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Here we go I even made it a thread back in 2020 The Great (Panic) Reset (Button) - Buckle Up for 2021! 🍿


We the populace are “the reset button”. So when they talk about “hitting the reset button”…


Imagine dying from an illness you’ve been “vaccinated” for. Imagine “struggling to breathe on your deathbed” from a vaccine adverse reaction to an illness that posed you no risk.


But none in Ireland according to the CSO. But fake numbers right ?

As I thought. Maybe you should cut back on the fruitcake.


See - the problem with slick sophistry is that it is entirely unconvincing to the independent minded. We trust actual science in that we question things. The conduct of this vaccination campaign has been almost entirely without merit. It has spread falsehoods, used coercion and threats and has resulted in enormous deaths.

Still to this day it is not posible to get treatment for this illness. There is simply no excuse for this. None.

I have serious asthma and have studied the issue at great length. I am in a high risk category but until there is longitudinal data I will not be taking this Vaxx. I know I will get Covid and I have many counter measures. If I die so be it. I have stopped breathing twice before. But I will live my life on my terms and not on your dictates.



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Spud stay at home. You can troll away from there.


Pro Vax Colin Powell Brown Bread.


Only 1% of those who died with Covid in Ireland were under 45 years of age.

One per cent.


IFR as estimated by Axfors & Ioannidis for various age groups, compared to some general life risks.

80% of the 118 most recent deaths were vaccinated. Median age of death is still over 80 btw, so the vulnerable have remained vulnerable, despite vaccination.

The vaccines are not as effective as originally claimed. Even de Gascun is admitting it, the CDC etc.


Even transmissibility reduction is transient, becoming equal to that of the unvaccinated by 12 weeks.


The real tragedy is that all we have been doing is arguing the data. ALL of the data. Signals have been evident since the Diamond Princess. Instead of endlessly doubling down on vaxx is the only way we have could have had over a year to pursue other avenues.

Still no large scale double blind trials of HCQ or Ivermectin or any of the many treatment protocols.

This is inexcusable ! How many have died as a result ? It is callus and inhuman.


However, I will not blame you Syberspud. I offer that you are trying to convince us of what you firmly believe will help us. I am content with my decisions. You seem agitated and upset. After all my decisions affect mostly me and not you at all. The unvaxx’d are spreading it meme is completely false and you know that. This is an endemic disease. Take some time to reflect on why you feel this way and you might start to consider other narratives.


This is some interesting detail I found about ANTIBODY testing.

Coronavirus Antibody Test – Travel Health Clinic

What makes this test more useful than the Abbott (nucleocapsid protein) test we used between May 2020 and late March 2021?
The Abbott test remains negative after vaccination and works only if you have had Covid infection.
The Roche spike protein test picks up evidence of vaccination as well as evidence of infection.


while battling Parkinson’s



I have talked with my GP. Look at my earlier posts. He has personally treated scores of patients with adverse reactions and he recommended that I did not take the Vaxx. At the same meeting he encouraged me to take the Flu vaxx and I will be doing that.

I understand being really unwell. I understand fighting to breathe. For 50 years.

Labellng people as being “really stupid” shows you are not open to discussing the nuance of the argument. I mean that objectively - I am not trying to disparage you.

The vaxx is not demonstrably safe. That is a false statement on two levels.

  1. The harms from the mRNA vaccines far outnumber harms from all other vaccines combined.

Do you deny that ?

Now there is an argument that this is a balance between risks. We could debate that. There is an argument on how data is collected. We could debate that too.

  1. Latitudinally the vaxx has caused some harms but has been successfully given to hundreds of millions. I can agree with that. But Latitudinal data is not the same as longitudinal data - breadth in administration is not length in time. Have you swapped a short term immnuity from Covid for a much higher risk exposure to a cancer or other disease? Can you see that your perspective on this is laser focused on just one dimension of the problem? A proper Risk Assessment would have a much wider remit.

Sadly we know that humans don’t really care for other humans they don’t know. I might feel sad for a starving child in Yemen and send on some cash to UNESCO but that’s about it. Why are you so energised by this ? You don’t know me. Do the daily entries in upset you ? I bet not.

What is the source of your anxiety ?


The poor kid had terminal cancer with weeks to live. He tested positive two days before he died. Bingo - a “covid” death.


Here is a tweet with a video by an editor of the BMJ, noting that all vaccine producers are apparently refusing to fully share data until the clinical trials are completed (NB the trials are not yet completed).

His editorials & opinion pieces in BMJ are well worth reading. Including this one:


5G? Is that a thing?

Stay at home twice so. Twice.

The world will be fine without you. Guaranteed.


I accept nothing whatsoever without reservation. So stop projecting.

I’ve posted a link to an figure of authority (seeing as you seem to like things when said by figures of authority) who is pointing out that the trial data are not fully transparent.

You said in another post that the opinion of Connect4’s GP is a minority one. It is one with support from many scientists, doctors etc. but it does not fit the narrative, and so is not reported & those that dissent are ridiculed & deplatformed.

I’ve read the published interim trial reports, read & watched ACIP presentations, read multiple other peer-reviewed papers. But if you think peer-review & scientific publishing/grants are unbiased or non-political in this day & age then you are very naive.


If your GP said that he or she is expressing an extreme minority view. The adverse reactions and there probabilities are given in the clinical trial data. Most of them are extremely mild and transient. Not comparable at all to the kind of damage covid does.

We cannot have a conversation if you just repeat your talking points and don’t engage with the points raised. Now that would be a hallmark for a troll but I won’t accuse you of that.

My doctor’s viewpoint is not an extreme minority one. Many doctors in Ireland have expressed their disquiet with the vaccines. But they have nearly all been silenced or dismissed. So most Doctors are hiding. This is an astonishing authoritarian thing to have happened. One of the lead inventors of mRNA technology has been vilified across the world. This is not normal. Suppression of dissenting voices is not healthy for public health or democracy.

Relying on the data provided by the manufacturers of the product is not a good strategy from two perspectives :slight_smile:

  1. Bias
  2. Real world data is far more extensive - why restrict to a set that may be compromised. Do you really think that is appropriate ?

The known side effects to date are mainly mild and transient. But you ignore that the long term impacts which are unknown. Marie Curie found x-rays to be wonderful until she died from over exposure. You also do not recognise that some of the adverse reactions are very severe and include death. Why did you ignore them ? The purpose of argument is to achieve agreement not to maintain a dogma. You then over exaggerate the symptons of Covid - most people don’t experience anything, especially children. The disease is predominantly dangerous for the elderly and those already seriously ill incl. being overweight. You do know that you are much more likely to die from a cancer, heart disease etc.

Please reflect on the balance of your argument. I’m ready to consider what you say but you need to put forward more considered statements.


Yeah sure bud. Nurses are traditionally “vaccine hesitant”

UPTAKE OF THE flu vaccination among hospital workers has increased in recent months following a campaign launched by the HSE, but the rate for nurses remains low at just over 32%.