Coronavirus 2020



Sounds like a solution to the recovery cert expiring!
Engineer a positive test result and get another six months licence to be part of the community.


Faecal-oral spread is very common. Cholera. Hepatitis etc


Indeed, a bullshitter or a liar ?

It’s often a ‘tell’ when someone says “in truth”. It means they’re not telling the full story.

“In truth they are probably not performing as well as we might have hoped in terms of preventing transmission.



If show trials happen, it won’t be Pat Kenny and RTE in the dock

Pat can relax, he is the establishment


Well deserved.


Exactly a trial of the establishment :smile:


Glynn most positivity amongst 5-12 yr olds
Making way so for NIAC to deliver, after extensive deliberation, a report advocating Pfizer for the childer


Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost. The bill for the Covid vaccines could bankrupt the country.


This is an absolutely terrible idea

The most dangerous thing to do, at this point, would be to vaccinate children


It’s a daft idea full stop
They’re not at any risk. Risk/reward.

From that link

“The flu vaccines, in other words, work great if you’ve never had the flu before. Otherwise they don’t do anything.”

Doesn’t stop hundreds of millions taking them every year


Ordinary People don’t get Covid…,

Dr Holohan said NPHET had a “substantial concern” about the number of ICU beds being taken up by Covid-19 patients.

He said the knock-on effect is that those beds would normally be taken by ordinary people who cannot get access to surgeries or interventions.


They’re grasping, even Duper Donnellys “Yet to choose”, not my voice, not my choice, is sponsored by The Menace, if they’re not saying’ it the script writers in the media are remoulding it to hammer the NLP phrases decided for the day, the week or whatever the agenda magick required in the moment.

Still no legitimate government.
The Republic on “pause”.
Only REGIME says go or no go.


Oh. Look.

So why are they demonising the unvaccinated for the past week?

Or perhaps it’s a push for boosters…


It was hilarious to hear Pat Kenny on Newstalk this morning having a go at Tony Holohan for saying that the vaccines “weren’t working as well as we’d hoped.”

“I was disappointed to hear him say that,” Kenny vented furiously, “It only gives ammo to the anti-vaxxers.”


I was disappointed to hear him say that. Undermining Tones.


Paul Reid is terrible and terrifying. He could end up in jail. Don’t say anything that will prejudice his trial.

Reid said there has been “much debate if we just increase ICU beds it will be better … but that’s not really true”.

“There’s a level to which you can increase your ICU capacity and have that constrained by Covid,” he said.

Any one number of Covid has a disproportionate impact on hospitals. When we say 500 people in hospital, the impact is significantly more than 500 people in hospital … we end up having to close some wards and isolate some individuals,” he added.


Maybe someone should remind him of what the neighbours did last year to reduce the strain on the hospitals.

It never reached capacity as COVID was not as deadly as initially feared, but they did their part to avoid overloading the system.


Once again Ireland matches exactly the playbook employed in the US with a lag of about 2/3 months.

In this case it’s 3 months and the plank has his “I ain’t no fucking superspreader” moment.