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From Oct, 2020

I have a anecdotal sense that a lot of the older cohorts (and possibly wider too) ran out and grabbed the flu shot in lieu of any other shots just too feel like they’d some protection, something, anything.


Singapore. 80% stabbing rate according to official sources.


Sweden banning travellers from Israel is rightly considered a Narrative Collapse


Isaiah 42:16

I will lead blind Israel down a new path, guiding them along an unfamiliar way. I will brighten the darkness before them and smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things; I will not forsake them.


I think the parallels of Covid vaccination with the Flu vaccine are being noted. While it seems to work in trials, in the real world the effectiveness is low

Although our estimate of 4.6% vaccine effectiveness against all-cause mortality during flu season may seem disappointing, it amounts to approximately 47% of a plausible target: the rise in mortality that would have occurred during flu season had none of the elderly been vaccinated.


Re: John the Baptist

Luke 1:16

And he shall convert many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God.

They’ve been outside the fold a long time.


Jim Stone eh, ya you didnt’ think he just disappeared, nope, still going strong with his inimitable take on things:

Do not believe Israel’s claims of being hit hard by Covid, the Vax, or anything else.

Israel and associated people are the ones censoring the media, censoring big tech, and running the Covid con job. Now Israel is saying their kids need to be vaxxed because the KIDS CAUSED COVID CASES TO EXPLODE. And it is a lie. How do I know? I know this because back in 2012 I pointed out that Israel had autism at a rate of 1 in 80,000 and linked to their own documents that proved it. I pointed out that they were therefore not giving their kids the same shots. And suddenly a few months later all those documents were flipped to 1 in 45 to “prove” they had the same problems everyone else has. Israel does not want it revealed that it is THEM and THEIRS that are maiming the world right now with this death shot. So the best way to cover up that fact is to say THEY are noticing things first and THEY are suffering the worst an THEY are doing everything the rest of the world “is supposed to do” at a rate and level that exceeds what anyone else is doing. And it is all a lie, I caught them with their pants down over autism and Covid is not going to be any different. Therefore the real news is: HEADS UP: Israel is fronting a lie right now that is going to be used to push jabbing the kids elsewhere. They cannot kill off or destroy the entire gene pool unless they get all the kids too, right down to birth, because they CANNOT run the covid con job for 10 more years, the world is waking up. THEY HAVE TO GET ALL OF THEM, NOW.

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Interesting perspective

The question of how we ended up with this miserable social construction of Covid, and not with some other more manageable social construction of Covid, is well worth pondering. The most obvious answer is simply this: Our disease bureaucrats, a bunch of socially promoted charlatans and degree connoisseurs who play scientists on television, got spooked by Sars2. They had a lot of credentials but no real ideas, and so they borrowed their public health response from China.
Before January 2020, lockdowns were totally foreign to the public health establishment. None of our governments or epidemiologists or disease-control agencies had ever before contemplated containing a pandemic by placing everybody under house arrest and freezing the better part of economic and social life. Lockdowns as a measure against Covid are, top to bottom, an invention not of a fabled “scientific consensus,” but of anonymous authoritarian Chinese bureaucrats whose motives and intent are largely opaque to us. Italian disease bureaucrats copied this measure from the Chinese bureaucrats, the rest of our disease bureaucrats copied from the Italians, and since then they have all continued the senseless copying of containment policies among themselves down to this very moment. If you are an incompetent pseudo-intellectual devoid of ideas, following others is your only option; and if you can get everyone else to follow in the same way, you might even escape blame.


Which bit of the 2010 lockstep document do people not get?

The system was built to react one way and one way only, as described in that quote, that is the mechanisms working as it was designed too.

In lockstep.

This is not actually hard to figure out when the perps tell you in advance. You just have to notice in time or as soon as you can. That’s the real challenge.


And in fairness that ‘50%’ is what JMC has been telling us here for over a year


:sick_20: or :popcorn:


Biden just declared war on those that refuse to get injected.


Interesting look at waning protectiveness of Pfizer vaccine in Quatar. The extent that (so-called) vaccination doesn’t stop you contracting the illness is pretty stunning. 13% !

Qatar experienced two large SARS-CoV-2 waves during 2021, the first characterized by a mixture of alpha and beta variants of concern, while the latter was dominated by the highly transmissible delta variant. The vaccine’s efficacy for several thousand individuals each infected with the alpha, beta, or delta variants as confirmed by genomic testing was also compared on a weekly basis. For example, 5-9 weeks following the second dose, the vaccine provided 82.2% protection against infection from the alpha variant, 52.7% from the beta, 72.0% from the delta, while at weeks 15-19, protection levels were 11.9%, 47.7%, and 13.0%, respectively.
The possibility of waning protection due to exposure to new variants of concern was also dismissed by the group, given the observed drop in effectiveness when tracking individuals infected with each specific strain.


He was downright sinister at times.
I knew the liberal elites hold “the deplorables” in contempt but they can’t be so far up their own holes that they think talking like that is going to persuade them now-can they? The lines have been drawn in the US-80 million is just too many for the cabal to overcome and Biden is a walking advertisement for AR-15 ammo.


When this approaches 100% in the Winter, it’ll be interesting to see the Covid numbers in hospital in say Jan compared to Jan 2020, etc.


What’s changed? "CARCRASH" - 97% HSE COVID Hospital Admissions have 1 or 2 shots


I compared the last two technical reports from England, Techical Report 20 & Technical Report 21. These are one of the few sources that split cases into vaccinated and unvaccinated, are reliable and cover a significant population (England).

To see how things have changed Between the 2nd of August and the 15th of Augusy (most recent data we have), the metric I used was emergency care visits (exclusion) in table 5 by vaccination status.

The first interesting observation is that there has been a significant percentage increase in visits. These figures are cumulative and have been recorded from February despite that there has been an increase of 65% in the vaccinated and 30% in the unvaccinated total increase in emergency visits over the two weeks from 2nd of August to the 15th of August 2021.

We have approximately 14.4 weeks of cases in the last two weeks for the vaccinated. (approximately 24 weeks since Feb 1st and 60% increase in emergency care visits in the last two weeks). The total increase in visits incl vaccinated and unvaccinated is 38% over this two week period.


Edit: it should be added that nearly 90% of adults have received at least one vaccination dose in early august. So these results will be skewed but the other factor to take into account is that I’m only comparing unvaccinated with fully vaccinated (14 days since their 2nd dose), so if the partially vaccinated are added this will affect the results.

Final conclusion is that there appears to be a fairly rapid increase in the potency of the virus currently circulating in the UK and vaccinations appear to have little effect against it (due to the rapid increase in the numbers requiring emergency visits in recent weeks). As it appears to be effecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated (although skewed towards the vaccinated) I’m reluctant to put it down entirely to waning of vaccine effectiveness. Possibly due to loosening restrictions too.


Governor Kristi Noem @govkristinoem

South Dakota will stand up to defend freedom.


see you in court.

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