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Well for a start blood clots are low probability symptom for pneumonia in young people. Its old people who get them mostly. But blood clots etc are the second most common adverse response event for younger people. After anaphylactic shock.

So she the probability she was hospitalized by the vaccine is high. Unless she had prior history of related conditions.



While Michael Gove hits the dancefloor.

They think it’s all over…it is now


Final Countdown?

The Latest Doom scaring?

You’ll note the run cycle on sub-routine during this this op is about 3/4 months from moment a thing is started. Delta sub-routine has run it’s course I guess.

Are they now recycling Feb, 2021 news cycle?


If you ain’t Boosted, you ain’t Fully Vaxed (And you’re a threat, and a reckless reprobate)

Bennett said a third jab slowed a rise in severe illness caused by the Delta variant among the elderly, prompting the decision to make a third jab available for the wider population.
‘The third dose of the vaccine works,’ he said, declaring that ‘the increase in severe morbidity has begun to slow’ following the booster campaign.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said there was no doubt that a booster shot was ‘effective in preventing infection, and it significantly reduces the risk of serious and fatal illnesses’.
So far 2 million people out of the population of 9.3 million have received three doses, with Israel’s coronavirus death toll standing at 6,950.
‘The third dose brings us to the level of protection achieved by the second dose, when it was fresh,’ said Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of public health at Israel’s Health Ministry.
‘That means, people are 10 times more protected after the third vaccine dose,’ she told a news conference, where the expanded booster drive was announced.

And we just revoked your Health Pass

Health Minister Horowitz says that since the vaccine loses effectiveness over time, proof of immunity will no longer be valid for those who have not had the booster



Pfizer trades at 47.1 on the Nasdaq. Up 18% since last December. Market Capitalisation is $264bn. So roughly $40bn added since the shot bedded down. The market was not particularly forward looking here.


Locked in.



Should NPHET be disbanded.


In other news Ch… WHO sorry has published its guidelines on Digital COVID-19 certificates.


Similar story in UK, before his suspension Alex Berenson had a twitter thread about how overall deaths in the UK are up significantly compared to this time last and previous years. Currently running 10-15% higher than the five year average. Here’s the raw data.


Excellent and detailed summary of the whole sorry saga…


Just seen…


Well the FDA’s safety reputation has being trashed. As more than 50 plus years of product safety regulations have been torn up for political reasons. Clinical trials with no control groups, deliberately misleading press releases about “approval” when there was none, and adverse response death levels that are catastrophic.


They really don’t want this substance to be examined.


Dead or alive.


It was most likely a DoD shipment using a private shipping company. Once there was an accident there are procedures to follow. It could have been full of medical IV saline bags and the response procedure would have been exactly the same.

My guess is as the shipment contents did not have a FDA registration number it was classified as being the same as the most hazardous biological active agents. Casual contact as safe as aspirin but treated as if it was as dangerous as anthrax. Because some guy did not have some number he could fill into a box on the first page of a form.

Never underestimate the mind numbing stupidity of a bureaucracy.


Antigen tests as effective as PCR for detecting cases?


Obviously they can’t stomach the corruption any longer but I wonder if there are discussions of mandating the vaccine also in some of these organisations. Watch the top scientists rush towards the exits if so.


AFAIK CDC, Pfizer etc. aren’t mandating vaccines.

I’m very much hoping either they got pushed out. Perhaps they discovered a conscience… the other alternative is that they are taking up pharma jobs of course. Has happened before :slightly_frowning_face: