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Petition to reinstate Dr. Anne McCloskey from Northern Ireland for speaking out on YouTube a few days ago. Please sign.

Just in case you didn’t know, the Chief Medical Officer in Northern Ireland & clown, “Dr Michael McBride said he welcomed the investigation and said the evidence on the effectiveness of the vaccines was ‘irrefutable’.”


Over 90pc of over 16s must be fully vaccinated before lifting remaining restrictions - Nphet letter advises


So this means that 100% of Nphet are so fucking medically and scientifically illiterate that the dont know that the R0 of SARs Cov 2 is not the same as measles. Or how public health vaccination works.

Or is it that they know that the vaccines dont actually work as they claim in public and hope that a 90% vaccination rate will hide the fact they dont work. They want to kill large numbers of young people and children to hide the fact that Nphet are criminally incompetent.

As most of the members are from the HSE in one form or other its not like they dont have a long tradition of killing people to hide their incompetence.

How many people did Holohans lying and cover up kill?


The guy is another of those HIV charlatans…

$30B plus spent on research for a disease that its impossible for 99.7% plus of the population to get. Unless they share I.V drug needles with at least 10 plus street junkies. Or have unprotected sex with 100 plus gay men. Risk factor numbers that have not changed much since the mid 1980’s.

Conmen like McBride know those numbers. You can be sure of that. Thats how you know people like him are nothing but conmen…


… and the vaccine doesn’t fully stop infection or transmission.

2/3 of deaths in the latest U.K. VoC briefing were vaccinated.

I mean, even knowing the R0 (including for new variants) how could you calculate the percentage needed for herd immunity when the vaccine efficacy is unknown/fading? I think I read AZ efficacy is lower than Pfizer initially, but holding more steady (while Pfizer drops) but there’s so little transparency who knows.


The curve is easy to calculate. Its the S (which is already lower than influenza ) minus total Infected (suppressed by lock downs) by the usual 1–1/R0 by the real world efficacy of the vaccine.

The majority of the population had high cross immunity to SARs Cov 2 at the start of the pandemic. Hence the very age skewed infection numbers. Very different from influenza where pandemic influenza only has partial age cohort partial immunity. Which varies between each pandemic.

So the S was never going to greater than maybe 40%. At least for symptomatic / serious. The I is probably maybe 10%/20% by this stage. It would have been at endemic equilibrium point summer 2020 without the lockdowns. Even if the vaccine has a good an efficacy as the flu shot the base vaccination rate for community spread is very low.

I have yet to see a single thing written about “Herd Immunity” that got even the basics right. They all quote numbers as if it was for infections like smallpox or childhood measles where S is around 90%. Even for the worse pandemic influenza that actual S was around 40%. When it reached that number of infections in the general population it became background endemic.

The base vaccination rate calculation and all related discussion is pretty much irrelevant for HAI’s. Which is what we are dealing with here. The actual viral pneumonia cases.

Which is why from a public health vaccination point of view any SARs Cov 2 vaccines are essentially placebos. No possible measurable positive outcome.


Easier to understand when you realise that NPHET [pronounced Neph-et] is in fact Nephthys [pronounced Neph-et-hys] is masonic. In the Egyptian religion, Nephthys’ role was to guide souls to the next life and was associated with ‘health’. Quite the coincidence, eh bro. Hool-a-hoop?


Brilliant. Fair play. The usual tactic of Hidden in Plain Sight.

Something like this from yesterday.


Funny coincidence, just this morning on the radio, rté are referring to the ‘cabinet committee [on] c 19’ rather than nphet. Have they replaced nephthys with the ccc-p?

If so, they must read this site, in which case: “Traitors, giz’ a wave, traitors, traitors, giz’ a (3rd) wave!”


You mean the “rubber stamp” committee don’t you?


RTE running same 2 stories


Is there a bit of a pushback against Tony H’s demands that 90% of over 16s should be vaccinated before any further lifting of restrictions? I won’t hold my breath but it looks like Government may actually consider governing for a change…


Usual tactics to have you believe it was ‘robustly’ countered but with all the evidence, xperts yada yada yada


[edit] it looks like government may actually consider pretending to govern for a change.


Yea they’ve been doing this since the start. More gaslighting. The Regime pretending to be a a legitimate government long since passed in it’s constitutionally, you know, protecting and upholding inalienable rights and the common good, article this and article that etc. etc.


So NPHET are supposedly being wound up in October. I don’t know what to make of this. Was it always planned or have circumstances changed?


The experts will still be on hand to advise the Government but not in the current form”



Just like that, the war is over, tucked into the end of August.

Seems legit. :whistle:


Ivermectin FTW?

This might explain the recent signalling, this text allegedly translated from french is doing the rounds:

If you are not vaccinated or only 1 dose, this is for you. Hold fast !

Dr Dominique RUEFF:

All vaccines will expire on 10/20/2021. Information verified.

The European Union has approved (google) 5 therapies that will be available in all hospitals in member states to treat covid. These therapies are approved by decree of the European Council (European Parliament) and will be in operation from 1/10. So will be distributed little by little around 20/10.

The vaccines were approved on a “provisional experimental basis”. However, given that by decree there will be an obligation to prescribe these 5 new drugs, the use of the vaccine will cease. So we understand why all the states said “by September we must …”. They already knew everything.

Do not accept any blackmail. Be patient.

Now that ivermectin is authorized again, there is no need for a vaccine.

Excellent news. The Institut Pasteur recognizes the efficacy of Ivermectin. A single intake could in some people eradicate all the genetic material of SARS covid-19.

Read well and share. A MASS CIRCULATION * They lost … ***

Good news: Ivermectin is now scientifically recognized as an effective drug, in prophylaxis and for the treatment of Covid-19 by researchers from the Pasteur Institute in France.

The results of their studies were published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on July 12, 2021, so it’s recent. An analysis of the results of other research published in the American Journal of Therapeutics strongly calls, with supporting evidence, to override the guidelines of health agencies and include Ivermectin as the standard of treatment.

Macron’s government knew about it … Don’t give up, save time, keep your freedoms of body and mind. Take care of yourself. It seems that we soon won.

In the meantime, keep your heads down.

Does this explain the signalling and the recent Macron visit?

Have they capitulated, or is this all very sneaky in a weird way and what else is to come. Perhpas it is as simple as there has been way too much push back so they can not proceed, they know they will not get further - could the push back in France, and elsewhere within the EU done more to stop this in Ireland, sad to day but hey we’ll take the wins, the resistance is strong in Ireland too, the media numbers are probably all bullshit in the end, so a lot less injected with the poison, and this then may give them the plausible climbdown pivot for all EU members and politicians, a grand attempt to save necks using a power-move narrative shift, might also explain, if I am seeing this correctly the fall off in the calls for booster. Has that message suddenly dropped.

they may also need this to deal with the ADE fall out this winter, which sounds like it has already begun for some people. :frowning:

Playing the official approval card one last time for a mass forgive and forget effect?

July, 2021.

Is the 4th lockdown cancelled?


Butter wouldn’t Melt.

That Photo! talk about damage limitation overdrive…

Chief medical officer Tony Holohan

Dupers delight with paycheck in sight or please have mercy?