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My first reaction was what the f*ck are these guys trying to show. Its all over the place. They are using lots of fancy terms to hide the fact that its a badly constructed piece of research. Its basically a meta paper masquerading as a primary research paper. There are two things that immediately set off my BS detector. Very small numbers. < 300. And very big numbers. > 10K. This paper has weird combination of magnitudes. Plus other problems.

Then there are lines like this

For all outcomes, a COVID-19 infection defined as a positive SARS-CoV-2 infection (e.g., RNA RT-PCR or serloogy test), electronic health record evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection (using International Classification of Diseases or physician notes), or self-reported infections from the patients.

Which means that when combined with the non screening of subjects for initial Vitamin D deficiency state the paper is basically junk. Mathematically speaking. Like so many of these papers.

Its basically this guy…

Who is a doctor who has a BSc in Math from McGill. Just had a look at the undergrad syllabus. Not impressed. Very lightweigh compared to 30 / 40 years ago. Or what Mathematics under-grads have to do in France, Germany or Russia.


Thank you - sometimes with “new” methodologies I wonder if it’s an example of ‘How to lie with statistics’ or some complex modelling I just don’t understand… but seemed off to me with the participant sampling and the lack of consideration for a Vit D deficiency.

I missed the criteria for infection (including self-reported!) part…


It was a long time ago, late 90’s and TBF it wasn’t part of a screening programme, he was an inpatient with an upper GI complaint, I was just struck with your assertion that nobody ever died of a colonoscopy.


It was more to do with relative risk of vaccination with vaccines still in early clinical test phase as against procedures which were very low risk for the typical screened population. Which is what the OP was talking about. Screening tests tend to have very low risk per 100K but in-patient diagnostic tests are by their nature always much higher risk. Which was the unfortunate story with you uncle.



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Having just got over a dose, there is now no need to get vaccinated for at least nine months, which is great as there are too many risks with them.
As I have previously said, the choice between getting COVID or vaccinated was like choosing which gun to play Russian roulette with. As it happens the COVID gun was handed to me!
For me, the symptoms were very mild, mainly tiredness, after a couple of weeks rest I’m now fine.
But I am glad that I didn’t need the vaccine, we still do not know the long term risks from them.


A day after the vote but still relevant. We are a basket case of a country, run by politicians blackmailed and bribed by big pharma. Look how much our GDP went up in 2020, when lockdown came, relative to Florida - all because of the poison untested vaccine scam. Almost every Irish politician is supporting the covid lie because every scumbag one of them wants access to that cash for their networks and themselves - better pharma business is better business for the scum Irish political organised crime racket.


Stumbled across this today when looking for something else, from July 2020 - were Irish hospitals using Hydroxychloroquine in March 2020?

Glen Murphy

The symptoms of Covid-19 began to appear for me around March 8th. At the time, I assumed it was just aches, pains and tiredness from a busy weekend and that it couldn’t actually be the still fairly unknown coronavirus that has since flipped the world on its head.

Little over a week later, I had been tested and diagnosed with the virus and could only lie in bed shivering and pumping sweat for days.

This was still in the early stages of the pandemic, especially in Ireland. On the date of my test – an ominous Friday, March 13th – there were 90 reported cases and one death in the Republic. I remember squinting at the daily news updates on my phone in my pitch-black bedroom with watery, aching eyes for only a minute or two at a time.

While my experience of the virus was very difficult, I never felt my life was in danger – unlike my mam, Jackie. She was hospitalised for five days after most likely contracting it from me the same weekend I started to show symptoms. She developed pneumonia in both lungs but her condition began to quickly improve when she was put on the malaria medication Hydroxychloroquine. I was back to normal by the start of April but it took mam almost 2½ months before she felt right again.

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Gone be the days when it use to be property.

The worst was a bit of pyrite here and there, brown envelope thrown out with the rubbish, gaffs didn’t quite kill people as a rule by imploding without warnin. Usually it was the burden of debt and loss of status, things like that. Simplier times folks. Simpler times.



You’d have to fear for Tony Holohan’s blood pressure should he happen to see this one ‘with his own eyes’…


Poor Tony has that haunting fear that, someone, somewhere, might be having fun

2.9 million people have been vaccinated, so thats clearly all the people who were at risk, so why are we not back to normal yet, does Tony think the vaccine doesn’t work, well that would make him a conspiracy theorist

Its time to tell the Branch Covidians where to go


Wouldn’t be surprised if Tony/NPHET/HSE will manage to “find” a load of additional cases and “deaths” to put us all back in our scary place in time for the holiday weekend. They’ll blame the cyber attack and say cases were under-reported or something along those lines…


Haven’t you heard about the yeti variant yet?? Iz coming…

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Here we go!


Only 28 in ICU now and hospitalisations down to 86…

But yes, focus is on the PCR positives :expressionless:

Pity the geohive site went down with the crash.

I guess they didn’t mention total test number or 7-day positivity rate!


Another new variant!

Iz real! Iz dangerous! Iz no fake newz!



Quite clear that the Gardai and the municipal authorities have lost control of the south city centre. Absolute insanity to delay reopening of restaurants, pubs and other amenities which would have created a far better balance of age groups and demographics. With special thanks to Tony Holohan last week for letting the whole world know that South William Street was like a “massive street party”. Cue half the bored-out-of-their-minds teenagers in Dublin going, “a street party? Where? Let’s be having it!”


One of the better journalists covering this issue…don’t have the full article.

The chief medical officer’s sense of propriety was offended at the sight of Irish people enjoying an “outdoor summer” in our native, booze-fuelled manner. So how will he cope with the national bender that’s about to take place in two days’ time? He’ll have a hernia, as they say around my way.