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Ernst Wolff - Uncovering the Corona Narrative - Aug 2021


Watch out for this story being pushed. They’re not giving any body shots so obesity can be decided on.


A truly bizarre story…there has to be much more to it than is being reported.

(Obesity was the first thing that occurred to me too.)

I presume inquests/autopsies will confirm actual cause of death? Perhaps not.


MMM. How can 39% of peeps fall out over injections if 90% of peeps are injected?


From the BBC news site

We’ve got a bit more now from Public Health England’s statistics on the Delta variant. Some 12,407 people were admitted to hospital in England up to 12 September who were either confirmed or likely to have the Delta variant of Covid-19, PHE says.
Of this number, 6,230 were under the age of 50 and 6,167 were aged 50 or over.
Of the 6,230 under 50, 4,517 (73%) were unvaccinated, 848 (14%) had received one dose of vaccine and 721 (12%) had received both doses.
Of the 6,167 aged 50 or over, 1,786 (29%) were unvaccinated, 435 (7%) had received one dose of vaccine and 3,913 (63%) had received both doses.

The limitations of the vaccination are becoming clearer.


% of pop unvaccinated who are over 50 would be interesting to give those figures some more context.


12,000 admitted up to 12 September, no start given in the headline data, could have been much earlier in the rollout when many were still unvaccinated.

Edit: the source data can be found here


No one is vaccinated but there is a universal evil dispensing a deadly poison first for the mind, then the body.


Just an anecdote - parent one side 93 in rural part, not fully vaccinated until end April - 93!


Only 50% of adults were fully vaccinated by start of July.


Things afoot. Peeps knowing the things.


This video from the meeting… talks about VAERS uptick and temporal relationship between vax & variants. I kid you not.




Video starts at relevant segment


It’s an open public hearing session.
The use of the term “admits” would seem to suggest someone (or the FDA) was hiding something. This isn’t the case, based on what is presented here in this hearing.

Here is the twitter account of that speaker.


Grabbed the video before it is tagged as “disinformation” by fact checkers…

Just clicked on the time line at random and landed on 01:39:25. That immunity graph, the cases per 1000, thats the standard roll off in cases of viral respiratory infection in the Q1 during the winter flu season. SARs CoV 2 has same epidemiological environmental profile as Influenza, so guess what, it will have the same kind of seasonality case profile.

Thats how bloody stupid the whole “COVID” hysteria is


Previously coronaviruses usually shared the same seasonality as flu.

Covid seems to as well. No reason why it wouldn’t but apparently it wasn’t /isn’t considered in models.


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Published on 25 November 2020