Coronavirus 2020



Some interesting stats from the UK

What is most noticeable is that the vaccines effectiveness wanes quite rapidly after a few weeks and that having a previous infection is showing up as more effective than vaccines except for a short period in the three months after the second injection.

I cannot see in the figures, how many (what percentage) have been infected symptomatic more than once.


Looking at the total inversion of expectations camping today and the last 72 hours or so. It’s intersting to note.

The Regime continue to demonstrate and show their puppet allegiance to the Menace big time!

Looking back over the period 01 Jul 2020 - 10th Oct,2020 versus same period period 2021, here is how the testing regimes suspects cases stack up.

Cases Tests (PCR)
2021 156285 2.384M
2020 16446 0.889M


Also note the end date, so does this mean that if the two data points were later that the conclusion would be different?


Do we know if they fiddle the cycles on the injected vs the injected samples to keep the numbers down in the injected cohort so no one spots the poisoning and they can claim success, like they do in the US?

The whole show rests on the bogus PCR testing regime since day one.

If there was no testing outside of patients admitted to medical clinics or hospitals, they would not have gotten this far. This is all there really is to know. The original lies. That spawned endless lies.

Thou shalt not bare false witness.

Anyone notice how there is zero talk of “regligious exemptions”, ever in the media apart from maybe the US were they have it enshrined in law and is an established feature of life.

Maybe I missed the rigours debate around such issues.


Ivor Cummins posted an interesting screenshot sent to him from SVUH yesterday…


… but but but nice Mr. Reid said he didn’t want to to happen yesterday! Oh NOZE who could have seen any of this coming imagine! :sob:


The poisoned who are not dead, are inevitably falling into hospital at an increasing rate since July (clots to beat the band). This is a known thing. HSE staff who can see, know what is going on. Have known for months.

I wonder how they managed to watch the daily news and not puke.

The very carefully curated and crafted media bubble that represents the entirety of the output of the regimes bought and paid for msm is powerful in one sense, like hot air can rise a ballon, but you only need to stop looking up and look around, to see what is actually going on.


The more I see the September dip expressing in various data charts, the more it is looking like it signifies a respite from injection injuries, if you can account for the lag, you may find it matches with the point of most resistance to taking any more of the injected poison, and the uptake numbers fell off a clif.

Not sure what the lag is exactly yet, but if it is, it could signify an end to the vital “vaccine injury” wave, meaning the current uptick is more likely to be the possibly even worse case scenario of ADE bad time blues surge admixed with the typical seasonal surge.

A tsunami can have 2/3 waves.


More staff absent from hospital due to covid than patients in hospitial due to covid.
In shock I am, actually no.


If the media exclusive of the regime had being reporting the surge in cases since July, do you think they woudl be getting away with they meta-revisioning in the msm this week?

Doubt it but then again, always willing to be surprised.


They were given the injectable poison first. The data on that alone as a group would be most profound don’t ya think?

Frontline guinea pigs, but if you want ot win the WAR, you need to hit the troops in the trenches hard right, kill em all no? Gas 'em what ever it takes but do it right! C’mon man, someone has to win! :man_shrugging:


Fixed yer screenshot! - Easier to comprehend for dopes like me.

In short, this looks more like some lethal mood enhancer, like some class A drugs.

Many people don’t realise that “boosters” in respect to the more traditional magical vaccines, like measles, have iirc been shown to be useless within 6 months for a potentially a double digit cohort of recipients, and then over a longer period of time it keeps on dropping off for the rest.

Natural immunity to measles is life long (money can not buy that) and transfers during a neo-natal period of approx 6 months (a period were vaccines fear to thread because they kill new borns) which money can also not buy.

In the case of the black magical here, every time you take one of these new black magical shots, you donate your body to dark-technocratic-political-science ritual and nothing more, and since science is the blinding weapon of choice in this war, well, figure it out…

When the dust settles I can see Pharma being gone as we know it and the corporate driven culture of vaccines being gone and something else will happen. Something very most excellently good. It’s all to play for, though the reasons such an outcome may occur are not exclusive to one agenda, it would be more than welcome surely if it was the more most excellent reasons vs not the terminal catastrophic reasons.


Absolutely right OW. They will be gone with their victims of perpetual vaccinations. The naturopathy and herbalists will come back.
Another group to be dismantled is the “science” and “education”. No need for brainwashing and indoctrination.
And of course the Presstitutes.
All in all the NWO might not be a bad thing.


They could of course just be taking full advantage of the ludicrous testing and tracing system and enjoying the paid time off. See a cheap deal for a week in the sun in the window of a travel agent but aren’t allowed to take leave? Jam that stick up my nose baby!


Effective! Please look at the data from a UK government website that I screenshot a few posts ago and come back to us.
they’re not all that safe either.


Cyber Potato. The XIX century idea of injecting some unknown substance into human’s bloodstream with elimination of all the barriers and filtrations is beyond comprehension. Claiming it benefits the victim is pure insanity.

Your claim that the “COVID” is 10 times more deadlier than the flu is based on screwed statistics, more like a scam, build on PCR tests, which inventor conveniently died just before the shot show started. Kary Mullins was his name.

Feeding the statistical machine with bullshit gives shit of gargantuan proportions. Here we are in it. Nearly 2 years.


Interesting article today about this potentially showing indicators that the long term immune response is modified as a result of these vaccines.



The focus on the unvaccinated especially as vaccine effectiveness is waning and everyone will have low levels of immunisation after 6 months or so, is truly bizarre.

They are upending the entire hospitality industry asking them to do all these additional checks to try and deny access to a tiny minority of people.

It makes no sense at all.

The statistics are relentless however

Today’s infection numbers are 82% higher than a month ago, when 1,432 new cases were recorded on 22 September.

Meanwhile the number of people with Covid-19 in hospital has risen by 68% during the same time period, from 272 to 457 with 63 in ICU on 22 September compared to 90 today, a 42% increase.

So they’re probably all panicking


They’re reading the Pin. This is exactly lifted from someone’s post @Diana I think ?

The HPSA - Health Protection people are practiced at releasing propagandist reports which obfuscate the true situation.

The truth about vaccinated over 40s in the UK being twice as likely to have covid right now than unvaccinated (thus blowing the Vax passport rationale apart as @Diana said) can only be hid for a short period by doing lookbacks to periods from March to October. I assume you’ll see a quiet acknowledgement by this day week.

In fact that’s probably what Varadkar is setting up the narrative today ‘New resistrictions sadly required (because the vaxxed are twice as susceptible)’

As has been said before here: it’s not the “vaccine hesitant” who they should be worried about - they should fear the angry vaxxed