Coronavirus 2020



80 million, hmmm awfully similar amount of Trump supporters/votes and similar to something else… :thinking:


“As I recently released the key parts of my pandemic preparedness plan so that America isn’t *caught flat-footed with a new pandemic comes again, as it will*. Next month I’m also going to release a plan in greater detail”.
Note the with a new pandemic comes again, as it will (freudian slip, possible) instead of, if a new pandemic comes again .
Maybe he is just a dopey bollix but then again he did not write that, all he had to do was read it.
In the speech never once did he use the word coronavirus and used the word virus only 4 times however he used the word plan 16 times.


He is a Strawman and this is one show of a hell… oO…hic! . :icon_beer:


They had a Federal Pandemic Plan. Published in 2006. It was based on a reasonable reading of the public health science. No mention of lockdowns. No mention of mask etc. It was completely ignored.

Bidens speech has gone down like a lead balloon. Even among the true believers. As the various public sector unions start gutting it. Now if Elders wins the recall election in California then it will get very interesting.

The Dems are so desperate they even have Obama campaigning for Newsom. Not that it will do them much good. Although the story was mostly suppressed elsewhere in the LA media the white woman wearing a monkey mask and trying to egg Elders got very wide coverage. So the only blacks likely to vote are those who will vote for Elders. Who grew up in a really tough are of LA. And despite the blacks voting for Dems at such a high rate most blacks are very socially conservative.


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Posted on twitter - a BioNtech investors brochure. So the current BNT162b1 & 2 vaccines are modRNA (pseudo-uracil instead of uracil). But apparently they also have a self-amplifying RNA version in pre-clinical trials…


FTW - No Access to Banking for the unclean? Nigerians Vs The Menace


Is this linked story below dealing with the same technical reports as you are looking at?


The Yanks can’t see the wood for the Trees

The current population of the United States of America is 333,310,170 as of Friday, September 10, 2021,


They used a more recent report on which to base this analysis, the headline is a bit sensationalist(tho accurate) but the article is very good.

They mention the technical reports I used, which concentrate on the sequenced delta cases, this report looks at all cases not just the sequenced ones.

Edit: I wish it was clearer what they mean by presented to emergency care, the technical reports I used broke this down to exclusion/inclusion.

Edit 2: what it does do is completely dismantle the argument that by vaccinating you are “protecting others” as they’re measuring a higher infection rate amongst the vaccinated in certain age groups.


No mass injection program would have equalled no show in 2021, no lockdowns, no tyranny, lots of living, being alive and happy, so sad.

Ok so let’s look at Japan.

“77 infected people in the vaccinated group killed 15 people, 850 people in the placebo group killed 14 people. When the” mortality rate "of infected people was calculated, 19% of the vaccinated group was in the placebo group. Is 1.6%, which means that if a vaccinated person becomes infected with corona, the chances of dying are unusually high. "

Thats a translated tweet pointing to a japanese yahoo story, can’t seem to get the story to translate:


Dr Wen again…


Whoever said it said it best when they said,

“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself”


Death by X

I was having a quick look at the yellow card stats and currently the latest reports indicate:

Adverse Reactions Fatal
Pfizer 314,700 524
AstraZeneca 820,923 1064
Moderna 47,977 16
X/unknown 3,244 28
Totals 1,186,844 1632



Well then maybe she should fuck off back to Shanghai…

As I said before her supposed back story stinks to high heaven. Her parents would not have been let out of China back then unless they had done a deal with or else worked for the CCP. “Political refugees” from China did not end up in Compton.

The other things that’s odd is that I know that the public schools in LA are shit but for someone who supposed was so bright she did an EEP progamme at the age of 13 she seems to know zero about the US Constitution. The right to free movement and unhindered interstate travel is a Constitutional Right no matter what some state Health Depts thought last year. Even during a health emergency. This is very basic knowledge of the US Constitution. The US is not Canada or Australia, where some jumped up bureaucrats can make up any old shit. As the legal challenges proved.

She should fuck off back to Communist China where she belongs. Although as she lives in the dangerous shithole called Baltimore maybe she deserves to stay were she is.


If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… then in the immortal words of Brendan Grace it’s an F’ing Duck!



I know. There are a whole bunch of very important constitutional law cases on the subject. Including the striking down of the Mann Act. This is very basic stuff. Ordinary Americans, at least the older ones, all know this stuff.


Biden has even lost Newsweek. A very strong anti vax mandate article.

Even the most Covidian of the California MSM has little enthusiasm for the subject. By this stage I get the impression that people dont care how incompetent or useless Kamala is everyone just wants Biden to go.

Lets see if they off him in a false flag in the next few weeks. The funniest black humor post I saw today was someone pointing out there was a very well timed sale for a certain hunting rifle…


Trust the “science”