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Footage of an historical gas leak footage been going round as if contemporary covid-carnage, this lad on twitter highlights some more of that ahem, technique, more images at the twitter link:

Propaganda Vs Truth




There are elections coming up and Delhi is not controlled by the Government meaning that is likely feeding into some of the media spin.

However things are bad. Oxygen supplies are low (not necessarily a Covid issue) and some middle class people who are impacted can’t get into hospitals. This is not the norm in a country where everything can generally be remedied by ‘baksheesh’.


Vaccine hesitancy - MSM Inducing Fear in India!


Made elsewhere and no idea by who, but Ivor Cummins has also posted so there is a handy weblink to share - it is a great summary with good references:


Some old school moves from the regime - Early Morning Raid (Mental Health Act) Children taken - Offaly


One thing stuck me a while ago about the official HSE “COVID” statistics. It was not the fact that there was no actual meaningful change in death rates in the country in the last year despite the COVID mass hysteria. Or the fact that the HSE numbers were 50% greater than what the CSO could find. It was the fact that some of the movements in number looked wrong. Too smooth.

We know the HSE case number is a junk statistic due to the very high number of false positives. Not just the huge surge at the end of last year. Yet the official HSE number of deaths tracks this case number quite closely month in month out at around the official WHO Case Fatality Rate for SARs CoV 2, around 2%. When you see that kind of pattern in the financial accounts of a company, too good to be true, you know someone is playing Excel spreadsheet silly-buggers with the numbers.

So dont be too surprised when sometime in the future someone lets slip that the official HSE deaths numbers were massaged (upwards) to fit the case number. Which we know is clinically meaningless.


Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

Interestingly linked in that Sun article is another article:

Only 4 deaths. In the UK. A population of 65-80 million. Amazing.

I think that confirms the absolute fiction of the numbers here no?

For example, yesterday according to Irish figures, there were 0 deaths.
Today the good-news figures say we had 2 deaths today, before the day is out eh.
5 days ago 4 deaths were recorded.
In the last 4 days we have had 6 recorded deaths.

It doesn’t seem proportionaly comparative but I don’t have the daily UK numbers to hand to compare.


Here is a quick plot of the cases & deaths using latest figures as of today (Ireland)

It’s like a take of Two Covids - 2020 Vs 2021


It’s seasonal normal. Nothing more. Nothing less.


look at this site for UK figures


Here is another super-duper chart, this time the testing volumes from the very start up to latest figures available yesterday.

2021 see sustained testing volumes far in excess of 2020.

The Hospital Labs are running double capacity in 2021 compared to 202, thus we assume, per the figures, needn’t to use the external labs less, however, the dotted green line captures the dramatic difference in volume between the years.

Are all tests equal?

Well no it seems, and this is not new info - the 2020 PCR tests, were cycled at something like 38-45 based on political irish commentary and possibly the source is a letter someone posted form the HSE (anyone got a link to that?) This mean the result are useless. They mean nothing. Even Fauci agrees with this eh.

This years test since around mid to late January are probably being cycled 28 or less. We can not compare them to last years in a meaningful way unless we keep in mind that running a 38-45 cycle count is equivalent fraudulent bogus mafia style fiat banker money printing style behaviour we are more familiar with.

This explains why it is required to ramp up and sustain testing to keep the cases up narrative up, to compensate for the lower cycling rate of 28, as pointed out before you couldn’t keep up 2020 play forever, it was hockey stick to the moon, PCR was looking like crypto casio where hopes and dreams are shotting toward the moon!

Therefore, it appears it requires more work and sustained volume baseline to allow the “management” phase of forever and ever living with the COVID, because otherwise they woudlhave to admit the con at hand and n turn that you have always been free.


Facile comparison of cases from the 4th of May:

UK 1,169
IRL 383

Ireland has 33% recoded cases compared to UK total, achieved with a population that is only 8% (65 <) of the UK, if I have that approx. right, that’s the thing, it’s reminiscent of the deaths figures early on, where Ireland was recoding more deaths than Japan, which has a pop. of approx 125 million, Ireland pop being only 4% that of Japans total yet we were ahead by a few hundred deaths.

Feel free to obliterate the napkin logic. Waving about of numbers does not indicate understanding of numbers. :slight_smile:


In other news. The push to mass inject the world with synthetic RNA and DNA etc. etc. blows the “theory of evolution” right out of the primordial soup of cognitive failure from whence it came.

Just sayin’ like. It’s time has come to be put to rest once and fro all. Carry on. :icon_cool:


We have all the latest voting options, we have 2 really safe and tremendous voting options. I myself did not hesitate to vote and shot right in to get my vote.

Your vote, your choice - POLL - Are you of the Wait & See cohort or will you take the Magical Free Injection?


He’s not wrong.



Well the only other marketing example I can think of is mentioned in his thread.
The American Army. It permeates American life.


CDC COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough case investigation

Interesting on page 2 they lowered the cycles to less than 28. What where/are the PCR’s cycles at in Europe 35-40? Proves that they are controlling the false positives PCR testing.
Respiratory specimen for SARS-CoV-2 sequencing
• Specimen selection
o Clinical specimens for sequencing should have an RT-PCR Ct value ≤28


Just a reminder. There are three types of SARs CoV 2 vaccines out there at the moment.

The ones just like the flu shot. Same technology. The Russian, Chinese, and Indian ones. A very safe and proven vaccine form.

The ones just like the experimental flu vaccines which have been trialed for years but never seem to go into production because the cost is much higher than traditional vaccines for about the same level of protection. The Oxford vaccine falls into t his group.

Then we have the ones based on a new technology which has never passed the approval process because of very serious problems during clinical trials. The Pfizer vaccine falls into this group. A technology so new that none of the published research gives a plausible explanation for how it actually might work.

The reason why the Pfizer vaccine is the only one used in Ireland is because the Irish government outsourced vaccine acquisition to the EU. Which is not an EU competency. But because Merkel and Macron had decided that all EU countries must go through the EU acquisition programme (which had been carved up between French and German companies) so when the Germans said jump the Irish governments only response was - How High?

Then we had the utter debacle of the EU vaccine programme. And you thought FF were incompetent…

So, with the caveat that none of these vaccines actually will have any measurable positive health impact for SARs CoV 2, the first vaccine group is pretty safe to take as a placebo. Which is all it is. The second group of vaccines should be pretty safe,but if possible defer or deflect for at least 12 to 18 month until reliable adverse effect data becomes available. But should be little risk if you are not old and sick or young with a history of severe allergic reactions.

With the third group of vaccines. You are participating in the early clinical trials of an untested and unproved technology. Did they give you a Informed Consent Form for a Clinical Trials to sign? Because by law they must.


There is anecdotal chatter they are not presenting the informed consent forms but checking it off on the admin system as having done so with a positive consent. Rumour. Anecdote. etc. etc.

A topic on the very subject was created about it and if anyone has gone and gotten one or more of the injections, perhaps they can chime in and confirm if they were presented with consent forms when participating in the experimental trail Consent forms for the experimental Injection Trial - Did you get your copy yet?


Yes, under the CMA in Europe everyone should be informed (article 10) that the medications are still only under a conditional license. That is not happening AFAIK.

The relevant EU reg is no longer linked on the EMA website (507/2006, I do wonder why) but this guidance document is - section 4.5.

The HSE specifically say that their own consent and information documents must be used. Here is the relevant section:


Now the interesting part of the no legally binding informed consent form signed by the vaccinated is that it breaks the legal responsibility and liability chain in the whole process. Which means that any half-way competent product liability lawyer could drive a semi-truck (and trailer) through the government liability waiver for the vaccine suppliers leaving big big pharma on the hook for lawsuits.

This should prove very interesting in a few years time when the lawsuits start.