Coronavirus 2020



One step at a time.

The first step is to avoid any further slide toward soft totalitarianism.

Vaccine-efficacy in whichever direction will become apparent over time.

For now however, the intent should be to avoid any expansion of measures around vaccine certificates. The best way to do this is to highlight the inability of vaccines to stem the spread of the virus ie no stopping the spread means no point in vaccine certs.

Antigen testing provides a much more effective option for all well-intentioned people.

Vaccine-efficacy may be reviewed later when trends and impacts are clearer and easier to identify.


Rather than the R0 it is now cases per 100000.


Sounds a little bit like hubris to me.

I fail to see how the unforeseen and tragic effects of Thalidomide could be viewed as a ‘conspiracy theory’.


I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable advising a pregnant woman on this mRNA gene therapy either way.

The general point was that issues may arise outside the timeline of observation, especially with novel technologies such as with these mRNA gene therapies.

I’m suggesting there is an unknown element. You are suggesting this isn’t the case. I think that sounds like hubris.


Oh, you meant that research!!


In 2021, doctors advise what they’re told to advise. If the advise otherwise they’re out on their arse.



And small ones too.

Anyway, back to that Anthony Fauci fella….

Do think we’ll ever find out the true origin story of Covid-19?

People would have less trust issues if they were more open about it all, I imagine.


They might have. But not now, probably. After all the shenanigans that seemed to have gone on. Trust has been lost.

Peter Daszak being on the WHO ‘investigation’ was a farce, the whole thing stinks, IMHO.

You’ve suggested that those who are reluctant to take the mRNA therapies are all just ‘conspiracy theorists’.

The evidence would seem to suggest otherwise.

In terms of education levels, people with a high school education or less had the largest decrease in vaccine hesitancy during the study period, while hesitancy held constant among those with a PhD, which was the most hesitant group by May.


Remind me - what animal testing was done on any of the Covid vaccines and please link to the completed Phase III trial results.

The vaccine surveillance - would that be VAERS? It is a Federal Offence to make a fraudulent entry into that system.

This is just to July this year…

  1. the virus was engineered (Possible and likely)
  2. released on purpose. (Possible and unlikely)

IMHO at least. If I had the resources of the 3 letter agencies I could give you a better answer.


Yes indeed. But you see once you go down this road. The Pandora’s box has been opened.

How many years before little Nigel down the road is printing viruses in mammys basement.


The problem is that you inadvertently introduce unforeseen errors in the biological processes. (After the mRNA therapies have been administered, your can’t remove their errors. )


No offences, I think we’re spamming up the thread now. Am going to call it a night.

Will be interesting to follow this story over the next few days.


750,000 deaths, yes a tragedy, but just think about the median age of these victims, it is around 80 years old, an age that is close to the life expectancy in most developed countries, how many would have died without COVID being another aliment that they had a the time, probably most of them.

It is an inconvenient fact that most of these people would have died within a few months anyway or maybe a year or two later at most.


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They keep saying that. But they haven’t. Even for the dreaded Delta.


That’s… how all viruses replicate…


it penetrates your cells…it literally hijacks them and makes them into virus factories.

It’s a virus, that’s what virus’s do. That’s why you have an immune system which has been developed over millions of years of evolution and through countless battles.

mRNA = instructions, it doesn’t matter if it’s “weak”. If the jab delivers the instructions, and the instructions are carried out by the body’s cellar machinery, then the jab is effective in its design. The jabs have been formulated in such a way as to override the bodies natural checks and barriers.

So the body produced the multitude of spike proteins. The s-proteins your body has produced has been for an older variant of the virus however. The existing and future variants are different. This is perhaps why we’re seeing the double mRNA’d in hospitals through out the world. The potential danger is that the “vaccinated” may have banjaxed their natural immune response to these future and emerging variants.

Not only would that be tragic for the individuals, it could be calamitous for the species, as our collective natural immune responses have protected us from the transmission of these pathogens.


That’s how you counter the spike factories line, which is the truth of what the “vaccines” turn you body into, or your cells, spike factories.

…it penetrates your cells…it literally hijacks them and makes them into spike factories.

Using your own cells to replicate little toxic spikes anywhere and everywhere billions maybe trillions inside each half or fully injected person.

That’s some spike load to be carrying in vital cells and organs.

We knew this last year. It was very clear. Spike factories. The weaponised exosome allows entry to pharmas Trojan mRNA or DNA and then wreaks havoc on you body and even mind.

Injections > AIDS+, remember? :tipping_hand_man: