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Death Reluctant

"Me!? Vaxxcine hesitant, nooooo… Death reluctant mate! High functioning death dodger here, life’s pursuit, risky but you know, we take our chances… "

Yo ho ho!


No No. The earlier Lancet study is still guiding policy

The Delta variant also increases the chances of people getting severely ill.
The current vaccines were produced based on the original virus and are generally less effective against the Delta variant.
Most studies put mRNA vaccine efficacy against Delta in the 64 to 88 per cent range - against the 95 per cent efficacy from the clinical trials.
This also means that more people are likely to suffer from serious illness and death if infected.
An article in The Lancet Infectious Diseases on a Public Health England study published on Aug 27 found that patients with the Delta variant had more than two times the risk of hospital admission compared with patients with an earlier Alpha variant.


The Delta scariant is the Indian variant which the Indians fixed with Ivermectin. So, what’s the problem again?


I sometimes wonder if it’s like the treated cold that lasts seven days or the untreated cold that lasts a week.
It depends more on who catches it, rather than the treatment.

We already know that the vast majority who got COVID had no medication at all and fully recovered.


Regardless the variant, study showing good protection from serious illness with vaccination


I’d even doubt that to be honest.

Also a lot of the sick “unvaccinated” are people who don’t care about their health at all, generally in every respect. They’re not “vaccine reluctants” really they’re “salad reluctants”, “sugar enthusiasts” etc


Thanks yeah that was covered in the perma lockdown thread over the weekend
Correlation causation etc
Re contracting think it’s becoming very clear that they are useless
Re passing it on - ditto
Re protection against serious illness that’s the open one - I can see that being eroded over the winter though, unless recatergorised as flu and other respiratory illnesses


No Spikes Bad

A masterclass in how propaganda is recycled as truth by political hacks. Yes, some people regret taking the shots. They really regret it. The ones who are dead. they are the real victims. They never got a chance to regret. Right To Regret Now! :fist:

A HSE board member has suggested refusing a COVID-19 vaccine is ‘selfish and arrogant’.

Fergus Finlay says people need to be aware of the consequences to themselves and others.

He told On The Record those who are unvaccinated cannot expect others to protect them.

"If you’re double vaccinated you can still get COVID, but you shouldn’t get too sick.

"If you’re not vaccinated, if you’ve chosen not to be vaccinated, you can still get COVID and you can end up in ICU or dead.

"And that’s something that people ought to get and understand.

"I just cannot understand the mentality of somebody who says ‘To hell with the vaccine, I’m not bothering me backside getting the vaccine’ - and expecting the rest of us to protect them.

"We don’t have a choice here - we have to try and get things going again.

“The level of frustration among people, and now unfortunately the level of risk that people are going to have to run to some extent.”

And he says the lifting of physical distancing requirements, from October 22nd, could hurt this further.

"Last winter, for example, almost nobody in Ireland got the flu because of social distancing, masking and so on.

“This year, because there’s less social distancing, more people are going to get the flu and are going to find themselves in hospital with serious flu complications.”

‘A difficult winter’

He says this could lead to less beds available for COVID-related illnesses.

"I think the probability is that we’re going to have a difficult winter.

"The HSE needs every ICU bed it has, and it probably needs more than the ICU beds it has - not for COVID but for flu complications, for heart complications, for strokes.

"And every ICU bed that’s occupied by a COVID patient is an ICU bed that is not available to somebody else.

“It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be difficult.”

He adds that procedures put on hold due to the pandemic will likely stay that way, due to the increased need for COVID beds.

"I think it is, in some ways, the height of selfishness and arrogance for anyone to think ‘I’m not getting a vaccine’.

"Every vaccine you take, you’re not putting yourself at risk, but you are potentially saving other people’s lives by being vaccinated.

"We can’t force people to be vaccinated, but the ideal here is kill the pandemic by getting everybody vaccinated.

“And until we do, we can’t get the health system back to struggling with normal”.

He was speaking as 6,871,433 vaccine doses have been administered here as of Thursday night.

More than 3.4 million people are now fully inoculated - or 87.8% of the population aged 16 and over.


We need a Constitutional amendment to gaunratee the Right to Reanimation to allow those who have pass the Right To Regret in solemn dignity Comrades! :fist:


“Investigational Vaccine”

Folks like like Fergus Finally better not listen to this Video, they might loose their Right To Regret :fist:

As good as a 30 minutes summary of everything covered since 2020, with the data on hand.

Imagine this Doc on RTE up against all of them. People would have never been convinced people to offer their bodies up for sacrifice, let alone their own children - Seeing a 20 increase in type of cancer, video is jam packed with info.

How much of Ireland will be viable post Winter 21/22.



“Trust Me I’m A Doctor”

Oh yea, but which one the freedom flavoured one or the medically minted one? :whistle:

In other news, we did our own study to fave reviews, the results are incredible:

"…Study Finds counter-propoganda non-establishment posts on forums are really cool, totally awesome and 100% truthfully accurate… "

“The data came in so hot it freed the spreadsheet, melted my PC…” - Dr. Cool

“Incredible, spellbinding… a masterclass” - NY Times"


Well I always take my health advice from a former Labour Party press officer and political hack. For someone with so little talent he has done rather well for himself, financially speaking, over the decades.


Yea, but does he have regrets. :thinking:


There is no other way to describe what the HSE is other than a MENACE to society.

Why protect The MENACE?

Unvaccinated agency nurses dropped by HSE

…In the email, Nurse On Call also told agency staff they would no longer pay unvaccinated agency staff already booked to work in public hospitals or health centres.

However, the agency has since dropped this policy, although vaccination of all new nurses on its books will be mandatory.

OOoohohoh they used the word MANDATORY.


There are permanent healthcare staff who are being redeployed if unvaccinated, healthcare students are coming under pressure with regard to being able to do placements.


OW - he still believes in germ/viruses theory. Covid and it’s variants. Controlled opposition.


The Lucyferian rullers are using their corporate minions to introduce the kill/modification shot.
Same as 2 World Wars when the humanity was murdering itself to progress with Albert Pike plans.
It must have something to do with the karmic consequences of unlawful killing, which they never do themselves.


The documents raise additional questions about the theory that the pandemic may have begun in a lab accident, an idea that Daszak has aggressively dismissed.


A leak from a lab, an accidental leak from a lab or one cow fart too many for the planet to handle, lo-and-behold it’s big-techno-track-n-trace-communism for all!

I’ve read comic books with more plausible plot line development. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. :man_facepalming:


Grady’s Previous video here > The Minds of Men

The Minds of Men

Oh thank goodness, the regular doses are perfectly perfectly safe safe!!