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If “Delta” emerges.

Like out of nowhere all of a sudden like? :whistle:

The headline should be - lots of people claiming to be “experts” deny a very basic property of infectious diseases in the general population.

Once a certain percentage of the population has immunity the base infection rate falls to a small background level. With the normal ups and downs of non-heterogeneous spread.

Otherwise 99% plus of the population would be sick with colds, flu and every other infectious disease 99% of the time.

As for the delta variant. This same “experts” seem completely unaware of another basic property of multi-variant diseases. Variant displacement. Been happening with influenza for as long as it has been tracked. The must have never heard of H1N1 displacement over that last decade.

All these “experts” are clue-less charlatans.

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See what the spike from the vaccine does to your cells.

A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people

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Vaccinated man has had nothing but problems. Barely functional. He tells the unvaccinated to STAND YOUR GROUND NO JAB

Video @ Src:

Shot to the Heart : Israel - 83.6% increase in heart Attacks, Women 20-29

Twitter Video Src: A microchip under your skin to fight Covid19

17 Minute Video : A pathologist summary of what these jabs do to the brain and other organs

Well thats the end of the US military vax mandate. Story doing the rounds is that when Sec Defense ( a black general who spent 30 plus years avoiding shooty combat zones) announced the vax mandate (without running it past anyone first) the head of the Marines called him immediately and told he to go fuck himself. No fucking way were his solders going to be forced to take an experimental vaccine. Except in much much stronger language. Best description I’ve read of General Berger is that he makes Gen. Mathis look like a pussy.

The back story is that in the Marines they give out medals grudgingly whereas in the Army once you get above a certain officer grade they give out medals like Bronze Starts just for filling out the correct paper work. People like Gen. Austin who are pure politicals are considered total frauds by combat troops.

So its a big deal when like General Berger who have very serious combat experience and real bravery medals call people like General Austin who has a chest full of phony medals as nothing more than traitors.

There are also class actions lawsuits being filed. By lawyers who succeed in the past when combat zone vaccines were on much firmer legal grounds.

And the other Federal and State vaccine mandates will soon be killed by the unions. Or Civil Rights lawsuits. The unions are one of the three biggest sources of Democratic Party donations. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Vaccinated people don’t die “roaring”…according to this hilarious story. (I presume they don’t rot in hell either.)

The daughter of a man fully vaccinated against COVID who died following a rare breakthrough infection has said she fears her father would have suffered more if he had not had his shot.

“I saw my dad, how sick as he was… I can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

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From that article:

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, “there is some evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe for those who are vaccinated and still get sick.”

Less severe Death.

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I’m also sure there is more than one version of similar story, the latest jamming of reality push dint the mass mind - and ye have picked up on the sick spin being your death is so much better with the vaccine that without. Thanks us for small mercies.

Dignity Deaths are so much more humane.

Would be interesting to follow up on this control group to see how they fare over the next few months.

The Meme Is Mightier Than The Menace

No one knows what is in which batch and why - except the Menace. That is the truth.

Speculation concerning “saline shots” is months old, once the fact checking debunker dogs are set loose on a designated subject, then it’s as good as validated - here are some examples of the fact checking debunkers in action:

Fact Check-No evidence that people are being injected with saline instead of COVID-19 vaccines to cover up vaccine fatalities

By Reuters Fact Check

Hundreds of social media users have shared a baseless claim that large numbers of the general public have received a saline injection instead of a COVID-19 vaccine to coverup severe side-effects of inoculation…

Yea if we got back approx 4 weeks and further, you will find many stories of saline shots being delivered by “mistake”

Jul 12th - India - Thousands in India injected with fake vaccine
Jul 6th - Six people injected with saline instead of COVID vaccine at Niagara clinic
Apr 18th - Some people got saline shots instead of COVID vaccine at a North Carolina Walgreens
Apr 1st - Group of Canadians Accidentally Receive Saline Injection Instead of COVID-19 Vaccine
Mar 10th -Virginia residents get saline shot instead of COVID-19 vaccine by mistake
Feb 26th - Minnesota Hy-Vee administers incorrectly diluted COVID-19 vaccine to 62 patients

The Menace faces it’s greatest ever existential threat - A world waking up armed with memes.

In that context, the logical move is to embrace the story by turning into the Storm to face the waves, but it is too late. Far too late. This is the reality bubble popping right before your eyes.

In conclusion people have been getting saline, but for what exact reason is not really clear, it may be many reasons and this story has gone from anecdote, to reportage, to debunking (denial) and finally a spun MSM acknowledgement to try put the ball back in the other sides court, make them look like the perps.

One last note: There is a video claiming to out the the batch number on the vials that indicate saline, don’t have it to hand for this post but will re-post once re-discovered.

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This seems to be untrue unfortunately.

The Sinopharm vaccine, a traditional one, “was 94% effective at preventing deaths after 2 doses,” in Peru.

Of course Reuters, who have a board member that’s also on the Pfizer board, lead with the headline “Peru study finds Sinopharm COVID vaccine 50.4% effective against infections.”

Unbelievable! I wouldn’t be rushing out to trust the extra ingredients of the Chinese vaccine but it’s inexplicable how this is not getting better Press or even making it to the headline of the Press it gets.
Why in the world aren’t they making more traditional vaccines in the West? It’s insanity at this stage, a total and utter con job of the for excessive profit pharma/msm/governmental/tech industries.
Instead they shill an ineffective experimental unapproved genetic vaccine and try to coerce the brainwashed masses into sticking it into immune children. To which most of them appear to agree. Madness.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

The story of the phone call by Gen Berger has been confirmed by several sources who have a very good track record of knowing what is going on inside the five sided building. And the military end of Green Zone DC. But the first public mention of the story was a “conspiracy theory satire” web site that looks remarkably like a Democratic Party dezinformatsiya operation. It aint no ones vanity political humor site, thats for sure. It looks remarkably like a XX “poison the well” site. Just an updated version of an old media manipulation technique.

So the story looks ligit and this is further reinforced by what looks like a very deliberate preemptive dezinformatsiya attempt.

Its hall of mirrors time. Just like back at the height of the Cold War.


Smell the coffee: Almost 14,000 in Ireland have Adverse reactions to Pharma-Gov shots

On your own? No plans for Irish Covid-19 compensation scheme

I think I read that piece when it first appeared, and it read like salacious pulp crap, and so assumed it was made up dialogue, but now you say it was left disinformation, the style makes it somewhat hilarious because they clearly do not know how to write to appeal to the other side because it was written in a style that would only appeal to their choirs bias and those who like “gossip” type prose.

There have been a few other sources independent of this piece that seem to indicate in advance, that the mandated injections for US forces is a big red line and could be a flash point. We shall see.

It looks like the site was set up to feed badly written conspiracy stories into the search engines and turn up on the “fact checkers” radar. So the site establishes a reputation for nut job stories. Then when a real story turns up that they want to bury, it looks like the Gen Berger story is basically correct, they quickly write it up and put it out there on the dezinformatsiya site. So when other sources start reporting on the story it can be dismissed as a “nut job conspiracy” because the story first turned up on the dezinformatsiya site. Which of course just prints made up “nut job conspiracy” stories.

The phone call would have happened sometime Monday, 9’th. The story appeared on the dezinformatsiya site on the 11’th. Normally it would have taken at least 7 to 10 days for a story like this to peculate outside a very narrow circle. And then only on very low profile sites where ex mil / mil hangout. The time line is wrong in every way so looks like a plant, not a leak.

The dezinformatsiya site looks like any other WP site. Except for the fact that they went to great lengths to makes sure the content was picked up by search engines. This was not a some guy in a basement site.

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Src: High Horse Strong on Gab: '' - Gab Social

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