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UK too. Lots of links between Ireland & China of course (universities, proposed developments for Hong Kongers). Xi even studied here.


Most people were unjabbed until late spring / summer…


This is Ireland you’re talking about. I was referring to the insanely low figures in Australia.
However good point - surely they have had nursing home holocausts like elsewhere but they seem to be going off cases and locking down after single figure outbreaks aka PCR positive test.

The deaths in nursing homes were obviously caused by many factors - withdrawal of care and meds, stress and shock, despondency, DNRs and of course mass vaccination.


Spike protein effects cardiac cells… “This happened even when the protein was no-longer attached to the virus.”

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Covid-19 spike protein binds to and changes cells in the heart

28 August 2021 Jennifer Mitchell

Category: Research

The spike protein found on the surface of Covid-19 virus cells causes changes to cells in the small blood vessels of the heart, according to research we funded presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress.

Covid-19 virus

Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that the spike protein binds to cells called pericytes which line the small vessels of the heart. This binding triggers a cascade of changes which disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. This happened even when the protein was no-longer attached to the virus.

There is some previous evidence to suggest that the spike protein can remain in the blood stream after the virus has gone and travel far from the site of infection. In this study, researchers only studied pericytes from the small blood vessels within the heart. However, pericytes are found within small blood vessels all over the body, including in the brain and central nervous system. This latest finding may start to help explain the effect of the virus on organs away from the site of the Covid-19 infection.

Researchers took small vessel cells from the heart and exposed them to the spike protein. They found that the spike protein alone was enough to disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.

They then blocked the CD147 receptor and found that this prevented the spike protein from causing some of the changes to the cells. However, the inflammation continued. Now the researchers hope to find out if a drug blocking CD147 in humans can help to protect people from some of the complications arising from Covid-19.

Professor James Leiper, our Associate Medical Director, said:
“Covid-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge for the cardiovascular research community. There is still a lot that is unknown relating to how the virus can impact our health in the long term, but this research brings us one step closer to better understanding how Covid-19 affects the heart and circulatory system and may ultimately lead to new ways to protect the heart


Dedicated Dr. Zeleko thread here > Dr. Zelenko, Google Executives "prescribed HCQ and Ivermectin... not taking the vaccine"


Karen Kingston again updates:

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OW posted the link, it’s on web archive too.

But yes, always archive… stuff really is getting memory holed.


A per many posts by @jmc, a little flashback to the kind of broader outlook and type of coverage that existed from the beeb no less, October, 2020 pre-vaxdemic:

…“A vaccine could disrupt transmission, but it is unlikely we will find a vaccine that will completely stop transmission of the virus,” says Sharif. “Influenza vaccines are actually a good example: they do not do much to reduce transmission, but they reduce disease.”

… Since we first started treating people for Covid-19, the medical knowledge about therapy drugs has significantly moved forward even if it has rarely been covered in the news – something Sharif finds puzzling. Fewer people may be aware of the progress with immunotherapeutics could be because they are a bit less glamorous, he says. We can all picture a vaccine, we should all be able to remember having one. But if you were asked to picture an immunotherapy, could you summon an image?

“Sometimes we put on our blindfold and we say vaccines are the only saviour, but that is not the case,” says Sharif. “Vaccines can take 14 to 28 days and require multiple injections and exposures. Immunotherapeutics can work in minutes and hours.”

Archived link:

Turns out all you needed to do is terrorise the population 24/7, make illegal laws and infringe all their inalienable rights and imply you will never be free again irregardless of the legality, morality or ethics of such media driven regime paid-for campaigns.

Who knew! :man_shrugging:


Adam Brooks @EssexPR

“Ministers have now confirmed the infection fatality rate of COVID19 is 0.096%, comparable to flu “ >


3:08 PM · Sep 14, 2021



Thanks Diana


Interesting read about the resignation of the two FDA officials & the subsequent Lancet paper.


My guess is the BLA “approval” fraudulent press release was probably the last straw. What was interesting was the usual FDA safety committee review of the BLA for the German version of Pfizer vaccine was waived. Which means that the FDA wanted nothing to do with the BLA fraud. They know that the US version will never complete the 505(b)1 approval process successfully, for a start there is no valid control for any other published clinical trial data,and the adverse response event rates would normally have got initial clinical trials cancelled.

I’m currently looking into the medical malpractice case law as a way of taking out public health officials. Or at least scaring the shit out of them. Most have some form of medical degree so for those states that dont have Civil Grand Juries it gives one more legal avenue for going after these dangerous bastards.



I don’t think complaints to our medical council would do any good.

Could be wrong. Doubt it.

Also don’t know if our malpractice laws would hold up, Dr Gerry Waters was knocked off the register, confirmed by the high court, while Holohan got freedom of the city and an honorary FRCSI so that’s the side the judiciary / city are on.

The boosters are off label mind. Not sure where liability lies now, if HSE still covers that, if it lies on the prescribing / presiding doctor or the person giving the injection.


Zero probability of anything happening in Ireland. Thats guaranteed. Ireland is a people take zero responsibility for anything country.

I was thinking more of various US states. There is at least one nasty little shit in local government I was thinking of causing some problems for. For example any registered voter in a district can file a formal complain with the local Civil Grand Jury and as long as the complaint is coherent, has merit, as within the remit of the Civil Grand Jury they will investigate and they will publish a finding. And if enough evidence of wrong doing is shown, it will be handed off to a prosecutor. Its been quite a few decades since the Civil Grand Jury has been weaponized but I think its time to fire up the mother again. To take out some dangerously incompetent public health officials. As a warning for the future.

And then there is the medical malpractice angle. The case law for public health malpractice is thin at the moment but I am sure if you point enough professional malpractice liability lawyers in the right direction that will soon be fixed. In fact it would make a great class action suit. Absolutely perfect for the bottom feeders. And there are many thousands of those lawyers.


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Next Season - Think the new upgraded HSE IT system will be AI powered health service by the back door?


Tony dipping his toe into weather forecasting.

Conditions this winter may be more conducive to the spread of flu, with increased vulnerability possible as no flu occurred last year, Dr Holohan warned, though trends from the recent winter in the southern hemisphere were reassuring.