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Two Anti-Vaxxers For the Price of One

Media lead storm for max deflection aimed at a representative of the People who has questioned the regime:

“Let me be very clear - I am not anti-vax,” Ms Murphy clarified, stating that the vaccine data she was using came from a recent Lancet study which had concluded that “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral loads similar to unvaccinated cases”.


Same day in an RTE interview Pfizer-HSE Doctor:

Dr Henry said that vaccines alone will not prevent transmission of the virus and he appealed to the unvaccinated to get the jab or to take up any outstanding boosters.

Stena Line in every shot.

Neither are much use. They want more of everything that does not work.


OW: Stena Line in every shot
What does that mean?



Yes - entire family doubled jabby jabbed some months ago.

You could see the fear lifting. Mild flu symptons for 24 hours followed by loss of sense of taste and smell.

No other symptons - both in their 50’s.

You could see the wheels going round in their heads - why have I been living in terror for nearly two years if this is all it is.


Baffled by how this could be relevant


Look at this from RTE. Clearly linking nightclubs with the increase in cases with a prominent photo - with no evidence or even a mention - in the article. Pretty outrageous - but par for the course.


There is no byline. Not written by a journalist or any description. In fact its probably written by some public affairs person at DCU. A PR person. Here are some of the other puff pieces from the same source.


I wonder how many “positive” cases are simply people renewing their recovery certs?


There is no redeeming RTE or any of the media, it’s over. They are dead media hawking deadly propaganda.

RTE is news is headed by a :ghost: and always check which is the go to bought and paid for shill, Christine Loscher again, another one was promoting pumping the children with poison synthetic mRNA & DNA not so long ago. All these people get a free pass in the media, the ordinary native is targeted for dispatch.

We were or should have been warned about people like this as children.


We were.'s_clothing


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves

I wonder does the fact that we are now living in the celebrated ‘post-Christian’ society mean that people are less likely to spot this type of behaviour


Funnily enough I was making this point late last night in conversation.

The push to remove and promote a life absent of the concept such as good & evil, a moral understanding, personal responsbility etc. etc. a general moral framework, has left people totally adrift, and thus they can not spot the wolves serving them their last meal - they go through life like an orphaned child.

They become like those children raised by wolves. Whom pass developmental milestones and can not be taught higher complex language as they have missed human contact, parental contact during the crucial formative years. It is too late for them.

The world is at the point where the wolves want to raise all the children.


Bumping this Sep 2020 post keyword: WOLF

It’s been Project WOLF since day 1, get it?


UK approves Merck pill.

First pill to treat Covid-19 approved in the UK (




“We are, once again, at the epicentre,” Mr Kluge told a press conference.

According to “one reliable projection” the current trajectory would mean “another half a million Covid-19 deaths” by February, Mr Kluge added.

Mr Kluge blamed the soaring caseload on insufficient vaccination coverage"

Like in Waterford for example.


Kluge has spent the last 25 years years as a political activist for MSF a loony left / crazy Marxist French "Medical Charity " NGO. Although not well known in Anglophone countries having seen their leaders interviews in the French media they are power crazed Communist scumbags who tell the most brazen lies with a straight face. Even when challenged on the most basic facts.

Like all Marxist organization of that type they are great self-publicists and make it look like they are doing huge amounts of charity work whereas their actual impact on the ground is minimal/ non-existent.

So just another parasitic NGO. Thats who Kluge is.


Who needs PHARMA MAN?


Another Anti-Vaxxer in the media!

We have a vaccine that does not fully stop the spread, so breakthrough infections mean some vaccinated people will get seriously ill, but the data are clear: if you are not jabbed, the risk of ending up in ICU is massively higher.

Recently, the plea to get the vaccine has been pushed more, with some gentle success – it is mentioned almost daily by our health officials – but more force is needed as we try to break the waves to prevent our health system from getting overwhelmed as cases soar and we inch toward a festive season we all deserve


Waves of Truth?

Anyway, should be clear this article is open comms. Probably not even her. That’s a shout out to the embedded operatives to go harder!


North Dakota again

A case of Looking For Lockdown (N.Dakota) Vs Lockdown Love U Long Time (Ireland)

My simple small brain analysis and conclusion:

Compared to N/Dakota, everything the Regime has done on the island of Ireland has made things worse, each and every time.

North Dakotan context:

In case yo forgot or did not now, N.Dakota had no lockdowns or any meaningful masking mandates since the “Attack Of The Virus” began - It’s current rate of injectionation is:

How many COVID-19 vaccines has North Dakotaadministered?

In North Dakota, 407,420 people or 53% of the state has received at least one dose.

Overall, 350,614 people or 46% of North Dakota’s population has been fully vaccinated.


The current trend in N.Dakota looks like it’s trending down, is this more of a “herd immunity” pay off for their Freedom First stance of Governor Kristi Noem?

I guess time will tell.


but more force is needed as we try to break the waves to prevent our health system from getting overwhelmed as cases soar and we inch toward a festive season we all deserve


Horrah Henry:

“also said that unvaccinated people cannot rely on the vaccinated population.”