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Funny I had that video lined up next but you got ahead of me what with your possible time zone advantage. :wink:

Killer comment in the comments:

Coming soon: a 27 year old with a media degree decides this guy who invented mRNA is talking nonsense according to the Vice article they’ve read and removes this.


A very slick repose by “a concerned scientist”, hmm, a bit too slick if you ask me> :whistle:

Bridle’s interview must have reached epic virality online to illicit this kind of targeted counter. However some of the info my be useful.



That is a blatant propaganda site paid for either directly or indirectly by the Canadian federal government or one of state governments or those acting for them. It was very professional put together by a very well financed team. It was not thrown together by some guy on his own. That site cost money.

Plus the site was registered through a Icelandic domain provided about two weeks ago. Pure state financed propaganda site. If I was to guess at the source of the money to pay for it I would guess the province of Ontario. Although the guys in Ottawa are just as nuts.


He needs to get right with Donnelly about the Magical

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1/ An updated look at the usefulness of vaccinations, or lack thereof: these charts plot vaccination levels by state against changes in #Covid cases and deaths by state from January to late May.

The takeaway: there is no relationship. That’s what the flat dotted line means…

2/ About the best possible interpretation of this data for vaccine advocates is that vaccinating a baseline of older people is where the gains come, and all the states managed that. But everything else is very expensive noise.

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Saw rumours earlier today. Now I’ve a tweet I can link to!



Nah it’ll be September into October again. But the chatter will have gone viral by July. Remember last summer the dogs on the street kept hinting a ‘Dublin lockdown’ was imminent.

Watching the game in Hungary today, a full stadium. Every single venue used in the Euros has had some crowd and London will have 45,000 in to the semis and final in a few weeks.

All except Dublin, the only venue in Europe that couldn’t allow a single person into a football stadium.


We never left lockdown and there never has been any plan to leave. Emergency legislation In the bag takes the Regime and hostages up to Nov, which probably means not the first half of 2022. No point in pretending otherwise. Assume the worst. Makes no sense in waiting for them to tell us what they have planned when we already know.

Thankfully they have [deeply demoralised the Defence forces over the last few years] (Immigration/Population), so there is a positive in that as they probably won’t be able to rely on them so I guess Chinese Blue hats will be needed? Advance troops may already be hear, waiting for orders, what is it, 120,000… nay that’s just mad Ted, but then of course help could come from the North. How many troops up there eh… oh what am I saying they already have extra help in the puzzle palace, whoops forgot about that… :whistle:


I figured we’d get another, but in autumn when the autumn sniffles start. Not august :(.


Death clock for the injected contradicts. Tick tock.


It’s basically over in a lot of places no?

I’m looking at those sport stadium shots out of hungry down from that August tweet. Some funny comments.

The US - also basically over, is the impression I’m getting from various sources, online and anecdotal.


I know! Florida open, other states too, Israel removing vax passports & mask mandates… all great signs.

Then our crowd are still fining folks going to the airports & pressurising people into taking the vaccines.

UK also -


They could never let the legislation lapse, as then they would not be able to give the vaccines, which only have a Conditional Marketing Authorisation.


None of it has ever made sense. If people can not spot this even now. Well. Enjoy the show! :popcorn:



The big move was announced on the 10 o’clock BBC news tonight. The mandatory vaccination of care home staff was announced today following a “consultation process” that ended on 25 May. According to the same reporter Another “consultation process” has just begun about the mandatory vaccination of NHS staff.

The “consultation process” is a foregone conclusion obviously. And the NHS has run the vaccination process so its vaccine shy staff will be in a bind. But health sector staff are very reluctant to get the annual flu jab so who knows what the reaction will be.

Obviously Ireland will copy the UK here.


War. It’s a war peeps. Enjoy the war.

People say that don’t they? Enjoy your holidays. Happy Birthday, congratulations. Enjoy the day.

Enjoy the war. You are in it.



IF the video is blocked use a VPN to get around it or try find a source not blocked.