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Based on the early days less than 10% of “COVID” FROMdeaths had real evidence of an active SARs CoV infection. Now the we have seen the crash in other cause pneumonia and influenza deaths the last year with no huge jump in mortality numbers it looks like that treu SARs CoV 2 FROM deaths were mostly substitute cause deaths. In other years they would have died of influenza or other cause pneumonia.

I was just looking at the latest CDC numbers and the last 18 months has been nothing unusual with respiratory illness deaths with pulmonary related deaths a bit up but that might be mostly due health care disruption.

This is the first pandemic in history were mortality rates did not go above the historical annual mortality range. In most countries 2020 was not even near the top of the 10 years range. Only countries with socialized medicine had very high death rates for a time.

In a real pandemic you are looking at a spike of 2x / 3x for extended periods of time. The pandemics of the 1968/1957 had big spikes last well over a year and 1918 was catastrophic. Death rates among young males reached wartime levels.


Notice the way that in both UK and Ireland that the ministers are now questioning the numbers of covid cases in the hospitals. I strongly suspect that this is because many double jabbed people are showing up with Covid. Notice that the USA has seemingly no double jabbed people getting it from some data coming out… a complete lie of course. Now UK and Ireland at the exact same time question things. Obviously they got the memo from Big Pharma a bit later than the USA. It is probably to lay the groundwork to push down cases in the near term and then in the next flu Season blame completely The Great Unvaxxed for causing problems for everyone by keeping Covid alive. The flu, and pneumonia will return in a big way for the double vaxxed in the next cycle. “You lost your sense of smell? Oh, that’s a symptom of this years Flu. It is a remarkable coincidence, you are right.”
There will be hardly any double vaxxed people dying from Covid in a few months and hardly any of the Great Unvaxxed dying from the Flu.


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Imperfect data, but the trend is clear.


Very different in the UK

And Israel


I wonder, did you ever figure out if more people are dying per day in the US of the experimental genetic injections than Covid?


Incredible propaganda. I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t satire given the numbers we are seeing from other countries that are completely counter to this. In another thread I was just mentioning how it’s very suspicious that in both Ireland and the UK today, they are no longer going to test current hospital patients to see if they have the virus. This is clearly an attempt to try and remove completely any signs of double vaxxed people getting Covid or dying from it. It is absolutely astonishing what is happening in the world right now. Easily disprovable lies are the mainstay of the media. The censorship and authoritarianism are going to be hyped up in the coming weeks and months to force these ‘genetic vaccines’ on people. I have worked on these molecules. They are incredibly temperamental by their nature. It’s insanity what’s taking place that these wouldn’t go through a very long period of testing before they were injected into people. It is breaking every protocol of drug development.

Last year they got rid of the flu.
This year they get rid of Covid for the double vaxxed.
Magic! If you don’t believe them, then you are subhuman.
Oh the Flu will be back in a few months for the double vaxxed. It was just on vacation last year.



The AP story is untrue. Those two writers, both activist journalists with no relevant qualification (one has a diploma “doctorate” in public health), have been writing junk narrative stories for the last 18 months. I’d put the AP in the same category as Vox and Huff Post as a reliable source of information on anything.

To give you and idea of how fraudulently the AP article is - those kind of numbers are mathematically impossible. Even if the vaccine was 95% effective as the very old and sick were front-loaded in the vaccine programme the vaccine would have to have truly magical supernatural powers to get those kind of numbers. If the AP claimed a number like 60% or 70% that might be a maybe plausible . But still dubious. But 98%, pure fraud.

So an utterly fraudulent piece of propaganda written by two people who know so little about the subject that they did not realize the numbers the quote are medically impossible.


Too early to say what the plant was producing.

Chemical plants full of volatile products do blow up from time to time.

Emergency services took three hours to extinguish the fire at the Chempark site, home to chemicals companies Bayer (BAYGn.DE) and Lanxess (LXSG.DE), that flared up after the blast at 9:40 a.m. (0740 GMT), park operator Currenta said.


HCQ possibly.


The useful idiots… I mean what in hell is a diploma-doctorate? There are diplomas (two types, level 8 or 9), and there are doctorates… again arguably 2 levels of these, the MD/PhD level and the DSc type…


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Reports of Casualties from the frontlines.


The guy is a journalist and my guess is he wrote a public health dissertation so now has his PhD equivalent.

First he got one of these…

and then one of these…

And so this guy is now a “expert” that is trotted out by the media

His garbage article was quote in a WH press conference a few weeks ago by the current head of the CDC who is another credentialized cretin with no actual relevant medical or scientific expertise. She is a lifelong collector of academic qualification and administrative titles


Thats painful to read, its clear as day. The whole thing will be brushed under the rug and no dissent brooked.


I do think people are misreading that report.

Apparently there is no cross-reaction between SARS-CoV-2 and the 4 seasonal human coronaviruses (OC43, 229E, NL63 and HKU1), SARS-CoV1, MERS CoV or bat Coronavirus. The test kits look for up to four SARS-CoV-2 genes, dependent on manufacturer.

Most hospitals would do full respiratory viral panel (PCR) on hospitalised patients with respiratory infection. Plus the VRL does sentinel testing on samples from GPs for all (known) respiratory viruses. Others community cases (incl symptomatic) as well as all screening (hospital and community) would be done for only C19.

Yes, possibly, the predominant (“pandemic”) virus C19 could have replaced flu to some extent, but I think it is strange that there should not have been a single case of flu.

Not even one.

When we usually get one each year, originating in… China usually, come to think of it, that sweeps the world causing deaths in the elderly…

Very strange… No flu from China last winter.


I used to be naive and think it astonishing to see people like these progress. Including in Ireland.

Now I realise how bent it all is, not so surprising. They probably want people who owe their progression and reputation solely to their mentors and associates, as opposed to their own brains or work. Easier to control.