Coronavirus 2020



That is to be expected. More than 2/3’rds of the VAERS deaths are people over 70 and most die almost immediately of cardiac issues.

So as the the daily odds of death in this age group is around 1/10000 and the odds of immediate death from vaccination for this age group sees to be around 1/20000 (or lower) that big up tick in deaths in nursing homes is to be expected every time that age group gets vaccinated.

So that is around 500 old people dead for at most a yearly remission of probably death in this age group from this particular infectious diseases of maybe a few dozen max. If even that as most deaths in the last year seem to be substitute cause deaths.

So very much in the HSE traditional of killing large numbers of people though professional incompetence, malpractice and malfeasance.


Just thinking about those numbers. They seem to account for most of the big increase in deaths bugle for a few weeks as registered in RIP.IE in the Jan to March window. When you subtract the vaccination deaths you get a mortality curve that is almost completely accounted for by the lock-down distortion of the normal seasonal mortality curve.




That table is a great example of comparing heterogeneous sample time domains. The median time for the unvaccinated group sample is 54 days. So should be only be compared with the combined vaccination numbers. So IFR of 0.46 versus 0.84…

But as they were using the RT/PCR test for screening who knows what the real numbers are.


BMJ have now an article looking at post-vaccination issues, and referenced the above study.

Archive links:


All the data are so liable to being manipulated I guess, especially with PCR.

But there are multiple reports, in Ireland alone not to mention abroad, of cases and deaths post-vaccination…


This is what happens when experiments go live and go wrong.

Play no part in it. You will be fine. You will win.


Here we go…


And so says a consultant geriatrician who has been deeply embedded in the medical administrative structure for more than 20 years. I also notice he has zero actual science background. He did is BA in Irish in UCG before getting his MD. Not the sign of someone who has a good grasp of either science or mathematics


I think he’s only an MB BCh. MD is a research doctorate here (but yes is the licensing exam in the US), don’t think he has one?


Bravo! :clap:

Remember this from June 2020?

Asymptomatic spread “very rare”

WHO to believe?


The state sponsored abuse of Children continues. Remember this abuse.


Yea, but wasn’t that kid so cute injecting her teddy on the late late toy show, so cool, the kids are the future. Cute and woke! :heart_eyes_cat:


Guaranteed 1 Year Lag - Kept In The Dark.

Day Late and a Dollar short - Once in a while you get one of these blistering datapoint served up by the regime media that demonstrates how useless a totalitarian regime is at micro-managing your life down to your every though, while also unmasking the nature of the beast.

Those who learned to pay zero heed to such regimes have probably been supplementing with Vitamin D and a lot more since last year. Which is what you need to do to be ahead of the curve, way ahead, oh and go outside, the SUN ya know. Primary source. The Best. Totally natural. All that yummy radiation. Just eat it up! Yum yum yum!

On that note, you can’t help but think that the Pharma State must have gotten to most Dr’s cause they generally all seem to avoid nutrition like the plague or are incredibly overly cautious to go there.

In other matters, such as you mental health, which is perfectly manageable for most people if allowed autonomy - take the case of St John Wort, still available to your Irish cousins over the counter in the North but banned in the South (clinically proven to prevent or cure approx 70% of depression type experiences IIRC).

However it’s not just that. If you read the list of the pharmaceuticals it interferes with, well, you’re talking about a menu of some of the most highly prescribed drugs dished out by GP’s and the HSE in the Public, one being the birth control pill, another blood thinners like Warfin and many others bedsides (click here for way more info) cause anons on the net are all conspiracy theorists and can not be trusted. FACT.


What I’m taking:

Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Co-enzyme Q10

I would take Ivermectin if I had any…


When losers be losing they need an new tool.


Orchestral Maneuvers in the Daylight.

Move along, nothing to see here.




Here is one stat to remember the next time you see a doctor on the telly saying that these vaccinations are “vital”. In all published studies of flu vaccination rates and attitudes to flu vaccination in a medical setting doctors had by far the lowest annual vaccination rate of any group. By quite a wide margin.

Nurses and other ward staff generally had vaccination rates of 80% to 90%. The more seriously ill the parents the medical staff dealt with daily with the higher the vaccination rate. Not only did doctors have by far the lowest vaccination rate, around 50%, same as general population, but of all medical professionals seem to have the least sense of urgency about getting vaccinated when surveyed.

And this is for a vaccine that is 50 time safer than the SARs CoV 2 vaccine and where the health risk to people under 65 is much higher than with SARs CoV 2.

So a good rule of thumb is that if any doctor is pushing hard for vaccination they are probably a hypocrite and almost definitely full of shit.