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Always kinda liked what I heard about the Amish but boy I am seeing them in a whole new light now with all this. Including the way society is fragmenting & falling to consumerism, narcissism as well as the whole medical tyranny & social credit cherry on top.


All good points, but I was thinking more about the possible fall out from the long term affects of the vaccines that were rushed through the testing process without testing for the possible long term affects.


Dedicated thread to track progress from gofundme funding to the case - Court action to challenge the Vaccine Pass



So, they’ve given up on saying “the majority of cases are in unvaccinated people” , it is now just a “substantial” amount!

Dr Tony Holohan said: “We are seeing a continuing increase in hospitalisation and intensive care admissions - a substantial amount of whom are not fully vaccinated - placing our frontline healthcare services, including non-Covid care, under significant pressure.”

As it is, someone close in the family tested positive over the weekend, he was fully vaccinated.



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JUST IN - China locks down the city of Lanzhou (4 million population) after 6 new #COVID19 cases and imposes new restrictions in Beijing.


China should do whatever they did before that totally beat the living’ shyte out of the covids that they had no cases until now. Keep doing that. The thing that worked before.


Showing the West again how to do it properly


great bunch of lads the Chinese, fucked up the world for the last 2 years, warmongering in the south china sea and pumping enough carbon into the atmosphere to match the rest of the globe.



From what I can tell they only started injections in May, but really ramping up in July

Up to that point, there are no real cases in Vietnam of note, virtually nothing in 2020.

Then not long after the injections ramp up in 2021. It’s cases case cases. Then it’s dying dying dying.

No dying of note until the shots started hitting arms.






“My unvaccinated relative is neither right-wing nor racist,” says Roisin.

That’s all right then!


Transmission Of Lies

Some super covering going on today in the media of the ongoing mass poisoning of the nation but eh Regime, HSE & Big Pharma.

The kind of covering and misdirection you need to employ when you are trying to cover up the founding lie and ensuing lineage of lies thereafter, that enabled mass poisoning of people, men, women and children.

On Tuesday evening, chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan said he was “increasingly worried” about the rising incidence of the disease nationwide.

Separately, a vaccine expert warned there would be a large increase in cases until there was a “transmission-blocking vaccine”.

Might that be the booster… no it is no, there never was a vaccine was there. Nope. None. So we invoke the magical vaccine panacea, if and when the panacea comes! Holy Holy!

Right now the only vaccine that might stop transmission, is the “one you are given”, the one that kills the recipient, and even then there might be some debate in terms safe & effective disposals of the body.

Truth is, there were many articles outlining the truth all across the media, an awkward truth run before the shot campaign, here is but one example from February this year, yes February 2021- Vaccination may not stop transmission

Lie Bonus Wanes

Dr Anne Moore, a vaccine specialist at UCC’s school of biochemistry, said vaccines were still very effective at preventing severe disease but it appeared that the initial “bonus” of not transmitting the virus to others decreased over time.

She said clean air was now as important as clean water and public investment was required “just as we dug trenches to build sewers”.


These deceivers want to control the very Air you breath too, every move you make, every step you take…


“Good Place” No Sign of Stopping.

Hospitalisations October 24th (latest figure in dataset)

2020 2021
312 503

Compared Oct 24th, this year to end of December last year.

Dec 31. '20 Oct 24, '21
491 503

It took another 18 days from Dec 31st, 2020 to January 18th 2021, for the hospitalisation surge peak to occur at 2020 hospitalisations on the 18th of January (red line, highest peak in the image below).

What does the next 2.5-3 weeks hold?

Does this mean when the seasonal surge hits, it will have a much higher base level from which to ascend and will it out strip Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 surging Tsunami?


Will they Be Right this time, for the first time?

Ministers have received a “stark” presentation on the trajectory of Covid-19 over the coming months to Christmas, with warnings of cases rising to 5,000 per day and remaining at a high plateau.

The Cabinet subcommittee on Covid-19 met on Tuesday evening, with Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly giving a “stark” update, outlining how cases were as high now as at any point apart from the peak of the January wave.

Donnely is a class act, the cases jumped up in July and the picture was super clear by august, that’s a clear line of almost 4 months to figure things out (pretending they care or are not bought and paid for) - 'Course he has no choice. He has to keep going. Like the rest of them. They have made their bed. They all have to keep going. They sold the original lie and must keep selling all the lies thereafter.

Sources told The Irish Times that there was “no talk of reimposing restrictions but a general concern that a peak and rapid fall cannot be assumed”.

“We might peak but then plateau again at 2,000 a day,” a source said.

The peak of the current wave could still see between 2,500 cases and 4,000 to 5,000 per day, senior Ministers were told.

This could see 800 to 1,000 people in hospital at the peak, with 150 to 200 requiring admission to intensive care.


Ooo the Duper Danger Boys are predicting lower hospitalisation levels than last year, and then the usual scary suspect cases numbers as “cases”, same old same old but is that really only taking us to the end of 2021, what about winter 2022?

January 2022 to be precise.

Bottom line:

You do not want to end up in the HSE right now, for whatever reason, you really don’t, as I indicated before, you take the injection, you’re in the hands, the diminishing returns health service.

2020 - Health staff were, highly skilled, loyal, ready to do the job, uninjected, heavily PPE’d but underworked and bored.

2021 - Health staff are injected (not all) over worked and dealing with HSE redeployments while they have “never been busier” all summer, the good people you need in a crisis may not be there, the HSE is actively making life Hell for frontline staff, more so than ever. There is also talk of the replacements, who are the replacements for the smart competent people who you need by your side? Think about it. THINK HARD. People you might depend on, are no longer there, the very sick and most being handled by replacements to some level. What is that level and why?

All the propaganda of 2020, Heros… and now they treat their staff like dogs.

What a picture.

Finally, how you know you know.


The Ministers were also told that there was some grounds for optimism, including a flattening incidence of Covid among those aged over-80, which could be thanks to booster shots.

Yes, boost the death figures.

Deaths are on a ascending upward trend. Deaths are only published once a week. The trend is up, rising and continuing to rise since mid Summer as we march toward teh depths of winter 2021, suffering increasing mass casualties.

Remember, there are more deaths attributed to the thing in 2021 than 2020 (the year of no magical magic).

Deaths are way higher in 2021 than 2020 - More dead in 2021 than previous year


I would like Spuds opinion.


Most uninjected frontline staff are redeployed. There are some exceptions, but very very few. So assume all you meet as a patient are injected.


Yea like redeploying the Pilot and Co-Pilot to handing out wet towels to passengers mid emergency landing.