Coronavirus 2020


I’m in the Middle East right now, and went to a Pharmacy in a large Mall. Sold out. The Pharmacist was trying to call other places to get stock, and there was two Chinese girls standing there also making calls.

I was able to source some in a smaller place though.

No-one else seems very bothered here though.


Three in new south Wales, more being tested in South Australia. one case arrived on the 6th of January. Long incubation period…


New research on the Wuhan coronavirus has found the virus may be present in the lungs of individuals with no obvious symptoms.

(By the way, check out how 6 people in the one family had it out of 7 and the one that didn’t was wearing a face mask. They were visiting Wuhan from Dec 29 - Jan 4.)


Warning this is totally unverified atm

Use subs in English


Not sure the English is accurate or she even makes those claims from what I’ve read online.


You can use Google Drive Voice then Google Translate to verify what any of the videos are saying. This is a Wuhan accent, I have it on good authority. Sh!t’s hitting the fan folks. Get your masks now. Best defence.


The products more than not appear to come from China via Amazon. It’s possible internal demand is so strong external orders are not being met.


The N95 filter is only rated down to 0.3 micron.

This virus is smaller.

I believe it’s 95% of @ 0.3micron. I’m sure it offers some protection versus none.

One thing of note is, it’s very common in Asian countries with high density populations to see people wearing face masks as matter of course, when they have a cold or similar. It’s a bit more civilised than spraying your fellow commuters.

You do also have to protect your eyes as @Blindjustice mentioned.


We’re all operating with 2 big problems when it comes to information: what the Chinese authorities actually know at any time (being behind the curve), and then what the Chinese are willing to release at any given time. The current numbers are totally unbelievable, given all the evidence out of Wuhan.

Whats we need to know for sure is R0 and the mortality rate. And the demographic profile of whose most severely effected. It could be killing through secondary infections. Which may even normally be treatable but the Wuhan health system can’t cope with the influx of patients…

Events like this don’t help:



To be honest i would not extrapolate from any chinese data. Giving 95%ile confidence based on a theoretical 5% reporting rate is bs of the loest quality


I’d agree, but if you look at risk versus impact, it’s best to slightly overreact, than underreact. The measures the Chinese are taking are extraordinary. I guess we need a few more days to know the truth.


Some confirmation this goes back the end of last year (Dec 1st) as I suspected.


The impression I’m getting it they are a lot more calm than you might think. Maybe that’s a tactic.


The more I read I cant help but get the feeling this virus was already out of China longer than realised or can be tracked.

When we take into account the example of a boy. Wing positive but showing no symptoms, well all bets are off IMHO.



At a press conference by the State Council Information Office of China, they confirmed that there have been 2,057 cases of coronavirus globally. China’s national health minister Ma Xiaowei said that it is possible the pathogen causing the virus came from a wild animal, and that 1,600 medical professionals were being dispatched to Wuhan to help handle the rising number of cases.

Ma admitted that the virus’s ability to spread seemed to be getting stronger and that they were not clear about the risks of the virus mutating. The incubation period is between 1 and 14 days, he said, and said it was likely the number of cases would continue to rise.

China’s national health minister Ma Xiaowei said the new coronavirus is also infectious during incubation, which is different from Sars.

He said authorities’ knowledge of the new virus was limited and they are unclear on the risks posed by mutations of the virus.

The press conference ended with a promise to live up to “the expectations of the people” and to increase transparency. To that end, they said there would be a press conference every morning.

Surprising admission in bold above, which will need a hell of a lot more clarity and explanation, but would imply current screening procedures are wholly inadequate.


Just Posting this Comment from a Zerohedge comment section:
“It might actually be very good news if it’s highly infectious and tens of thousands of people have it, or more, and yet, the number of deaths is not so high. If, like some doctors are saying, 100,000 people might have it, and even if we add on loads of extra deaths, up to a 1000 even, then, that’s just 1% of people dying (I understand that maths needs tailoring). Most people will get over this, and many will be hardly affected. The old and infirm will be the most badly hit. Also, 1000s of people would have pneumonia and the flu at this time of year as well, which would cause an extra burden on the health system. If this has been going from the start of December, like some articles are now vouching for, then, that’s nearly 2 months. We have had super spreaders for many weeks also, by some accounts. We may just have got a burst of information all at once, that made it look like the apocalypse. If the numbers are spread out over almost 2 months, then, that’s not as bad as it at first comes across. Still bad mind you, just far from being as bad.”


Yeah, I said earlier that even if this generated a couple of million deaths, that would seem frightening. But it would be inconsequential against the current global population. Those kind of numbers would put it on the scale of the 1957 Flu Pandemic. And who ever remembers or talks about that?

I think the real story is the restrictions, travel bans, and increased surveillance that are ongoing, and how that’s going to impact on populations, daily life, travel patterns and economic activity. For example, could a government actually succeed in an attempt to lock down an entire country the size of China?


A relative survived the 1957 event after a long number of weeks in bed. She has hardly been sick since and is in great health in her 80’s.