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Machine translation of relevant part of article from (Mexican state), Baja California.

Of the 33 patients, one was not vaccinated against Covid-19, two did not have the complete vaccination scheme and the rest had already complied with the immunization

33 patients are hospitalized due to Covid-19, struggling to stay alive due to being intubated, in Baja California.


Poll - Mother’s Babies - will you bring them home?


Similar theme of revelation, but “sure we all knew” isn’t that right, why now?

We knew, but they did it anyway, this is a form of gaslighting.


So they can change the testing criteria and blame all the new cases on the ‘unvaxxed.’ It also allows them to show there are no cases now. This wave will disappear. But come the late Autumn, oh no, look it’s those dreadful unvaxxed people that are continuing the virus now. You should vilify these people when you meet them. Nobody vaccinated is getting the virus. That’s just the regular Flu they are getting.


Interesting discussion…


Moderna, Inc. SEC filing describes “therapeutic mRNA medicine”. ( not a vaccine)

Post discussing recent changes to a dictionary definition of the term “vaccine”.

Strawman by media outlet which seems to attempt to muddy the waters.

(Note: this is featured higher in search results. So, if you attempt to discuss the recent dictionary definition change with friends, family or colleges. They’ll probably 1/2 listen what you are saying. Look it up later. Find this result, and assume you are a looney. :slight_smile: )


CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify covid “positives” to push the plandemic

And this:

Viral Posts Misrepresent CDC Announcement on COVID-19 PCR Test

Didn’t Soros and Gates just buy rapid covid testing company? That’s probably all it’s about…getting rid of competition to monopolize the medical industry. The CDC isn’t going to do anything right because it the right thing to do. There’s always nefarious motives.


“First they ask
Then they push
Then they shove
Then they make it law
Then they come by force”


Truly extraordinary…indoor hospitality has been open for 48 hours and - this happens. Impressive test, trace and reporting too - almost in realtime.

The Department of Public Health Mid-West said the outbreak is associated with social activity in hospitality with onward transmission in multiple settings in the town and surrounding areas, including households and workplaces.

In a statement, the department said it was "concerned about the number of people attending bars, restaurants, and cafes while infectious with Covid-19.


John will not take the injection. John will pay.



Anyone remember at the start of this when the premise for locking down everything and the declaration of an emergency was because the virus was novel and could potentially have a very high death rate? We are over 1.5 years into this now, it’s not novel, some countries have gained almost total immunity like India, Sweden, etc., and we know that at its worst point it was just a few percentage points worse than a bad Flu Season. What is taking place now is farce. There is absolutely no logical basis for it. The worst fears of this virus were wildly overrated. The only reason that the ‘vaccine profiteers’ can get away with this now is because they have brainwashed and terrorised a significant proportion of the populace into compliance.


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Last time I looked at linked tkpcibelow it was in the mid 20’s, now at page 47 if you read a few pages back you’ll see we’re probably at the level of horrible adverse anecdotes that were a clear signal 2/3 month ago in the US, nor have they stopped, but we’ve caught up! :icon_frown:

There is one twitter post where a lady had her feet amputated and was waiting to have hands amputated because of her reaction to the injection. Casualties in this Global War.

It does not have to be this way.


Something a little positive here. At least the Wall Street Journal is now publishing something that’s favourable towards Ivermectin.


Magical Lipids are a Poison, Graphene Oxide


Not toxic as such…

But this does not exactly fill one with confidence…

Data gaps and future studies

Currently, the literature is insufficient to draw conclusions about the potential hazards of GFNs. Two opposite opinions have begun to emerge: some researchers suggested that graphene materials are biocompatible in a number of studies focused on biomedical applications [119, 154, 162, 219], and other studies reported adverse biological responses and cytotoxicity [32, 118, 135, 138, 192]. These inconsistent results might have been caused by several factors, including the different research groups, various cellular or animal models, and varying physicochemical characterizations of GFNs. When GFNs are explored for in vivo applications in the human body or some other biomedical applications, biocompatibility must be considered, and more detailed and accurate studies of GFNs toxicity are needed.

In other words, they look kinda OK. Sorta. But we really have not done that much real research on the subject.

One way of looking at the subject is of GFN toxicology is - the toxicology of every single constituent of the shampoo you use is far better studied and understood that the coating used for mRNA vaccines.


You don’t swallow shampoo let alone inject it.

I’ve seen the same comment made about shampoo elsewhere today. Maybe it was made in the video. What of the dielectric point. She indicates it’s it’s got a neutral charge IIRC, all human cells have a tiny voltage reading.

So is she a clever dis-info agent because she says it’s poison, or just overwhelmed with what she has discovered and a bit emotional.

We would not know about the GO if not for the Spanish release and here she calcifies it’s a “trade secret”, thus it has not been easy to find.


Someone made list from the video:

Main talking points:

  • all of the COVID-19 “vaccines” are bioweapons
  • there are 4 PEGylated lipid nano particles in the COVID-19 vaccines (PEG = polyethylene glycol):
    1. a cholesterol lipid enables the vaccine ingredients to be transported by the blood
    2. the fossil lipid adheres to the cell membrane to make it permeable
    3. an ionizable lipid provides a positive ionic charge so the mRNA can enter the cell
    4. a PEGylated lipid made by SINOPEG, a Chinese company
  • mRNA is very unstable, thus it needs a “biosphere” to protect it until it can enter the cell – this is provided by the lipid nano particles and graphene oxide which is 4,000 time stronger than titanium, can withstand 1,700 F temperatures, is an excellent conductor of electricity, and can host a magnetic field
  • graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because a), it is poisonous to humans and b), because it is the main ingredient in hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system, though Kingston notes that this is not possible “with this round [of vaccines]” because “they rushed this thing out” and “they’re just seeing how much they can put into people before they… die”
  • the graphene oxide in the vaccines is neutrally charged (inactive), however if/when it becomes positively charged, such as by electromagnetic radiation (radio frequency, such as wireless devices, wireless networks such as 5G, etc.), it will annihilate anything it comes into contact with and therefore can cause great damage and death depending on how much of it exists in the body and where it is located
  • multiple COVID-19 “vaccines” and booster shots may increase the amount of graphene oxide in the body
  • the COVID-19 vaccine study should have been stopped when, during a study with mice, 80% died within 24 hours and the remainder died within the next few days


I used shampoo as an example because it something everyone uses and has got in their eyes at some stage.

The use of graphines and related organics has been standard for mRNA payloads since the beginning. Other adjuvants get very messy very quickly with mRNA it seems.

As for the “whisteblower”. She is a online marketing person who worked in sales at Pfizer for a short time more than 20 years ago. Selling Viagra. She lives in Carlsbad, CA so either she has money or the online marketing hustle must be working.

Irish Regime told to target your Children