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Their analysis of medical data suggests that boys aged 12 to 15, with no underlying medical conditions, are four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than ending up in hospital with Covid over a four-month period.


And that’s just after a few months of the permanent toxin flowing through their veins whereas covid19 is a once off event. If anyone has ever doubted the existence of evil- here it is in real time all around us. Children are being killed for profit and the entire establishment is actively encouraging it.


Children are being killed, mutilated, devalued & deferred…

Killed by the vaccines. Risk vs benefit does not justify giving them these.

Mutilated by transing pre-pubescents with hormone blockers, then top & bottom surgeries.

Devalued by earlier & earlier sexualisation via clothing & culture into objects & consumers.

Twenty & thirty somethings don’t have secure jobs, can’t afford housing, defer having children.

In retrospect, it’s been happening for a while & gradually escalating.


Does anybody really think Varadkar and co give a flying fuck about the Children.


My what a surprise I am so shocked I tell you this is so unexpected /s

26 out of 27 have ties to Wuhan…


"You see, the crimes here, are so massive, that the human mind cannot accept or comprehend the scale of the malfeasants and malevolence…”

According to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, “…For themselves and their families they are doing exactly what I have advocated. For example, I know the whole executive staff of Google are on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. I am aware of their doctor putting them on it.”

Craig Kelly: “That is like a preventative or a prophylactic”. – Dr. Zelenko: “Yea, so, they are taking it for prevention not to get COVID. THEY ARE NOT TAKING THE VACCINE! (the doctor chuckles). Ahhh, the White House, the CDC and the FDA, they are not mandating for their employees to be vaccinated. So the hypocrisy is there’s a double standard.

There’s the people that are in power that know the truth, that are doing it for themselves and their families, but for the rest of us mindless-sheep, they are advising to stay away from lifesaving measures. I am sorry, but the data is clear, dozens of studies have shown an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death if you treat this thing early within the first few days of symptoms. That means out of 600 thousand dead Americans for example, 510 thousand could have not even gone to the hospital. You see, the crimes here, are so massive, that the human mind cannot accept or comprehend the scale of the malfeasants and malevolence…”

Same was outed in 2020 with regards to US politicians using preventative measures as above.


I generally follow Australian news for pure comedy value these days - and it rarely fails to deliver. (Just in case you can’t read beyond the headlines - they’re talking about Lockdown due to five cases - involving one family!)

Queensland state, home to more than five million people, said it had detected five new infections in the past 24 hours after a family tested positive. Authorities said the next few days would be critical to see if a lockdown was warranted.



Zelenko. I hope I’m not repeating.


Can we keep this thread free of the slightly absurd stuff?


Like the virus? Like the injections? That kind of stuff?


Seems odd why it’s so clumsy over there. They locked down Canberra after one case

Could they not at least pretend and up the PCR cycle a bit further? Quite bizarre really.

A brief look at twitter yesterday - only reflective of a certain type of person perhaps but there was plenty of “We didn’t lock down early enough” tweets. Preemptive lockdowns needed!


Thats what happens when you put hospital administrators in charge of public health policy.

The CMO’s of Queensland and New South Wales are old biddies who spent their whole career as hospital / health services bureaucrats after they qualified as MD’s. The CMO of NSW is a media pretty boy named Brett who spent most of his whole career working for NGO’s or health services bureaucracies. The CMO of South Australia is a nephrologist (so an actual real life doctor) and the Navy guy who is CMO of Western Australia seems to have gone pretty much AWOL. As for the Northern Territories, who knows.

And that why Australia is now back to being a prison colony. Clive James said it best - ‘The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts but that so many are descended from prison officers.’

They government of Oz just like in NZ have no end game. Just piling on more and more hysterical authoritarianism. Hardly surprising when the Oz PM is only PM because his name is not Peter or Malcolm. No other reason.


Decertification Argentinian style :wink:

The numbers of the pandemic

In one day, active cases of coronavirus in Argentina fell from 189,980 to 43,779 due to an algorithm change

… What is the change? From now on, those cases uploaded to the system that have no notification of death > or discharge after 90 days will be considered recovered .

"A change was applied in the algorithm for classification of active / non-active cases in the SNVS, so that those cases that are not classified as deceased and in which more than 90 days have elapsed from the date of notification are classified as not active ", was the official explanation of the ministry.

By applying this criterion, the system “cleaned” this Thursday more than 146 thousand cases that had been uploaded to the national system by the provinces and then were not updated.


Have ye got the message.


The end game is vaccination. That’s for sure. For whatever reason or wherever pressure is coming from all western governments want - well demand - everyone, and that means everyone vaxxed.

I’m just intrigued they’re not even bothering to game the figures. It hasn’t proved that difficult elsewhere to inflate cases, up the PCR cycle, organise mass testing, Re test & double count the sick not to mention to straight out lie.

They’ve gone straight in with the terror.


Panic. They are in the Panic stage of their plan where Panic was not really part of the plan, ya know?


They actually are fluting with the figures but there are some figures they don’t want to talk about.

There were 2,349 deaths among nursing home residents with Covid-19 between March 2020 and May 2021. In almost 80 per cent of those cases, the residents who contracted the virus died in the nursing home


Officials will weigh up the risk of heart complications after vaccination