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But, but how can you say that?? The good doctor has taken a Hippocratic oath!


Didn’t someone mention here or elsewhere that in Ireland it is not required?

Is this true?


Again most doctors I know have had the jab themselves at this stage. They’re indoctrinated, burnt out and not thinking critically. The few that do actually step away from groupthink are severely punished.

It is an abrogation of their responsibilities to their patients though, no doubt about it. But I think a lot of them are genuinely taken in by this.

Of course I could be totally wrong about that - I’m usually not the quickest to see through things :frowning:

But most doctors I know personally are / were thrilled to get theirs.


Some form of an oath or declaration is taken but not necessarily that one. Remember the original oath had statements about abortifacients- wouldn’t fit with the new euthanasia bill either I think.


A not very reassuring thought from elsewhere… if essential workers and frontline staff are all prioritised for the jab, and there are further issues or side-effects from them :grimacing::grimacing:


Based on personal expedience almost all the best graduates of Irish medical schools leave the country after graduation and not that many return. I think the current medical graduate emigration rate is around 50%. Which accounts for the high percentage of foreign doctors imported and the not very impressive quality of the rest.

As for the vaccinations. Given the huge barrage of brainwashing in Ireland on the subject and the overwhelming pressure for social conformity I would not be surprised if the sheep were happy to be vaccinated.


Yes. It seems that Irish doctors on graduation dont even take the oath most other countries doctors take on basic medical ethics based on the Geneva Declaration.

Which explains so much about the Irish medical system. Basically doctors have no ethical or moral obligation in any form for the patients well being. So just another cute hoor rent seeking profession. Just like the legal profession. So doctors in Ireland should be treated with the same deep suspicion and initial skepticism as solicitors and barristers until they can actually prove their worth. Usually best to deal with a foreign doctor. Patronizing bullshitting is less likely to be their default position.



No. It’s the opposite in fact.


I’ll take an African, Asian or Eastern European doctor working in Ireland over an Irish doctor any day. For a start you wont have the inbuilt professional arrogance of Irish doctors who are so used to be treated with meek subservience by Irish patents. Tugging their forelock with the same supine attitude as they used to use with Irish priests 30 or 40 years ago.

I dont want glad-handing bullshit from a doctor, I’m paying them for their professional opinion. They either know what the fuck they are talking about or they dont. And the default attitude of too many Irish doctors is how dare you not treat me as some superior being who deigns occasionally to talk to a lowly moral like you. My personal experience over the last five odd decades is that foreign doctors working in Ireland run the usual range of good, bad and indifferent you find in other counties. Most native Irish doctors have their heads stuck firmly up their arse. But they sure have the gift of the (B.S) gab when chatting with the ol’ ones on medical cards. Which I assume, like pharmacists, account for the majority of their income. The foreign doctors just give it to you straight. Like in other countries.

This seem to be purely an issue with Irish doctors. Irish dentists on the other hand are fantastic. A real pleasure to deal with compared with some other countries. As are opticians. But there again neither of these professions has the vastly inflated puffed up self importance of typical Irish doctors. Just quiet professionals who do a very good job. By international standards.

So I’ll stick with the foreign doctors and you can keep your supercilious native ones. I’d rather deal with the same kind of professional I deal with in other countries. Not one who was formed and educated into a low competence rent seeking racket profession. This seems to be not just my opinion. You should read the opinion surveys of the Irish medical graduates who emigrate. Equally damning. Or even the surveys done of Irish medical graduates who have worked abroad for a while and have no desire to return to Ireland to work in medicine. It seems that more juniors doctors dont like being treated like shit either. By the more senior Irish doctors and consultants. So they would rather keep working in far less dysfunctional medical systems, abroad, than have to deal again with the Irish one. Which is why the return rate seem to be so low.


I agree Irish doctors are not used to being challenged. But the idea that it’s “usually better to deal with a foreign doctor” in Ireland is stretching credulity. Every medical mistake I’ve seen (from broken collarbone missed on an X-Ray to botched surgery to missed cancer diagnosis) involved a foreign doctor.

Also there’s no shortage of superciliousness in established foreign consultants and surgeons in Ireland


You don’t get ahead on the career ladder here with that attitude, unfortunately.

Just run over and taken advantage of.

So the smart ones, who are also smart enough to see through that bulls hit early, get the hell out.

I agree that the ability of foreign doctors is the range of poor to excellent, as you get anywhere. Most are incredibly hard-working, I genuinely wonder why they bother coming here sometimes. The system treats them even worse than the Irish doctors, which it does not treat well.


If you click that link the document is now dated, we’re up to April.

COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis print
Report Run Date: 01-Apr-2021
Data Lock Date: 28-Mar-2021 19:00:03
All UK spontaneous reports received between 09/12/20 and 28/03/21 for mRNA Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine analysis print updated to Apr 1st


The previous summary needs to be updated!


When corona hysteria first raged through the government, our media was quick to bombard us with images of the ‘deadly virus’, below is one such image from Radio Teilifis Government (another that appeared in a well know publication seems to have been lifted straight out of a text book used by my daughter at school - the caption under the image says ‘typical flu virus’).
The virus is so small it can only be imaged using an electron microscope. Fair enough.
On RTG news last week, an Taoiseach asserted that we are now dealing with ‘an entirely new virus’, not a variant at all, but a completely different virus with its own characteristics and virulence.
But so far, no image of this new virus has been produced by an Taoiseach or by any of the numerous special advisors hired on our tax euros at great extra cost over recent years. We’ve been left in the dark completely about where the virus came from or what are its symptoms and cures. Will we for example now need another vaccine to immunise against it?
Come to think of it, no one anywhere, not just in Ireland but anywhere in the world, seems to have produced any electron microscope images of the terrible variants that regularly get announced or of the entirely new virus that an Taoiseach now warns is threatening the Irish people.
As usual, the media here has allowed this new virus assertion go completely unchallenged.
But the voters know, the voters were listening, the voters heard.
They know BS not just when they smell it, but when they hear it too.
So unless an Taoiseach, the head of HSE, the CMO and all the members of NPHET come up quickly with verified images of the original virus, its variants and the entirely new virus mentioned by an Taoiseach, images showing clear differences at the electron microscope imaging level, then voters have had it, they’ll be done with extending extra inches of possibility to an Taoiseach and his government, they’ll be done, will have no appetite for further stringing along.
Exhausted, feeling horribly betrayed, angry.

The collapse of government right now really is not in anybody’s interest, it is not an exaggeration to say without immediate restoration of some voter confidence, however small, in current leadership, voters here are now facing into a very stark summer of chaos.


It seems the actual numbers are getting even worse for the whole official “COVID pandemic” crisis story line.

When you remove those extra vaccination deaths of old people (around 500) in Jan and Feb the actual number of deaths in Ireland in the last year were well within the usual range over the last decade There was no out of the ordinary increase in excess deaths in Ireland last years. Who says so, well these guys…

If you look at this chart

You can see that all the lockdowns did was push the monthly morality rate from the upper part of the monthly range, where it should have been, to the mid point. And every time the lockdown was removed the death rate just rebounded to a value that included the lockdown deferred deaths. This is exactly how real infectious disease work. And always have. Lockdowns defer never reduce final mortality numbers.

Because the autumn lockdown went on for so long there was an around 800 plus deferred death overhang by the end of the year. Which popped up in the Jan 2021 and Feb 2021 numbers. So when you subtract those deferred deaths and vaccination deaths from the Jan and Feb 2021 death numbers you get is a number that is at the high end but still within the historical range for those two months.

Do you remember all those scare stories about the crisis number of COVID “cases” in Donegal? Turns out that not only was it not true but the actuaries are scratching their head as to why Donegal deaths rates last year were actually lower than usual.


So…it looks like the Gardai and Government have given the OK for outdoor drinking (despite the fact that drinking in public is prohibited in many council areas.)

Note: Takeaway pints were never prohibited under Level 5. It’s the location of consumption that is at issue. See you at the Dropping Well!

However, in recent weeks, the sale of takeaway pints has crept back in across the country in anticipation of restrictions on people meeting outdoors being relaxed from today.

The easing of restrictions on socialising outdoors, along with weather conditions improving, is expected to lead to more people drinking alcohol in parks and streets.

Takeaway pints bought from pubs and restaurants must be consumed at least 100m away from where they were purchased.



Coronavirus is so small it can only be seen using an electron microscope. This is a well known fact and nobody disputes it.
How many electron microscopes are there in this country?
How many of the electron microscopes in this country have developed images of the coronavirus?
Where can members of the public view those images?


This time last year there was a panic about the lack of respirators available in the hospitals as it was expected that many tens of thousands of patients would require ventilation for the effects of covid.
Scores of companies set up emergency production lines to make as many as possible…

Did any ever get made?
Did they ever get used?
Where are they now?



imaging with a scanning electron microscope yet another general circulation corona virus, there are many dozens, not just in humans, tells you nothing new. So really no point doing it. Its just a corona like blob on the screen. The only bit that matters is the genetic sequence and physical folding folding of the RNA. SARs CoV 2 is little different from SARs 1 genetically and the bits that are different are mostly the bits that look suspiciously like they were inserted by a Level 4 Lab somewhere. Natural viral mutations in accommodating weasels and civets only get you so far.

So a snapshot of the virus does not matter, you just an accurate sequence of the RNA. Of which there are many dozens by this stage.