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Very sorry to hear that.

Just wondering if it was part of routine screening program or a specific diagnostic test. Because from the numbers I’ve seen the screening tests have exceptionally low adverse outcomes due to the fact that those screened are otherwise healthy. I’ve got my own horror stories including deaths from what should have been routine diagnostic tests as part of a clinical diagnosis or treatment. But in all those cases it was during in-patient treatment.


Sorry to hear that owenm. There is a higher risk of perforation during colonoscopy if a biopsy is done, or if there is inflammatory bowel disease weakening part of the bowel wall.

Can also just happen while manoevering or insufflating gas if a (weak walled) diverticulum bursts - 50% of people over 50 have diverticular disease, 60% over 60 etc. Which can then rarely inflame (diverticulitis) or bleed.

So, very rare to have a perforation in a screening colonoscopy, but yes it can happen. Then feces gets into the abdominal cavity and that can be a nasty infection - lots of bacteria…


Sorry to hear about your uncle.
It is very much a risk of the procedure.https


The mortality rate following colonoscopy (which could only be calculated for Ontario patients) was 0.074 deaths per 1,000 patients (or approximately one death per 14,000).
Colonoscopy and mammography are expensive and invasive procedures which are still widely considered effective.

In contrast the mortality rate from covid vaccination in the US is 0.0017%

The covid vaccination programme will prove to be one of the most effective public health campaigns


Some Grade-A Sunday evening entertainment to be had reading the replies to Papadoc Varadkar’s latest missive. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a leader on borrowed time.


Eh you know that 0.0017%, its one of those classic very accurate wrong numbers.

It takes up to 3 to 6 months for an adverse reaction to be entered into the VAERS system. Just look at a couple of dozen random cases and you will see the pattern. About 50% (maybe) get entered in the first month or two. The rest over the following months. So that number is the number of todays vaccinations divided by how many adverse reaction have been entered into the system as of about a week ago. Not the actual total number of adverse reaction to date, which will eventual be entered in the next 6 to 9 months.

Accord to previous NIH and other studies the VAERS database undercounts the number of adverse reactions by up to a factor of ten. A very well known and much discussed problem with the system

So we are up to around 0.01%. So what the problem you say. Well more people have died from the SARs vaccines so far according to VAERS than all annual flu shots in the last 30 plus years. In fact around 60% of all deaths in the VAERS system, 30 years worth, have been caused by the SARs vaccines in the last six months.

So in the history of modern vaccination the SARs vaccines have by far the highest mortality rate (70x/90x the flu shot) of any general population vaccine by a very wide margin. By almost two orders of magnitude.

Easily the greatest public health disaster in the modern era. Killing tens of thousands of people by giving them an experimental low efficacy vaccine for what is little more than a novel virus that caused nasty colds. If you want the final irony. Younger people are basically no mortality risk from SARs but over one third of the vaccines deaths so far are younger people.

Just wait till the long term effect from mRNA vaccines kick in. No one has a clue what they will be. But there will be some. Thats guaranteed.


D-Day :sweat_smile:


Drunkenness, debauchery, depravity, litter, filth and broken bottles everywhere…I think I’ve found Tony Holohan’s Grand Aunt (once removed) and perhaps his greatest influence:


It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Irish State hates it’s people. (It is merrily replacing them too)

Council : Have an outdoors summer !

Under 25s: There’s no jacks. I suppose we piss in the doorway so?

Council: No ! Not like that.

We are very keen to facilitate an outdoor summer, the problem is what is people’s interpretation of an outdoor summer.”
The council has been working to issue hundreds of street furniture licences for traders over the last few weeks.

“We feel that if we provide toilets and bins at these locations it will only drive more footfall and create more of an issue from a public health perspective.
“We are somewhat stuck in that we have gatherings of this size, if we supply more toilets and bins, does that bring more people in, do we end up with bigger public health issues? It’s a very difficult situation to manage.”

They closed all public toilets in the 80s because they drew perverts and junkies and essentially outsourced public toilet provision to pubs and fast food restaurants. Who pay commercial rates and provide a public service and the insurance cover.


“Summer” is now an ecumenical matter.


Archived link:


17,000 dead is a casualty WAR figure, that the global rollout has not stopped despite the body count.

By way of relayed point of information, the death count tipped over 50 dead on the 2009 wine flue and it was stopped, I assume it was that one and not the one under Ford in the US.



A population of approx 4 million and if I have this right, the State Gov. Stitt only ever locked down in a comparable manner to Ireland for the initial 2 weeks in 2020 to “flatten the curve” and that was it, with some restrictions in place but nothing really of great concern other than an enabling emergency declaration affording extra powers and freedoms.

A lot of people in Ireland and elsewhere probably miss the fact that the reactions in the US where controlled at a State level by the Governors, as was Trump Admin interaction, where in the main it was about the Federal support and resources if required by respective Governors being available as they managed their state by state response accordingly.

My anecdotal read is that in the US, the Dem controlled states have the higher injection percentages, having had the more typically draconian restriction (for the US) measures in place.

If you had not figured it out before the Attack of the Virus, but if Ireland was a US state it would be Dem controlled “shithole” yea, does stuff and things make more sense now within such a metaphorical and literal paradigm? :man_shrugging:

May 3rd

…“Because Oklahomans used personal responsibility to protect themselves, their families and our most vulnerable, the data shows COVID-19 is no longer an emergency,” Stitt said.

Stitt declared a state of emergency when Oklahoma recorded its eighth COVID-19 case. Nearly 450,000 Oklahomans contracted the virus at some point during the epidemic.

Stitt’s announcement does not impact any COVID-19 restrictions, because Oklahoma doesn’t currently have any restrictions in place. The governor lifted the state’s few remaining restrictions in March.

The emergency declaration granted state agencies greater freedom to respond to the pandemic by hiring additional staff or shifting resources. The state of emergency also relaxed licensing restrictions to make it easier for medical professionals to return to the workforce.

…The expiration of the emergency declaration also triggers a 30-day countdown for government and public bodies to resume meeting in-person. A law Stitt signed earlier this year allowed public boards and commissions to meet virtually until 30 days after the emergency declaration expired.


Oklahoma +1

“Because of the progress we have made, I will be issuing a new executive order tomorrow. There will be no statewide restrictions on events, or Oklahomans. I’m also removing the requirements to wear a mask in state buildings. More Oklahomans are getting vaccines each day, and the CDC’s new guidelines mean wearing a mask should be a personal decision based on your circumstances,” Stitt said.

Stitt stressed that COVID-19 is still in Oklahoma and Oklahomans should still do their part to help prevent the spread of the virus. He encouraged people to wear a mask depending on their circumstances.

“The standard for normal cannot be zero cases. In Oklahoma, the standard for normal is freedom. The freedom to worship, the freedom to go to work and earn a paycheck, the freedom to visit your loved ones in nursing homes, the freedom to send your kids to school in person, and the freedom to protect your family however you see fit,” Stitt said. “As long as I’m governor, I will protect the freedoms of Oklahomans.”

Stitt, Commissioner of Health Dr. Lance Frye and Secretary of Health and Mental Health Kevin Corbett held a news conference to review Oklahoma’s approach to COVID-19 over the last year and announce next steps to, “get our summer back.”

KOCO 5’s Dillon Richards asked Stitt why this is the right time to drop restrictions, and he pointed to declining hospitalizations and case counts.

“Oklahoma has been fully reopened since last June. We are watching these cases. You just saw the graphs. The numbers are lower today than they were last summer on a 7-day average before some of the municipalities put in more restrictions,” Stitt said. “We look at hospitalizations very closely. That was the whole goal when we thought about flattening the curve, 15 days to flatten the curve last spring. Now we have less than 300 people in the hospitals statewide. We want to get our summer back. But also at the same time, we are telling Oklahomans to take personal responsibility, continue to be vigilant. And I think Oklahomans will do the right thing.”

Alt. Reality? :whistle:

Archived link:


Todays scare stories…

Also that COVID might change our DNA!!
Which has only happened with human DNA and viruses for thousands of years…


The annual VAERS numbers for the flu shot over the last few decades are 30 to 50 deaths p.a with about 150 million getting the shot every year. Which makes it a very safe vaccine. Given that there are between 30K to 50K flu deaths per year and almost 1 million hospitalizations. The flu shot does take a measurable bite out of both. And as flu deaths are 2/3rd over 60 and 1/3’rd under 60 the reduction in YLL is quite significant.

The Swine flu (H1N1) vaccine works pretty well. It has been the major one used in annual mix every year since 2010. These are traditional vaccines. So very well known and very safe.

The flu vaccines fiasco you are thinking of was the one in 1976. For a different type of Swine Flu. The vaccine was rushed for political reasons and the formulation was botched and there were a few hundred cases of Guillain-Barre turned up before the whole program was abandoned because the outbreak never went pandemic. It was a classic case of a politically panicked response to a media hyped story for what turned out to a a minor novel virus.

Sound familiar?


@jmc Thanks!

On that note, did you notice?

There is something that has for the first time been 100% more effective than any other treatments or vaccines for the flu, since influenza is totally gone now, has anyone managed to pinpoint the exact super-cure?

Answers on a postcard… :whistle:

It’s incredible really though isn’t it, that’s 1 million hospitalisations less in the last year alone! That is some serious bite out of the medical apple by any measure no? 1 million lives saved. It’s a super headline.


The common cold?


Perhpas it’s all about self worth as the differentiating factor, and how many Talents you bring to the table, do you choose:

  • Syndrome
  • Ceasar

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That’s some long game conditioning.



Anyone here know know anything about Mendelian randomization studies? @jmc ?

Saw an article, saying a study with over 1 million participants shows no Vitamin D has no effect.

Small print about the number of participants:

Participants including 4,134 individuals who had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and 1,284,876 without COVID-19, from 11 countries.


The authors did note that their study did not include individuals with vitamin D deficiency, so say it is still possible that ‘truly deficient’ patients may benefit from vitamin supplements.

Original paper:

BMJ article on Mendelian randomization study methodology.

So, my takeaway is that they did use complex methodology, very dense to read (and I’m decent at reading this stuff usually) - I think it would take a dedicated statistician to understand it.

And they compared normal to high-normal Vitamin D levels.

Ignoring Vitamin D deficiency, which was the relevant finding in other studies looking at susceptibility to COVID.