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Interesting how it’s mainly people who were pro every aspect of the ‘liberalising’ project of the past 40 odd years that promoted the idea of individual liberty to the nth, who are now very much to the fore when it comes to removing such liberties as they apply to anyone who challenges their new normal.

In the Irish context practically everyone who championed abortion for example, who parroted ‘my body my choice’ slogan appear to have zero issues with forced vaccinations for others or with excluding people from society on that basis….suggesting that in Ireland at least, public displays of anything tend to be reflective of which societal group the individual wishes to be associated with rather than any real personal convictions.


Made a very interesting discovery while doing the initial legal spadework for any legal challenges needed to stop attempts at Vacinal Passports etc in California. I know my way around the system and helping out people who are starting to organize.

Absolutely none of the vaccinations in the US done so far (about 160 million) are legal under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization. None. Apart from the few thousand people who got vaccinated as part of the Phase/II Clinical trials. Who would have signed the standard (legally valid) informed consent forms.

In California they have people sign a consent form that looks like a standard medical procedure consent form with some of the lines from the FDA boilerplate Clinical Trial Informed Consent form cut and pasted in. The FDA informed consent form has two parts, the personal information and signature part. And the Vaccination Information Statement part. For a vaccine EUA the VIS is provided by the CDC. The CDC does not currently publish a VIS for any of the COVID vaccines being used under the EUA.

The VIS is explicitly mentioned in the California form, in the middle of a body of very dense tiny typeface text, but as the CDC dont publish the VIS required by law then whatever the person being vaccinated is given or is told has no legal status.

Which basically means the consent form the state provides would have absolutely no legal validity if challenged. The state and everyone involved in the vaccination process could be open to felony criminal prosecution. This is not civil misdemeanor territory.

This is going to make the lawyers very very rich.


Back in April - Consent forms for the experimental Injection Trial - Did you get your copy yet?

Did anyone sign a consent thingy?
If so let’s know in the above thread. What was your experience?
Do you have a copy of your consent form?
If not where is that consent form held?


Well it is consistent in a perverse way. Especially if you consider this book

It’s all about harm. And the only way to counter this sort of emotionalism is to show that somehow the vaccination laws are causing greater harm. Particularly emotional harm.

Per Neurotic Feminine Cultural Leftism (almost the entire Dáil) lack of access to abortion “harmed women”. Forget about the female foetuses. Similarly, all neurotic feminine leftists believe vaccine refusers are “harming them”. Somehow.

‘Only spirituality can save us’ as the pockets of the future guy says on YouTube.


A large part of the problem is also the rise of the new right over the past few decades. The Fine Gael/Labour clique as represented by the likes of Garret Fitzgerald, the Brutons, Ruari Quinn, Fergus Finlay and now Bacik etc. Throw in also the greens and the likes of Donnelly in FF. All from the same geographical, cultural and ideological space ie dartline, economically centrist/centre right and socially liberal. Posing no threat to the economic status quo whilst consistently seeking to undermine the social fabric….and who have colonised the public square to an incredible extent, totalitarian levels….and I say that as someone who spent a few years living in a totalitarian society in Asia. Plenty of similarities.

This is why there is no opposition in Ireland beyond a few independents. No media of any note. No counter culture beyond the few headbangers who seem more and more likely to be plants/controlled opposition given their consistent ability to make fools of themselves.

And yet in the part of Dublin I live in (west) their influence is minimal. After years in the middle of town it was a bit of a revelation. Potemkin like in some respect. We live in hope.


Yes it’s a uniparty. Like America in that sense.

John Waters pointed out 2 decades ago that coalition government was wrong as the smaller parties were able to impose their social policies on the majority. But think about it the other way round - look at the humiliation rituals to neoliberalism the Greens & Labour have put themselves through to get the open borders Globohomo sidedeals over the lines. Real commitment !

It’s not about Left and Right. It’s Nationalist vs Anti-Nationalist. Libertarianism is anti-Nationalist. Biden is an anti-Nationalist. And so is Eoin O’Broin btw - belongs in the 1980s Workers Party in my view.


Section 10 of the EMA CMA regs have a similar stipulation - that people must be aware that these are CMA only. Which most aren’t.


It might be a possible case here, but the problem the solicitors have (I think) is there are no class actions here, so they need a plaintiff, a clear case and someone to sue. HSE information sheet just says that the meds are approved by EMA. I don’t think I’ve seen a copy of a consent sheet.


The main problem is that no matter how strong your case is in Ireland unless you are exceptionally lucky any solicitor your are likely to find in Ireland is usually an even bigger menace to your legal well being than whoever you are bringing your case against. I’ve dealt with quite a number of sleazy / incompetent lawyers in the past in the US but you can quickly weed them out find someone with the relevant competence whose opinion you can trust. I have yet to meet an Irish lawyer who I would trust that much more than the defendant who the case is being brought against.

Then there are the Irish judges.

I have not the slightest problem crewing up and spitting out lawyers for the other side. Done it a bunch of times in the US and other countries with out the need to engage a lawyer. But in Ireland, giving how institutionally corrupt the legal system is and how any part can completely fuck you over and you will have no redress. I would go to great lengths to avoid having anything to do with it in any form.

If you want justice and the protection of the rule of law, you wont find it in Ireland. Except by accident.


The vaccine passes just became law at midnight. Goodness knows what will happen next. Donnelly can write any SI he wants to extend it to other settings beyond indoor dining.

Some other countries seem to be waking up, like France & Italy.

Ireland still asleep. Lots of comments today that saturdays protest was ‘sheparded’ by yellow vests, and that they are SF, co-ordinating with police?

I always hated politics. Could never get my head around it, around people. Got a bit better as I get older, but still would rather logic puzzles than figuring out politics…


I’ve a distant relation who’s a judge. Think I’ve only met him three times though.

Anyway, in news relating to potential legal challenges… differences of opinion over the vaccine cert. One group wants to add antigen greeting to the ID/app as an alternative I think. Still paves the way for social credit ID though.


How long will it be before the unvaccinated will be expected to wear yellow stars!
We’re heading in that direction!


So…this deliberate fudge has been going on since the very beginning and only now is it being questioned at the highest levels. When you hear Ronan Glynn complaining about “misinformation” you have to laugh. Much of it comes from NPHET/HSE/Government.

He says people admitted with other complaints, illnesses and conditions, but who test positive for Covid-19 – often without symptoms – are being categorised as Covid-19 cases.

“There are essentially three categories and we should be able to quantify them,” he said.

“The first are those admitted with Covid and being treated for it; the second category are those admitted with something else but who got Covid in hospital and are now being treated for it, and the third are those admitted for something else, who were swabbed and found positive, but who are not being treated for it.”


On that later point:

All but one person are fully vaccinated in the ICU and Oz has less than 13-15% injected.

How many in the HSE intensive covid collection centres are “fully vaccinated” hmm?


Ms Berejiklian shared one piece of good news out of Thursday’s numbers — there are zero cases in intensive care in NSW who have received both doses of a covid vaccine.


Government led Big Pharma Coups ongoing all over the world as you read/type.

Infiltration instead of invasion.

This is not 2019 people.


She is lying or the other spokesperson is lying or is it the reporting is deceiving?

Which one > I think it’s the reporting is it not?

They flipped his presentation. He made it clear, everyone bar 1 person was “fully vaccinated”, and that other one person, had only one shot. So they all got an injection but still ended up in Hospital.

That’s not a good sign by a long shot, that’s the ball in the ADE court.


Or video a fake? I hope not, although gut tells me to be careful around places like Bitchute - perhaps I am being unfair?

But overall, it’s clear that MSM can not be trusted either these days - non stop propaganda…


I think there are a few better version longer. Will source.


I’ve seen that video and he did them correct that to say the opposite. Only one vaccinated, with one shot. Would be odd if they had their vaccination programme that ramped up already.

So was that the original statement the truth, or the correction? They do like to confuse.


It’s terrifying. Everyone seems happy to go along with it. Chinese social credit system here we come. They’re killers. Falun gong, uighers, Tibet, abortions.

Wondering if I should just get a camper van and do a last long holiday tour of the country. I wonder how we’re going to get out of this, or if we will.