Coronavirus 2020



Prof Bates and Dr O’Connor said most Covid patients in their ICUs were unvaccinated.

“It is extremely rare to see fully vaccinated patients without significant immunosuppression coming into the intensive care unit,” said Prof Bates.

“The people who are getting the sickest Covid infections are patients who have not been vaccinated. If ever there has been a strong message to be vaccinated, that message is super strong now,” said Dr O’Connor.


Ok, read this in your best Spock accent “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” but with COVID this logic is turned completely on its head, ramming a vaccine into people who really don’t need it is causing more problems than it is solving.

The medical profession will be dealing with the after-effects for decades.


What I’d love to understand is how the 83% vaccinated dead in September managed to die without “getting the sickest”. That’s some puzzle? Surely death itself involves being the sickest person in Ireland at that moment


To be confirmed…

I’m not sure how intact your senses are, but what specifically requires further evidence or explaination?


The swiss don’t seem to protest much, but when they do…


The protest is about passports. But make up what you like. It’s entertaining. :slight_smile:


What the UK does, Ireland follows. 1/2 (could be more) our laws are cogged off the UK legislation.


No, the vaccine makes it a much much nicer death and most if not all die at home peacefully.


Presumably reference to freedoms etc are within the context of current kite flying around proposals to make attendance at workplaces and the like dependant on the production of a vaccine certificate/Covid passport etc.

In this regard I note that you don’t appear to have expressed a view on the extension/introduction of such a targeted regime of vaccine certification.

Your arguments do however appear to suggest that you accept that vaccination does not stop viral spread.

I’d be interested to hear whether you would support such measures and, if so, what you would expect such measures to achieve in terms of stemming the march of the virus.


The requirement to show your “papers” to go into many places is a severe loss of freedom, there is no other way to describe that.


The Thrill Is Gone


“Interesting but not a surprise. In Ireland we counted all deaths, in all settings, suspected cases even when no lab test was done, and included people with underlying terminal illnesses who died with Covid but not of it."

Archived at

Also, “a startling memo from the HSE, which shows that doctors in care homes were instructed that if one resident tested positive for the virus, others should not be tested as it was to be assumed they already had it“

Archived at

As the King said… “Et cetera. Et cetera.”


Might be a good thing. Start taking a look at the start of the twentieth century, Rockefeller medicine & the Fulbright report. In the past I thought the centralisation / accreditation was good for standards. But it’s even better for control & institutional, then professional, capture. Even just looking at recent history of how the USMLE / FEMGEMs / Boards assessment systems got revamped in the nineties & naughties is very interesting (follow the money) but harder to find one link to. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole.


Well 40% of deaths to date were in nursing homes. They don’t get transferred to hospital, let alone ICU.


So it looks like More dead in 2021 than previous year




Assumed office on the 11, then 13 days in. :ghost:

A member of the Schallenberg family and a graduate of the College of Europe,[1] Schallenberg was a career diplomat who became a mentor to Kurz when the latter became foreign minister. Kurz appointed him director of strategic foreign policy planning and head of the European department.[2] Schallenberg joined the cabinet as foreign minister in 2019. After Kurz announced his pending resignation on 9 October 2021, Schallenberg was proposed by the ÖVP to replace him as Chancellor of Austria.[3] The Schallenberg government was sworn in on 11 October 2021.[4]

… A member of the comital branch of the Austro-Hungarian Schallenberg family,[5][1] Schallenberg was born in 1969 in Bern, Switzerland, where his father Wolfgang was Austrian ambassador to Switzerland.[6] His mother is a native of Switzerland, and the daughter of Swiss banker and president of UBS Alfred Schaefer.[1] Schallenberg was raised in India, Spain and France where his father served as ambassador; his father eventually became Secretary-General of the Foreign Ministry.[6]Schallenberg speaks German, French, English and Spanish fluently, and has basic knowledge of Russian.[7][8][9] He said in an interview that his given names are Alexander Georg Nicolas.[10] The Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels lists his given names as Alexander Georg Nicolas Christoph Wolfgang Tassilo,[11] though Schallenberg has disputed this and listed Alexander Georg Nicolas as his given names.[12]

His paternal grandfather, Count Herbert Schallenberg (1901–1974), was Austrian counsul general in Prague,[13][14] while his paternal grandmother was the daughter of Walter Koch, the Saxon and later German ambassador in Prague. He is a 2nd great-grandson of Austro-Hungarian general Karl Kostersitz von Marenhorst. Schallenberg has mainly Swiss ancestry on his mother’s side and Austrian, Bohemian, Moravian, Hungarian and Saxon ancestry on his father’s side. Alexander Schallenberg’s traditional title is count,[5] the hereditary title his family was conferred in 1666 within the Habsburg Hereditary Lands that encompassed multiple modern countries of Central Europe, and that was also recognized by Hungary.[a] He is the first chancellor since Kurt Schuschnigg and Prince Starhemberg to belong to a noble family.[15][16]

Austrians Vs The Menace

You gotta luv how they were predicting the return of the flu flu for this year.


Maybe we could send the CMO over on a fact finding mission.