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Sadly Syberspud hasn’t come back to talk. Polarisation is now being whipped into a fenzy. It will peak sometime in January and God knows what will be done then. Both the media and politicos are losing control of how this is developing - Pandora’s box is wide open. Violence looks inevitable. For people like us the country will become unlivable. I posted some time ago about safe havens. Sweden now looks to be the one to go for and my family is scoping the property market and doing early planning to move. The red line will be some move to sack me, remove my child from school or some other bad thing e.g. 5km restrictions etc. At that stage the Australian solution will be the next step and you won’t be able to get out. So when the next stage kicks in - move, and move fast.

So I leave a little thought experiment. When all of the un vaxx’d go and when you have forcibly injected the remainder what will you do when the jabs lose efficiency, when the vaxx’d start to die from vaccine overexposure, when the death rates continues to rise and the lockdowns are not lifted. When you still need a passport to live your life and suddenly it expands to more areas of living.

You will tear each other apart by doubling down. More fear - more restrictions - must find some group to blame. This is human psychology. Great forces have been unleashed - welcome to the fourth turning.



But its also possible for apathy to set in, I was in a pub last weekend and nobody checked me for proof of vaccination, and I didn’t see them check anyone else either. once they start rolling out booster shots for everyone hopefully the penny will drop with more people, I don’t see the majority signing up for multiple jabs a year, but who knows


More on the surge in Excess deaths


R0-D2 has landed in Waterfprd


Yep I kid you not. This scam should be well over.

THU, 23 SEP, 2021 - 06:30
A staggering 99.7% of over-18s in Waterford have been vaccinated against Covid-19, making it the most vaccinated county in Munster.

FRI, 15 OCT, 2021 - 20:30

Waterford now has the highest rate of Covid infections in Munster, as the national rate also continues to rise.


Put this another way…

The country with the highest vaccination rate - has the highest case rate.

The county with the highest vaccination rate within that country with the highest vaccination rate - has the highest case rate.

Nothing to see here…


There is no reason 20 months in to this for ANYONE to end up in ICU because of Covid.
It happens because they do not give any early treatment. That in itself is scandalous with the billions spent “fighting” the various.

Never mind some basic basic stuff: vitamin C, D, exercise, fresh air, friends but no we’re offered isolation, stress, fear and of course the you know what…free donuts if you get the you know what too… Just make sure you come back for more!


With the destruction of the control groups (deliberately done in the Vax trials and slowly done in society’s dwindling unvaxxed minority) we will have difficulty showing that for non-covid illness the vaccinated will be a disproportionately attending hospitals and ICUs compared to the healthy unvaccinated. Of course there are many unvaccinated people who are not “anti-vax” they’re pro-cake and their vaccine status is just another sign of their general unwillingness to do anything.


Ahhh yes , the gullible. My posts really do work wonders against the state injection propaganda machine. Thanks for recognizing this. My posts truly are the best kind of posts.

The free kind.

Staying at home is free also. So very free.


When we take blood samples from people with obesity, we can see that the immune cells that normally protect us from viruses and cancer are exhausted in people with obesity,” she explains

"From our research we can see that obesity exhausts or ages the immune system, and we know that older people also have a reduced immune system,” says Professor Lynch



Yeah, something that many of us have been aware of for a long time, but was never sure of why.
But it reinforces my opinion that vaccination for the entire population is completely wrong, however, for those who are at risk of serious illness or death from COVID then they should be given the vaccine.
As someone who has recovered from COVID, I’m living proof that it is not necessary for the entire population to be vaccinated.

The worst part of this is that the vaccine’s effectiveness wanes far more rapidly than the natural immunity gained from fighting the virus. But our so call “recovery certs” have an expiry date, while the vaccinated do not, but the natural immunity will still be active long after the vaccine has become ineffective.

Another point to consider is just how many people have had a proven double infection?


Government message on reopening: we’ll have to figure it out as we go (

Decent article from the Irish Times that just about sums up the whole car crash…

Government message on reopening: we’ll have to figure it out as we go

Pat Leahy
With the cautious lifting of restrictions at a time when cases are galloping, the outlines of what “living with Covid” will mean are becoming clear. Tuesday’s announcement that Friday’s reopening would go ahead, but with terms and conditions, signalled two things: firstly, this is going to be a make-it-up-as-they-go-along operation; secondly, living with Covid is going to mean living with substantial amounts of Covid for the foreseeable future.

The press conference at Government Buildings was the first sign. When the inevitable questions arrived, the three Coalition leaders acknowledged them, but answers there were few. To some of the questions about how the next phase of reopening would work, given the continuing restrictions in some areas, they more or less shrugged: sure we were wondering that ourselves.

This is very different to similar events in the past. Previously when the Government was announcing either reopening or restrictions, the three leaders would seek to be prepared for every question. They had a worked-out plan and they wanted to share it. How will it work? Here’s how it will work. When will that happen? This is when that will happen.

This time, however, it’s different. The message is: we’ll have to figure it out as we go along. “Anomalies” was the word of the day. An anomaly is when you can go to the bar in a nightclub, but not in a pub. And it’s far from the only one.

That is not very satisfactory if you are looking forward to opening your nightclub in two days’ time, or even attending it. Hospitality business owners have been asking questions since Tuesday.

They will get some of – but not all – the answers they are looking for when industry representatives meet Government officials on Wednesday.

“Look, there will be differences between sectors, that’s inevitable,” said one person involved in the discussions in Government. “None of this is black and white.”


The decision to reopen nightclubs was taken in the knowledge that an extension of the nightclub lockdown would see many venues in the sector go out of business permanently. In other words, the Government weighed up the economic effects of continuing with the restrictions and decided that a potential increase in Covid cases was an acceptable price to pay for avoiding them. Nphet and Dr Tony Holohan explicitly considered the option of continuing the restrictions but were unable to say that things would be any different in a few weeks. The industry made it clear to Government that not opening now could mean not opening at all.

The Government does not spell this out explicitly, but insiders accept that this is the trade-off at the heart of living with Covid. They accept that living with Covid will mean living with lots of Covid – that the numbers of cases will continue to rise for a few weeks, that hospitalisations will climb for another month or so, and that the ICU numbers will get, perhaps, dangerously close to capacity.

All that implies something else that nobody talks about in Government: deaths from Covid will rise in the coming weeks. If living with Covid involves an acceptable level of the disease in the community, then it also involves a level of deaths that people are willing to accept in order to avoid reimposing restrictions and lockdowns.

What is that level of deaths? That is a question nobody has yet really approached, inside or outside Government. In the last week it was 63, and that has not caused a public or political outcry. But the numbers are likely to rise in the coming weeks. So is it 50 a week? 100? The question will not be avoidable forever. The management of Covid has entered a new and uncharted phase.


CSO published the final report for 2020 a few months ago.

Not much of an increase on 2019, despite the fact that this was a novel coronavirus, and that they can have a significant mortality in the frail elderly. Median age of death with Covid has remained over 80 throughout the last 18 months and 40% of our deaths were in nursing homes, This is a nasty infection for the elderly, but this is not raging pandemic level of mortality that justifies the lockdowns and other measure being imposed, let alone vaccine mandates with novel mRNA or viral vector vaccines for the entire population.


Screen Shot.


I’d be surprised if it’s true, look at table 3 in this, there simply aren’t the numbers. That’s total people going to hospital, not those ending up in ICU.

The chances of an unvaccinated ending up in the hospital with covid in their thirties is 10 in 100k, that’s just going to hospital overnight not ending up in ICU. I’m assuming the majority of those are probably not overly healthy either,


What’s the time frame… Dozens over a day, a month, a year, since the start of the pandemic?


Exactly all very vague, especially as there were only 293 overnight hospital admissions in the last 3 weeks in the unvaccinated aged in their thirties in the whole of England, the vast majority of whom probably went home the next day.

Looking at that data for covid cases, I think we can also make the argument that covid is increasingly a problem of the vaccinated as they all show higher rates of covid infection compared to the unvaccinated. (ADE? I hope not… seeing as pretty much everyone I know has gotten vaccinated) In previous report this anomaly was confined to a few age groups but now appears across all ages over 30.


So for infection, hospitalisation and mortality, it’s “low confidence, little evidence and results are inconclusive” re Delta variant. Have I missed something?


Spud, genuinely you’d view the Ph.D lot in society as loons, folk who need to talk to their GPs?

Hesitancy held constant in the most educated group (those with a Ph.D.); by May Ph.D.’s were the most hesitant group .

Researchers Identify Groups Hesitant About COVID-19 Vaccine


I’ve no interest in taking an experimental mRNA “vaccine” for something that has a tiny statistical probability of putting me in hospital. Unfortunately that data is the best we can work with at the moment, it doesn’t declare comorbidities etc but due to the proven link that Covid affects the overweight and people suffering from existing conditions I think it’s a fair assumption, even despite this the probability of a hospital visit is negligible. If you take an average sample of the population in my age group I’m probably top 25% health wise with no major risk factors.

If taking the vaccine is the right decision for you that’s fine, just don’t try to force it on the rest of us.