but its nothing more than a distraction, brutal as it is it’s designed and only happening now to keep the show on the road and thru sheer psychological attrition push the terrified Irish people over the edge to hit the September targets of 80% of people injected with experimental mRNA.

That’s the inky outside of the media for the next 6 months.

Then if successful, the next phase begins after September.

Where things get even worse than now.



Remember when the police arrested that Imam in the Dublin 8 Mosque?

Neither do I, cause it never happened.


Some “journalism” for a change…

As Micheál Martin announced that two households will be allowed socialise outdoors from April 12, dozens of people were hanging out in groups just metres away. There were small groups, large groups and even a group of young lads playing football in the park.

When the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Green Party leader were fielding questions on plans to allow more outdoor activities by the last week of April, the footsteps of South William Street were filled with people downing takeaway pints as the sun went down on one of the nicest days of the year so far.


This is how you know we’ve won. They are now terrified of us. Terrified.


At the end of this they will not be able to walk down the street.


Maybe they read the pin but I’m not gonna take credit for the blieedin’ obvious. :whistle:


How is this possible if pubs are still barred from selling takeaway pints?


They’re not!


And never were. Turn off your wireless and Google box. You’ll find lots of things going on outside .

It’s what winning looks like. Winning.


Furious briefing against Donnelly going on - it’s a sure sign he’s doing something right. What should have been done a year ago.

There is also concern that the EU was not consulted and that the plans could represent a “major breach” of European citizens’ right to travel freely.

To make it clear - it’s a major breach of rights per the Attorney General to stop cross border travel, but stopping travel more than 5 kilometers…that’s fine.


The lads are inline with Canada by all accounts. They are also receiving the full spectrum get the vaccine programming 24/7 up there going by online chatter. It’s like we’re still in some Commonwealth or something. The political figureheads are reading from the same script.

The Menace will not be happy until it has you all tracked and traced.


That’s the confuse.
There are reports of some pubs doing takeaway.
But pubs that used do take out are now fully shut and have been so for several weeks/months.
So what is deciding how some pubs are opening for takeaway?
it’s a big confuse


The pub is the only deciding factor. It owners that is. Oh and beer. Need beers to be selling beers.


Ha. The above was a 5k post. Winning everywhere.


An antidote to the madness. Well worth watching.


Removed from Youtube already!