Coronavirus 2020



This data highlights the massaging of information to provide the desired results, all sides are doing this.

But the trend is clear when you filter out the older data, fully vaccinated people are dying with COVID in ever increasing numbers relative to unvaccinated. there are probably similar figures for ICU cases.


"When asked if he would invite an unvaccinated person to his home for Christmas dinner, Dr Holohan said that unvaccinated people posed an increased risk of catching and transmitting the virus and the opportunity was still there to be vaccinated. “It’s important to protect yourself and those you love.”

Of course nothing to say about the vaccinated contracting it (to be precise - suspected of having it) more than the unvaccinated.


Someone really needs to ask him about all the “recovery certs” that are about to expire.
As we know of virtually no cases of reinfection, but plenty of “breakthrough” cases.
So, why does the vaccination cert have no expiry date?


Yet. Look at Israel.


How it started
April 2021 “tiny”

How it’s going
October 2021

In the 60-plus age group in the week ending October 15 there were 275 Covid hospital admissions in fullyvaccinated people compared to 29 for the unvaccinated

There’s something for everyone’s point of view in the Scottish figures, but, from a hospital capacity perspective the phrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is going the same way “tiny number of hospitalized vaccinated” has.

I’m concerned. My hunch on vaxxing is that if you’re over 60, overweight or so neurotic you wear a mask outdoors then it’s probably worth it. I don’t like that I was wrong !


Here’s an interesting substack author he delves a bit more deeply into the English vaccine surveillance report I linked above and compares it with the Scottish version.




Case rates now higher among the vaccinated in most age groups. Whether the vaccinations reduce disease severity or not, these case rates make a mockery of the Covid passports/IDs.


Holy cow. So per hundred thousand, rates of Covid infection are higher for vaccinated 30 to 39 year olds and are twice as high for the vaccinated at every decade after that up to 79 years.

Who has the best explanation for that ?

This is no joke - vaccinated people are the ones who should be refused entry into premises.

I thought that they were still sticking to the line that vaccination reduced transmission ?

Edit - I suppose this tallies with what’s happening in Waterford.


What it really means that discriminating against unvaccinated or immunised(recovered from COVID) people is pointless as well as immoral.

The current strategy will simply drag the pandemic out for another year or more.

In reality, there are only two options from what I can see.

Plan for the worst and just open everything up and pickup the pieces, with nightingale hospitals to cover the surge in cases and let herd immunity snuff it out.

Or go full Chinese style lockdown, no movement at all between communities and isolation for all contacts.

Both would eradicate the virus in a fairly short time, and both are political suicide.


No. You’re thinking like an ANZAC politician. We do not have the social cohesion to do anything like China or Singapore or Taiwan. Our levels of migration have created parallel societies, as well as an expectation from visa holders and employers that movement is allowed, and the whole NGO asylum lobby. Even at the height of COVID we had Moldovan prospective mother’s in law fleeing to their daughters’ Irish fiancee’ gaff, and unfortunate Moldovan e-scooter delivery guys dying on their way home from delivering takeaways in Meath.

The only solution is liberty. But we are being ruled like colonial peasants.


If this isn’t a get-out-of-jail card for every hospitality business in town, I don’t know what is. (In bold below from Indo article) The lawyers must be all over this…

Adults will be required to show digital Covid certificates and identification to gain entry to a restaurant, pub, nightclub or café. However, if a person is known to the business they may not be required to show identification.


I take that as meaning that if Jimmy shows his cert once he’s grand. We all know Jimmy. The Free State is in a malevolent humour and is not offering get-outs on this.


To a certain degree it’s irrelevant as the vast majority are vaxxed. There’d be a good lot of health food store / yoga people in the rump of filthy untouchables and a fair few of us middle aged cranks but doubt that cohort are hitting coppers this evening. Knowing many in this business they were among the first to wearily roll up the sleeve to get back to normal.

They’ll police it the same way as ID, some bouncers will love turning people away, some won’t care or will depend on their mood (or the hotness of the female). But it’s going to be policed. If your names not down you’re not coming in…


This was top story earlier, but seems to have dropped down very quickly …seems very high if health workers are vaccinated to the same or a higher level than the general population…


WAR . It’s a war.


Yes, which is why I said it would be political suicide to do either.
So we’re just going on with the useless restrictions & vaccinations until the virus eventually mutates to something less lethal than flu or they simply have a king Knut moment and abandon all the restrictions & stop the vaccination programme.
Then try to bury their failure behind a new green or other high visibility policy, in the hope that it will be forgotten by the next election.


First flu case in over a year!

Winter ‘flu arrives in Ireland as first known case in more than a year is confirmed -


Rise in numbers getting vaccinated. Maybe even a surge.

Need for Covid pass to get into nightclubs, restaurants and pubs ‘behind rise in vaccination demand’ -

The HSE said yesterday that 92.4pc of adults were fully vaccinated. In the population over 12, the vaccination level is 89.9pc.


14 March :roll_eyes: