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We’re Irish. It’s the Irish restrictions that effect us. The Irish healthcare service dealing with these cases & with our friends/family if we get sick. This is an Irish site. I used Ireland.

But by all means, let’s look at our nearest neighbour, the UK. Given the northern border & constant travel between the islands, probably the next best country to look at. The numbers are infections per 100,000. Notice anything?



You’ve got me, I don’t see it either. I took the quote above from poster who entered it here some while ago (so perhaps that poster if they can recall can point to it, as it may be in supplemental information). Following useful?

“Hesitancy held constant in the group of individuals who have obtained higher levels of education.”


The pre-print & the final paper were different. The original paper showed the vaccine hesitancy among PhDs. It got rewritten to clump the graduate/university groups together so that the difference got lost.


Thanks Diana


You’ve made your decision to get vaccinated and that’s fine. You have to justify it at least to yourself.

I’ve looked at the data and read the literature, I’ve come to a different conclusion. I don’t trust that ICU doc, I don’t consider doctors to be paragons of virtue and truth, they’ll easily exaggerate a bit or spin things a certain way if they think it reflects well on them or they’re doing the “right thing”.

Im aware of what the vaccine does and doesn’t do. It doesn’t “change your dna”, it invades your cells, high jacking their machinery to produce spike proteins, that your immune system fights. There are multiple issues with this

  1. Instead of natural immunity that tends to target multiple parts of the virus, the immune system is trained to attack only the spike. This obviously leaves it highly vulnerable to mutation of the spike especially under the evolutionary pressure the vaccinated are causing. There is basically a huge reward if the virus mutates around this spike specific immunisation.

  2. ADE is a real possibility as the virus can adapt in such a way that it tricks the body into thinking it has mounted an effective immune response to the virus by producing spike targeting antibodies but due to the virus mutation these are not effective however the immune system doesn’t realise this and continues producing these useless antibodies hence ADE.

  3. I have a lot of experience with complex system engineering and my engineering intuition is screaming that attempting to “hack” the body’s immune response (which is poorly understood) in this way can lead to multiple unknowable outcomes none of them likely good.

In addition to all this I am basically at negligible risk of the covid virus in fact I’ve probably caught it and not even realised it.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Original paper is archived here



I didn’t even bother taking about the death rate for unvaccinated in their thirties it’s 1 in 100k, (compared to 0.2 for vaccinated) completely irrelevant.


At this stage I’m done explaining anything more to you & genuinely wonder why you’re here. You’ve made your positions very clear, you keep calling us flat earthers & that presented data is cherrypicked or conspiracy theorist, and do personal attacks.

Again if you do believe the vaccines work why are you so concerned? If you do believe the government is acting responsibly and sensibly, why are you concerned over ICU beds & capacity? The government hasn’t increased our ICU beds (which are below the average EU number if beds). Do you think that is responsible or sensible of them? Or that they know best in both not increasing hospital capacity in the past 18 months? Do you trust that decision as much as their other ones?


The hospitalisations and deaths are ‘with’ covid and that with almost all of them we’re looking at multimorbidity.


Exactly, they’re not 100% clear in this regard. Previously they used to separate them into two groups one of which had a Covid test after admission as this helped clarify a bit whether it was with or from covid (they’d give you a test if you had covid symptoms) but they’ve removed that now for some reason. The data is basically worthless as a result. The only even slightly non ambiguous data is the covid cases as this is black and white, which shows that you’re more likely to contract covid if you’re vaccinated… which is an indicator of ADE.


Most long Covid studies are self-reported symptoms of self-selecting people too. So never quote those ones here then.

People referenced & mentioned the paper, confused about what it’s results did/did not say. Then I explained the rewriting & confusion & posted the original version. You didn’t mention these concerns about it earlier.


Stop appeals to emotion. Or have you not realised that not only do they not work here, they undermine your points and are detrimental to whatever your purpose is in being here. Also avoid other logical fallacies - posters here have no time for them.


I think it is more to do with the discrimination being aimed at the unvaccinated, “no jab no job” for example, nothing to do with stats, it’s to retain their standard of living that will be taken away if they don’t get jabbed.


Niece, 18 in Uni, tested positive last last year for being suspected of having Covid, took jab so as to not to be an outcast in her year. Real life.


More RTE news on “breakthrough” infections.

He said there are staffing problems due to breakthrough Covid-19 infections among vaccinated healthcare workers, which showed that immunity is waning.

There are NO figures for repeat infections anywhere.


Don’t you realise also that re vaccination of her age group that the risks outweigh the benefits? Even HSE/NIAC (can’t remeber which one) made that clear. Wrong to get vaccinated at that age if not obese, immunocompromised, etc.


More to many things eh spud. Much more.

Stay at home. Safely.


For balance/info, also in that report : “Prof O’Reilly also said he is seeing a “surprising” proportion of patients who are not vaccinated and said there needs to be a “targeted campaign” to find out the concerns of the unvaccinated and groups that are marginalised.”


Hi No But like everything from the HSE press releases there are no stats or limited cherry picked stats.

According to hse stats there were 271 deaths from April to 18th of September

Broken down
Unvaccinated: 145
One dose: 126
Fully vaccinated: 84

From April to 9th of October 369 deaths
Unvaccinated: 169
One dose: 200
Fully vaccinated: 155

Difference from September 18 to October 9th (three weeks)
Unvaccinated: 24
One dose: 74
Fully vaccinated: 71

These are all HSE stats, median age is 82 fwiw in breakthrough infections. Latest report is here,

I had to get the older report from wayback machine. I’d like to see a breakdown by age in the unvaccinated. The dataset we get are always pitiful.