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It must be difficult being a genuine atheist in the middle of all this. I mean, trying to rationalise the whole thing in the absence the presence of absolute good and evil. What are “mass hysteria”, “an ideology taken hold”, “mass formation” but secular attempts at describing demonic possession?


Mick Clifford? Any relation to Max?


It’s the day when the psychopath has an injured hand from all the slapping. The psycho then blames the abuse victim for damaging it. “Now I have to use my hidden hand, see what you’ve done!?!”


Says a book written by a very typical Orthodox Jewish Atheist. I’ve known a couple of those. Talk about family issues. Almost as fucked up psychologically as the children of kibbutzim The whole male/female Jewish “neurosis” differences stuff is total bollocks. Could equally apply to the Greek or Armenian diaspora. Now Jewish mother in-laws, everything you heard. But there again so are Italian ones.

The vax rate in Israel is mostly due to the the country being on a war footing forever and having a very comprehensive biological warfare civil defense infrastructure. I knew people who still had the civilian ephedrine kits from 1991 years later. Just in case. And of course everyone in the IDF has the usual CBRN kit available. Which is pretty much everyone. Apart from the Ultra Orthodox…

So more like a very argumentative and opinionated South Korea or Taiwan than any other country.


So, wise @jmc refers to group trait of Lower Agreeableness among Jews. Unwise Sapolsky cites research of group trait of Higher Neuroticism, which is deemed total bollocks.


“It is believed Mr Pilcher had been double-jabbed against Covid.
Irish actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays wealthy heiress Penelope Featherstone in the TV series, shared the news of his death on Twitter and urged people to get the vaccine.”

They’re just saying it now, completely devoid of any critical/logical thinking.


Marc’s immune system has been battling hard since the 1980s. He had a good run !


Being argumentative or opinionated has nothing to do with “Agreeableness”. The former are an intellectual approach to social interaction whereas the latter is just a social nicety, a sign of social conformity, most common in peasant authoritarian cultures. If you have ever been in a room full of Israelis and a room full of Japanese trying to reach a decision you will see the difference.

You must have missed the rest of what I wrote. I have known people just like Sapolsky . Same background. He has issues. Known quite a few Israelis over the decades including a few that I can name drop with Israelis. And many Jewish people from a whole slew of countries. Lets just say its a culture I have been immersed in for many decades. What that guy wrote is total bollocks. In fact if applies to anyone I’d look at the Iranians. Now there is an interesting social dynamic. At least with the Farsi. No so much with Azaris, Kurds, Balochs etc who tend be more typical ME.

But anyway, whatever Sapolsky rabbits on about is not the reason for the current high vaccination rate in Israel. Its just history and infrastructure.



But yes it is accepted that Israeli society’s military infrastructure played a major role in their vaccination roll out campaign. But that doesn’t explain how and why they obtained all the vaccines to do the roll out and got compliance, which I maintain is greatly influenced by their neuroticism and exceptionalism.

The lack of an “argumentativeness” about taking the vaccine is interesting though. Maybe it’s a Shtetl thing. Everyone in the Shtetl complies.


There were some studies soon after epigenetics became a thing, examining whether they can encode for generational trauma. Of course, nurture could lead to the same, especially with a high proportion of a population having some links to that period of history, with reinforcement/rumination. Who knows…





Sweden’s public health authority has decided to halt Covid vaccinations with Moderna’s Spikevax for people born in 1991 or later, “out of caution,” according to a statement.


Old but in context with Moderna pause…

“Young sports people lead a very closeted life. And the richer and more successful they are, the more closeted they are, the more suspicion, perhaps, of mainstream media, to use that terrible phrase, there is amongst these people. They might get talking about conspiracy theories, or wild anti-vax theories that they would have seen on the internet. And it spreads in the dressing room in a way that it’s kind of maybe harder for us to understand, for those of us who work in a regular work environment.”

So how do you get through to them? "


Video got pulled by the borg from zootube here is alternative source:


Official Status: Ireland is in a "Good Place"


Interesting explanation from Kenny

“I was very happy to be [vaccinated] myself and encouraged staff and players. Of course it seems like the most sensible thing to do, and the safest with regard to our environment. There are a lot of myths and a lot of issues around virility that people are concerned about and other issues, you know,
“So for me to just come and decide that would be extremely radical. That would be a very strong and complex stand to take.”




Causing hierarchical problems for people.
Black > Criticism but Antivax < Criticism.
Need to weave in misinformation and historical oppression without mentioning Tsukegge.