Coronavirus 2020



Sure lets have another poll, after two weeks of incredible propoganda and revelations about the nature of reality, it’s time once more to exercise your right to vote. :ninja:

POLL > Do you plane to take the FREE injection?




Interesting review from Tucker


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We did know last summer that deaths with, not just from, COVID we’re counted.

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Back in the news cycle though :crossed_fingers:


There are going to be a hell of a lot of people at he end of this queue!


Looks like they’re all on message this morning Dr. Varadkar reported with same headline.


Have the early reports of loved ones dropping likes flies not long after getting injected scared enough who were previously onboard.

It is clear the aim is to capture the entire population of Ireland.

You are under attack from the provid regime 24/7.

This is a WAR.

People with notions of their recent past life are the enemy.


I’m going to ask for Covivac :innocent:



“A likely scenario is that there will be likely a need for a third dose, somewhere between six and 12 months and then from there, there will be an annual revaccination, but all of that needs to be confirmed,” he said, adding that variants will play a “key role.”

They would make billions every year at that rate


This was always a given. Any human corona virus vaccine was unlikely to have higher efficacy or length of protection than the flu shot. Which is annual and low / no efficacy for those over 55.

Actually it would save billions p.a for Western Governments. So a de-facto mandatory annual “vaccination” that pretty much only kills a few percent of very old fail people in care homes ever year for a disease that has a lower mortality risk for < 65’s in the general population than Influenza. After a few years of these annual “vaccinations” it would quickly clear out almost all of the most expensive of the old people to house and keep alive. At least for the state.

Sounds like a win/win situation for government finances. A very clean and efficient way of killing off all those pesky old people. The perfect way to kill off people with dementia. The most expensive people to care for.


Just seen on twitter. Interesting “Hope-Simpson” curves looking at infuenza seasonal curves vs latitude. Over 50 years old apparently, but new to me!


There is a fascinating history regarding the lack of seasonality in the tropics and subtropics with influenza and the common cold. I use it to illustrate how most medical researchers, like most people in the bio-sciences, are not strong on causality chain reasoning.

Most of these infections are transmitted due to exposure to high densities of infectious airborne particles. Now sneezing and wet coughs are very obvious sources but when enclosed area environment studies are done general room density seems to be far more important than localized short term high densities when it comes to infection probability with time. Being in close proximity to a sneeze or cough seem to be less important that what happens to those particles afterwards. How good the ventilation of the area is. Air conditioning seeming to be a great concentrator of infectious particles.

Now the big difference between the tropics and temperate zone is the strong seasonality in the ventilation of enclosed spaces. Especially homes. Not much change year round in the tropics but not too many people keep windows and doors open in the middle of winter in the temperate zones. Summer, a very different story.

Some researchers have made the connection (many decades ago) but to most the cause of this seasonal pattern in infection rates is still a complete mystery. For some reason.

The vitamin D theory is interesting but I think very much a secondary influence. The seasonal variability in indoor ventilation and infectious particle density explanation being much simpler and more straight forward.


Interesting… I must admit I’d thought Vitamin D, temperature and air humidity played the major roles, but the curves were new to me - infectious disease epidemiology is s relatively new pursuit for a lot of us I think!

The scandis do put their babies outside in the snow (well wrapped up in prams!) for naps.


Popular uprising needs to happen; this is beyond belief.




Easy to spot as outlined here - Coming for the Babies - The Great TABOO Swtich-A-ROO


A lone voice in the wilderness. Unelected ISAG/NPHET zealots get more airtime


Why is it with 160 TDs in the Dail we never seem to hear from any of them at this time of economic emergency?
Elected to speak up for their constituencies, almost all have been silent right through the current manufactured virus hysteria.
It’s like they’ve been told by party bosses (special advisers), wear the mask and shut the fnck up.
McNamara has spoken up well but where are all the others?
Take out the handful of TDs that we know about from government roles, there must be still well over a hundred that have simply disappeared from view since virus lies started infecting the country.
Why are we not seeing them on youtube or other platforms?
Why are they not pressing oireachteas TV to arrange better ways for them to communicate with voters?
The technology is there, USE IT!
It makes you wonder - if they will not speak up at a time like this, what exactly are we paying them for?


I had thought drive thru injection centres were a totally mental idea, and if you can’t figure out why - Here is a recent video exemplifying the point:…-and-then-the-.html