Coronavirus 2020



Unlike the star trek option, where you put all your best staff directly in the most danger


Duper Donnelly Sells Apples for Oranges.

“Now, thank god, because of the vaccines, we’re not in the position we were in last January. Nonetheless, there is a serious impact on the health system."


Does he know it’s October right now and it’s been far worse than last year for almost 4 months. Yes he does. So he deflects to avoid the awkward truth.

The current position is many many times worse than last year, because the regime have poisoned millions of people, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as January just gone - magic!



Girls life destroyed her “new normal”, her words! :icon_cry:

From Facebook:

Hi SFD, this is a Facebook link to the developing story of Cienna, a young woman from Gosford, NSW. She has severe vax injuries and is being bullied by the Australian Government and Pfizer to stop talking about her injury. Pfizer has told her they will sue if she says the vax has caused her injury, the gov threatens to take all her social media down .



Another event cancelled because it sends the wrong message.


Ok. To summarise, our hospitalizations are now almost exactly where they were on 31 December 2020 so they’re jittery. And now they’ve quietly dropped the complete blaming of the unvaccinated. Their idiot modellers haven’t a clue so the predictions are scaring them.

Conspiracy Theory : Varadkar is actually following a Sweden March 2020 strategy without outright telling the population. ‘Must learn to live with it’. He thinks the vaccine efficacy lets him try this.

Most Likely Outcome: They’ll get lucky. UK hospitalizations has recently peaked. We will peak shortly at a lower level of hospitalizations because our Pfizer vaccines have more staying power than their AstraZenca and we have less obese black and brown people.


I think the winter effect is being discounted a bit in your analysis, I expect it to ramp up over the winter due to seasonal cycles (lack of vitamin d?) especially as vaccine effectiveness is decreasing.


Oh look… New Restrictions!

Oh look! :eyes: Hospitals :tar

“It’s not about stopping visiting. It’s about facilitating safe visits,” he added.

Dr Holohan said Mr Donnelly was working on “operationalising” the measure.

Safe farts.

Man seeks partner to enable safe farts.

4th Quarter Lockdown 2021 - YELLOW ALERT

COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Probable Through Fecal Aerosols - Infectious Disease Advisor


so colleague tested positive and they did not ask if vaccinated.


You mean the employer didn’t ask?


Do you know if they had consumed any cola beverages before the test?

Did you know you’re suppose to do a 24 hour cola fast before taking the test?

Did they know that?


I know, I wasn’t joking. You thought I was joking. You thought I was taking the piss. No really. The only safe fart is a dead fart. All those patients, in close proximity with the farting, squeezing their last fart out, trying to get that last fart out and take you down with them, these old farts, and they are old farts the average age is like 85 dying of the coivds. Twenty thousands boosters for those wielding their farts of mass destruction!


Yea but the looks on peoples faces in the office, what do they say?


Fully vaxed young one in the wife’s job tested positive and they were all sent home etc.

Wife tested negative initially and then tested positive second time round without displaying any symptoms.

I tested negative twice as a close contact ( of a close contact) and wife tested negative again a third time.

The type of stuff that you used to see in movies set in the old eastern bloc.


Testing crowd - I assumed they’d have asked? No PPS nr asked for either.


Person - unvaxxed, OW


I think you can wash down horse paste with a few swigs of cola.


Vaccinations not performing as well as hoped in reducing spread of Covid – Tony

Bummer, better booster up!



Wave Of Lies

Reading that piece. I think we’ve hit the fully vazzed are super spreaders moment as @BlameGame mentioned we’d hit this soon.

Another example of admitting or using a historical awkward truth as a cover for next step.

Early reporting around bd this issue raised the before mass injections commenced, the worry was that the over confident vazzed would be silent asymptomatic spreaders, but then you hit the problem when you claim the majority are fully vazzed, that original concern does not apply and so is being used as a deflection or leverage from or for what?