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When people realize that they have been lied to after being told to “trust the science”, we run the risk that many will start to question (& dismiss) many other areas of science, this could lead to many unknown risks in the future.

Who will trust any future vaccine for other diseases after the fall out of this!

Climate change is another area that has been hijacked by certain vested interests and some of the research is flawed and the results tweaked to make the “climate emergency” out to be far worse than the more balanced data shows it to be.


Agreed fascinating to observe them but I seriously doubt they’ll ever see taking the vaccine as having been a mistake


“Trust the science” has become an appeal to authority, a cult-like call as many here have pointed out.

Science is a method of inquiry. Not a body of knowledge,

If “the science” cannot be questioned, it is no longer scientific.

Perhaps it is to the best that these institutions now lose all credibility. They have fallen to institutional capture for private profits and gains, and have lost all credibility at this stage. I don’t know that they are redeemable.


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Its a mess…

The one Pfizer manufactures under license is “approved”

But the home grown version of the same vaccine is “authorized” under EUA.

My guess is legal semantics. The FDA recognizes EU “conditional marketing authorization” as authorization under international agreements but domestically developed pharmaceuticals can still only be covered by EUA.

But as the FDA accepted Pfizer’s pathetically very thin and partial Phase I/II trials as valid the FDA is now just another politicized rubber stamp operation. Like the CDC.


This is an interesting paper because it shows just how different a RT/PCR test for active infection is (strand selective) is from the standard RT/PCR test used for the last 18 moths to decide COVID “cases”.

Basically active infections produce minus strands of RNA. Thats what they are testing for in this study. Not just fragments that happen to be floating around. Which is what the standard RT/PCR test does.

The test used for COVID “cases”. is basically a mass testing machine 64/1287/256 tests at a time that uses generic assays that with a low prevalence population produces 95% plus false positive. And less than 50% true positive with those few who actually do have an infection.

Looking at the numbers in the paper it seems the true infection test is up to 10 times less “sensitive” than the standard test. Or rather the standard test just picks up generic junk that builds up over time , long after the infection is over. Active infections produce relatively little material


So… are you saying that they are still EUA in the US, but FDA approved internationally, or external to the US?

Page 2, para 2 (if you ignore first orphan line), from line 3 - “the EUA will remain in place”?

I’m seeing people elsewhere saying the EUA relates to ages 12-15. The (BLA so full) Approval is for 16+ year old, meaning this is a FDA approval for everyone over 16 years old?


Back to basics: How many politicans have refused the jabadabadoo and should we the people have access to the info? One can’t take a piss in cowtown without proof of been jabbed.
Ah well we are heading for a debt of something billion and they won’t devulge that figure because it’s in the EU constitution that they don’t have to.


Here’s an interesting article from a doctor pointing out some of the issues with the coronavirus vaccines. It’s one of the more even handed and better referenced articles I’ve read.

Edit: also a very interesting twitter thread:


Another GP speaking out! Dr Peter Sloane, from 14:10.


Its very deliberate obfuscation in a cut and paste document. It took a while to parse it out.

There are two homologous products. The one licensed from Europe by Pfizer and the home developed one. As I read the tortured prose the domestic one is EUA but licensed one is “approved”. The FDA considers them interchangeable in use. I’m looking for the actual proper FDA document for the decision which probably wont turn up for a while.

But to me that sounds like some fancy legal slight of hand rather than actual regulatory approval from the usual FDA approval committee. Actual approval is declared in much more straight forward language.


No one believes Donnelly’s assertion about what will reopen and when. And no one believes any public health official’s pronouncement that “the next few weeks are critical”.



Brilliant - thanks for that link. Well worth listening to. Fascinating - but not surprising - to hear Boucher-Hayes use phrases like, “are you seriously suggesting?” and “isn’t it salacious to suggest that…”.

Couldn’t believe it when he asked the GP if he would be happy to recommend ending restrictions and mask wearing etc while also telling his patients that 5% of them would be dead because of his views. Despicable.


Injections killing and maiming Children

The Monstrous Evil Menace Regime are still injecting children and seemingly parents are still registering their children to take this life ending injection - Lots maimed. More to Maim.

Patient Testimony

I am a 44 year old previously healthy active lady and am currently an inpatient in (hospital redacted) I have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks and am still not better. The vaccine set off a chain of events that has required me to be hospitalised on two occasions and I have had two A&E visits along with multiple doctor visits. I have been diagnosed with pneumonia, pleural effusions, fluid around one side of the heart and sinus tachycardia.

I have had multiple tests and they do not know why my heart is beating so fast the doctor and several nurses have said it is more than likely the vaccine and I may just have to learn to live with it. They have said there is multiple people in here with the same symptoms.

I myself have spoke to several people who all appear to be vaccine injured I am currently in a ward with almost 30 people and it appears half are here after the vaccine several with blood clots, a 16 year old with severe headaches and blacking out who had the first Pfizer a week ago. There are two 19 year old girls who have difficulty breathing and chest pain within days of vaccine.

When I was in A&E on Friday night a 23 year old came in and was brought to resus with a high heart rate he had the Pfizer vaccine that day.

I have spoken to several other people who are severely sick within days of vaccine some with seizures, some with blood clots, some tachycardia.

The doctors and nurses seem to be aware of what is going on. I just want the medical treatment to make me better and to get back on with my life.

I took the vaccine in good faith trying to do the right thing and because I felt pressured and was scared but now I am scared that I won’t get better and won’t receive the help I need and that is even scarier.

Please share my story, I would like to speak to a journalist or anybody who can help tell my story and warn other people.


I will say that there is an obelisk on top of Killiney Hill (to the east of the main one) called the ‘Boucher obelisk’. Guess who’s a freemason?


If anyone speaks out they are instantly attacked, harassed and censored.

"She described the vaccine as an “experimental genetic therapy” and claimed that many people had been “bribed or bullied” into receiving both doses or else face the removal of their “basic human rights, such as travel and meeting friends.”

I’m almost losing the ability to care. The fact so many people just unquestioningly go along with the authoritarianism, and their lack of scientific curiosity makes me wonder if it’s worth trying to wake them up.


Don’t get dismayed by the propaganda. That’s just what a system collapsing looks like before your very eyes, it is trying to hold up the facade that is has power over, while it’s power is over - it also signalling to others we’re on this, we are still fighting the people (to survive). The media is a demoralisation tool.

She has spoken out. The video has gone around like wildfire.

Paniked move. Bad move. Looks desperate. They are losing the narrative. Sorry they have lost the narrative. The world now sees. Once that goes all they have left is outright killing.

To paraphrase Rand Paul, “they can’t investigate everyone”… “they can’t arrest everyone”… “they can’t kill everyone”,


He be glow in the dark I need sunglasses at night type.


I just saw a post on twitter commenting about keeping paeds icu beds open.

The push to fax 12-16 year olds just started on the 14th.

When do schools open exactly? What’s the time difference between vax start & school start?