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Indeed, the corpo didn’t bother installing LED street lights on Castlepark rd. for this very reason.


Goes to show though, they will try to tap and trick anyone who interviews with them verbally. Dr Sloane spoke incredibly well, and kept himself on point and out of the verbal traps quite well too I thought.


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Just seen on telegram. Will look for the exact episode/clip now.

Starts here @ 6 minutes.

Continued here.

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Live now .



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For fully vaccinated individuals, effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infections was 73% (95%CI: 72‒74) and against COVID-19-related hospitalizations was 90% (89‒92). Effectiveness against infections declined from 88% (86‒89) during the first month after full vaccination to 47% (43‒51) after ≥5 months. Among sequenced infections, VE against Delta was lower compared to VE against other variants (75% [71‒78] vs 91% [88‒92]). VE against Delta infections was high during the first month after full vaccination (93% [85‒97]) but declined to 53% [39‒65] at ≥4 months. VE against hospitalization for Delta for all ages was high overall (93%).

From a Pfizer funded study


Also a pdf with some points from Robert Malone


Now this is getting interesting. Looks like Pfizer are trying to lock out completion from the US market. If they go for a BLA…

an approved BLA likely would make it harder for new vaccines to receive EUAs. The FDA has statutory authority to grant an EUA only if “there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative,” so if Pfizer’s or Moderna’s approvals are granted and are deemed both “adequate” and sufficiently “available” for the intended populations, an EUA couldn’t be granted.


Junk data…

Methods: In this retrospective cohort study, we analyzed electronic health records from Kaiser Permanente Southern California (KPSC) between Dec 14, 2020 – Aug 8, 2021 to assess BNT162b2 VE against SARS-CoV-2 infections and COVID-19-related hospitalization. Effectiveness calculations were based on hazards ratios from adjusted Cox models

The hospital records of Kaiser hospitals in SoCal for six months. I dont think so. Anything other than a representational survey.

Kaiser is the medical equivalent of the bottom feeder discount airlines. Like Spirit Air. (Think RyanAir, but with less class). Kaiser is basically for the people whose employers wont pay for good health insurance but make too much money to be treated at the County Hospital. You will usually get far better treatment at County than at Kasier. If you dont mind the armed guards.


The U.K. VoC briefings are the ones I watch. Latest one here.

Delta overall CFR is lower than previous strains, although now up to 0.3% overall ( had been 0.1 - 0.2 before), page 17 of report. Again negligible under 50 (0.0%), higher over 50 (2.2%).

Delta cases are higher in unvaccinated. A lot. Hospitalizations too, but is that with or of COVID, plus perhaps just in for 24-48 hours obs to be safe in some cases.

Deaths are higher in the vaccinated. Page 23. Nearly 2/3 of deaths. Yes, it can be argued that the vulnerable and elderly have higher vaccine rates, and were vaxxed early, but it’s still shit for efficacy claims.


OK. So this is how the legal slight of hand works.

What was “approved” was for the German version of the Pfizer vaccine to be manufactured in the US. Under a completely different legal framework form all traditional vaccines. The BLA is normally used for natural biological products like insulin. No committee safety review was done. Instead they gave "approval to manufacture and distribute " based on the Pfizer US version (still under EUA) trials. One trial which had no real placebo control. And the second trial which wont end till April 2023…

The US version of the Pfizer vaccine is still under EUA but is stuck in the normal approval timeline which runs to years.

So this "approval to manufacture and distribute " is pure a way of subvert normal vaccine safety regulations. For political reasons.


I could not bring myself to click the ‘heart’ icon (such is the diabolical mendacity that you described very well) but thank you nonetheless.


If they introduce mandates, for example to the military, based on this “approval” what might happen legally?

I had thought EUA vaccines cannot be mandated for them (although others can). So could they (or others) take a legal case and challenge the… irregularities… involved in this “approval” which has paved the way for a potential mandate?


The beginning or contiunece of a US Military rebellion?


The military angle is complicated. Different laws apply. But as the anthrax vaccine vaccine fiasco of 20 years ago showed when it went to the courts the Pentagon lost the cases. And the anthrax vaccine had full FDA approval. A real one.

What happened 20 years ago is that more than 1/3 refused to take the vaccine. They either transferred out of the units involved or left the military. The only purpose of the current vaccine mandate is to eviscerate the military by removing everyone who they think does not vote Democrat. Or is not politically apathetic. Where this gets interesting is that most blacks dont want to take the vaccine…

The vaccine mandate is just a way to break any possible political opposition in the military. No other reason. When Pelosi and Biden wanted to put heavily armed troops on Capitol Hill in January with open rules of engagement, shoot to kill, not only did the military refuse but threatened to open fire on any DC / Capitol Hill police who tried to occupy the area with those ROE. Thats why Bidens people want to destroy the military. Control. That’s why the CP officer who murdered the demonstrator had been completely exonerated. The CP officers can shoot who ever they want when ordered by the politicians. They have shoot to kill ROE.

It seems the full militarization of the Capitol Police is not going well. They have been offering huge pay to military contractors but few seem to be biting. Even those ultra cynical bastards want nothing to do with Pelosi’s secret police.



BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died due to complications from the AstraZeneca vaccine, a coroner concluded today in what is believed to be the first time a Covid jab has officially been ruled the underlying cause of death in the UK.

Researchers insist the link between blood clots and AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine is rare, with the side effect thought to affect just one in 50,000 under-50s who are given the British-made jab. Of those, 23 per cent died because of vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VITT) — the name of the side effect

Personally I think 1 in 50,000 is not rare.
1 in 217,391 chance of dying is a bit too low also.




Another announcement from our utterly unelected ruler (no not mehole) :joy::rofl::joy:

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