Coronavirus 2020




The Flip Year

More deaths from Vaccine than the Covids. The trial is over.


Claire & co will investagate and ask the relevant Qs on the subject of, Will we ever Know Where Covid Came From?
And Qs the Wuhan lab Theory
And its political impact
This will be aired @10 am on Rte Radio One on the 14/07/2021 and should be of the utmost interest to people that pay for the contents and also those that have a vauge interest in how Rte spends your money.
For those that have an interest in broadcasting standards and public debate my advice is, yes listen and make up your own mind.


At last Sinn Féin stand up for Liberty (kind of). They don’t seem to recognize the right not to be vaccinated.


Always good to remember VACCINE PASSPORTS were always planned, planned before the pandemic, as you can see here this doc last updated Q3 2019 -


Interesting thread, but these posts don’t add to it. Heathy scepticism is one thing, but The Gateway Pundit is an utterly discredited source. This article was brought to you by Jim Holt FFS. Fraudster Jacob Wohl was one of a number of dubious Holt proteges there for a time.


Are the injections killing more people than the covids?


After reading that article I am none the wiser as to what SF want. I guess there are lots of votes in speaking out of both sides of your mouth but are they closer to the Zero-Coviders or the Free-for-All cohort?

I’m guessing putting in air filtration systems is a trivial task across thousands of premises.


But the lesson of Covid from our masters is: "if a single life is saved


So the plan in France that Macon is rolling out is pure State “Public Health” Fascism…

So compulsory vaccination for large parts of society and de jure requirement for vaccination passes for normal day to day life. With 6 months imprisonment for people who wont comply.

Thats not even the scary bit. There will be de-jure house arrest for 10 days for anyone who has a “positive test”. With the way things work in France anyone who is not a magreb will be arrested and sent to prison if they dont comply.


Gendarmes are apparently exempt…


Hardly surprising given how much they hate Macron. When the Interior Minister made some discrete inquiries more than 18 months ago turned out the majority of the police would be elsewhere if push came to shove and the current administration was seriously challenged. The Gilet Jaune have not gone away. The most recent elections completely destroyed Macrons legitimacy. An even more serious repudiation than the huge number of spoiled ballots in the presidential election. Which was also unprecedented,


Protests there today.

Some at the convention centre in Ireland.

Very worrying times. UK, Greece, Ireland, UK all passing legislation.


Regimes in Panic, merely pieces on the global chessboard, asset of the Menace, consolidating positions, before battles commence. They are terrified of what is about to come because they do not know when it will come and how it will come.



So just like every other viral pneumonia then…

As is “Long COVID”

Absolutely nothing new. Been known about for many decades
What they dont mention is that unlike every other genuine respiratory infection pandemic in the past the under 60’s have exceptionally rate of low serious / severe symptoms. In other pandemics > 30%, with SARs CoV 2 < 10%. In fact SARs CoV 2 is unique in just how few under 60’s actually die from viral pneumonia. And most of them already had very high PSI/PORT scores. High risk of severe symptoms from any respiratory infection.

Its the BBC, so pure propaganda by this stage.


We haz been given pats on the head we iz so gud!!! :hugs::hugs:


So 1% of the UK population tested positive last week!

Does that mean they’re approaching herd immunity as so many have been infected and/or vaccinated?


You need to watch what is going on in the US to understand the moves of the Menace as it tries to consolidate it’s death grips on the nation’s of the world. The clock is ticking. Do not become a victim of the Menace right before it’s last gasping breath of death.


No they did not. Some model guessed 1%. And based on the way the model is constructed it just means they have either been doing more testing or there has been the usual short term up trend in the random distribution of a non clinical test “positive” results.

Nothing more.

The “estimate” is nothing more than a very fancy linear interpolation. When ever you see the term “Bayesian” used in the context of a model then you know they are using very low quality noisey data.

The actual general population Susceptibility to SARs 2 is low, much lower than for influenza, so even if the vaccine had the claimed efficacy, which it cannot, even with a population over the base vaccination rate a vaccine would have no real impact on the true infection rate.

Vaccines only make a measurable difference if a large part of the population have high Susceptibility and the virus is very infectious.