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Regret? What’s with all these hackers and evil scientists snuggling up with Oprah on the couch now eh? Regrets?

Admission of guilt is wot.


Their fear is becoming palpable . Rightly so.


Even #Leotheleak looks like he’s trying to cover his ass…


Cmon Politicians rarely if ever admit they did anything wrong especially this “broke no laws” lad. His recent form is testament.

Something is up beyond the facile to see such remorse pieces appearing across the msm.


? Enquiries into the possible links between NIH, Fauci & Wuhan?

Or other oddities?



I heard a rumor there was a small data breech or something involving some people working about the place doing stuff… related to that maybe?


:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: who knows but at this stage I need some white pills, getting very tired. Like I’ve said before, virtually everyone I know irl has either had their injection or is looking forward to it. I’m amazed my job hasn’t had a quiet word with me already, as some people there are probably in this up to their necks. Or maybe they’re just biding their time. They’re good at that.




This doctor in Canada had administered 900 doses of Moderna and has seen an incredible amount of side effects in his patients because of it.
He talks about 2 cases of anaphylactic shock even though there are only meant to be 1 per 100,000 or so based on the ‘human trials’.
One death, which he feels is attributable to the ‘vaccine.’
Many other allergic reactions.
3 people with ongoing disabling neurological deficits.
He also talks about how one patient experienced pain in the arm for 6 weeks before major swelling started to take place. He feels that there are going to be many other long term effects.
This is quite incredible to me as it’s such a small number of patients in the grand scheme of things and they are all in his community and TPTB tried to silence him from talking about this.



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Hmm, I wonder do they have any connection to the World Economic For…of course they fucking do.


Strict conditions on the use of the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines in people aged between 40 and 49 will mean people will have a choice to accept them, or wait for an mRNA vaccine, like Pfizer or Moderna, RTÉ News has confirmed.

The J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines will only be permitted to be used if an mRNA vaccine is not available at the time of vaccination.

Seems a bit of an unusual approach. They will be getting deeper into the more questioning population here, the middle aged, with the elderly and the compliant bought and paid for 20 somethings either side.

If you are not willing to have mRNA at least you can hold out until they can source a Johnson & Johnson one shot or Astrazeneca 2 shot ‘solution’.

A bit like grabbing a deckchair to float off as the Titanic plunges down. Clutching at straws if you are coming under elderly/family pressures to have their jab.


It`s desperation to administer the various magic potions you have paid for and will be paying for forever.

Roll up, roll up.


Princess Michael of Kent is sick for a month with blood clots after getting the AZ ‘vaccine.’ Someone in the comments wondered if Prince Phillip also had the vaccine. I looked it up. He did indeed in early January. He died on April 9th. I wonder if he also got the second shot.


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The comments are blistering, but sadly, pretty average tales of woe these days since they executed the mass genetic assault.

A few samples:

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My fathers experience echos Claptons, yet he had not regained the use of his hands and also is unable to walk. Everyone responds differently to this experimental jab. It is not FDA approved. You are not covered for disability or life insurance should something happen because of its experimental status. The VAERS website is an eyeopener for the documented reactions in the US (which less than 1% are even reported). Over 4000 deaths so far reported - which exceeds that of ALL of the vaccines in the last 20 years combined. Do your research.

33 minutes ago

My friends future husband got the Covid jab, he dropped dead the morning of their wedding day from a heart attack - her was only 51 years old, a firefighter, in good health. Plenty of other stories out there of people dying or wish they were dead after getting the jab. This is not a vaccine, it’s an experiment and amazes me the number of people stepping up to the plate and getting the jab. Get the jab meet the slab.

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With respect to his history with drugs and alcohol…
With all the fear tactics and propaganda that these are truly vaccines with scientific efficacy (not) …
No wonder he and many others took it
I will say when all of my 70-80 year old relatives did likewise and also with horrible side affects, not one was told by their doctor not to take it…

8 hours ago

I completely believe Eric Clapton’s account of his experience with having received the shots. So many European countries have just outright decided to dump the AstraZeneca vaccine because of its failings and people’s violent reactions towards it. Truth be told, the only reason the UK decided to go ahead with it was because of petty national pride. France went ahead with it because they’d already ordered millions of doses and decided not to spend any more money on it. In other words; one more stingy government willing to take the risk of some more losses among its populace as long as most “bovines” take the frigging shots already. So much for “you’re important to your government”. Not. Countries that banned AstraZeneca include ALL of Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and the US. People need to get vaccines but they need vaccines they can rely on to get the job done. The AstraZeneca fiasco, because that is what it is point-blank, is just further giving the vaccination campaign a bad rep when it really doesn’t need further bad press.

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Such a baseless statement. Absolutely no proof that was a reaction to the vaccine. He has no idea.


“Baseless” as in the last comment means it was written by a propagandist.



Therapy implies some benefit. There is ZERO health benefit to the mRNA injections - a great summary so far!