Coronavirus 2020



Yes we have and yes he’s also a 0 guy.

O guy. O.


My money is ISAG operative.

Don’t let them distract you with the jingle jangle of a PINT as they move closer with the needle to inject your children. They are still going for the children. All of them. All the children. Mother & Baby Home for all. Plans from day one. Planned a long time ago.


Yep it’s true, he has connections like anyone in the arena, but member of ISAG, not sure. he’s not on their website as a member, but maybe they’re boxing a bit cleverer now, because everyone is on to their game.

PROFESSOR KINGSTON MILLS is Professor of Experimental Immunology at TCD. He has said that vaccinating the entire Irish population is needed to generate herd immunity for Covid-19. In 2016, Mills began work on a €28 million project to find a vaccine for whooping cough.

He was co-founder of Opsoma Therapeutics with Luke O’Neill. Opsona Therapeutics, one of the most heavily backed Irish biotech start-ups, is to be wound up after 14 years in which it raised more than €76,500.000 in funding. A decision was taken to put the company into a creditors’ voluntary liquidation after the search for a development partner or buyer for its main drug therapy was fruitless. – 13 Jan 2019

Benefactors included the EU, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This year, Mills was on the team awarded €4.8 million by the Irish government, seeking to design effective Covid-19 vaccines.

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OK I recognize the face now, name hadn’t clicked, and he’s in cahoots with Luke O’Neill I see.

But not officially part of ISAG although maybe he’s like just like Orla & they might keep him in the loop as they’re lovely warm-hearted inclusive people :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:



Authors note:

CORRECTION: I should have said 3.15X The Death Rate, not 315% Higher


I like this website - mea culpa never saw it before


No no no you’re supposed to be watching Matt Hancock, or else being annoyed about Dido and the track and trace thingy not vaccination death stat boring stuff.

Here! Distraction! Now! :joy::rofl::joy::sunglasses::musical_note:


“I was only following emails…”


People who use their picture with a mask on, online. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Defo worse than those lone drivers with mask planted on their face.

The way I see it, well it communicates a certain message and it is the virus is digitally transmissible, or at least the fear of it is, and she would be right!

Is that what she is trying to communicate beyond intimidating people to conform to endless insanity?




There’s something really wrong when an assistant professor in Architecture starts weighing in on restricting liberties


Speaking of Luke… not sure he got the e-mails about keeping delta scary… or maybe they’re going to shift to delta doubleplusgood or llamdha pronto…


Hey, someone’s gotta design prisons…


Open indoor dining and cases go up. Keep them closed and cases still go up. Heads I win, tails you lose, as my father used to say. NPHET truly are all-powerful Gods…

“You can’t have it both ways, you can’t say we’re going to wait two weeks as if it’s going to have a huge impact and everything is going to be okay as that’s simply not going to be the case.

“Is two weeks really going to make a huge difference for us to move on to the next step given where we are in terms of our vaccination rates and the fact our younger people - that will be the cause of most of our new cases - are going to remain unvaccinated?

“I just can’t see how two weeks is going to make a substantial difference to that,” Prof Mallon said.

Prof Mallon said the focus must be on how we get to a point where we can live with the virus and change it from a pandemic to an endemic virus and said: “we’re not going to get to that point through lockdowns”.

We’re not going to be able to stay locked down forever, at some point we do need to test the waters. At some point we do need to see what works and what doesn’t work,” Prof Mallon said.


Scapegoat time!

Out with NPHET and mehole & the government will now wisely lead us out of this mess :clown_face:

Paywalled - I only have the first paragraph there, not sure I could stomach reading more than that though tbh


Smile for the camer…!!!

Wait, no… Masks for the cameras!! :clown_face::clown_face:


Oh Dear.


Absolutely zero sympathy for any state apparatchik or member of the political class, job for life, pension for life, zero repercussions for even the most inept and incompetent, no skin in the game. Nigh on a century of consequence free leadership.


If this is remotely true… no sympathy whatsoever.


It really has been quit the interesting day on social media, twitter & groups…

People seem to be a bit miffed.

Also starting to question the oh so glorious models.

And the government hiding behind nphet’s skirts.

And Tony’s influence.

And the fact that the media are just cheerleading this along.

Rays of hope?