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From the Telegraph this week

Vitamin C can help to prevent severe Covid-19 and speed up recovery from infection, a study suggests, as scientists claim it should become standard treatment in hospitals.
A review of 12 clinical trials, due to be published in the journal Life this week, found administering the vitamin intravenously may improve the level of oxygen in the blood, reduce inflammation and cut a patient’s hospital stay

For more critically ill patients, trials using doses of 6-24g a day intravenously have shown positive benefits in terms of increased survival, and reduced hospital stay, improved oxygenation or reduced inflammation,” said co-author Anitra Carr, of the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Twenty oranges provide one gram of vitamin C, the researchers said, therefore these dosage levels require supplementation.
Plasma concentrations of Vitamin C were very low among 70 to 80 per cent of Covid patients, the review found, suggesting they may benefit from several grams of the vitamin to correct any deficiency.

The review also suggested that vitamin C could help prevent Covid-19 progressing to a severe illness.

One study in the review, conducted in Shanghai, China, looked at 110 patients with moderate Covid, 55 of whom received a dose of vitamin C dependent on their weight, the other half had standard care.

A third fewer patients progressed to severe illness when given the dose, the study suggested.

The review concluded that randomised control trials and retrospective cohort studies show vitamin C “appears to also support positive outcomes in Covid-19 in both inpatient and outpatient settings, leading to a beneficial effect in patients with moderate symptoms”

It comes after a study published by King’s College London earlier this year found taking vitamin C had “no preventive benefit” against Covid-19 infection.

Increasing vitamin D intake had also been suggested to help protect against Covid-19. But research published earlier this year by McGill University in Quebec, Canada, found no difference in the levels of the vitamin between people who did and did not contract the virus.


Vitamin C via IV going mainstream. That’s big. Wait till all the other stuff starts coming out.


I checked that Mcgill study.

"However, the study had several important limitations, including that the research did not include individuals with vitamin D deficiency, and it remains possible that truly deficient patients may benefit from supplementation for COVID-19 related protection and outcomes. "

The study looked at genetic markers not actual vit D defficiency. Talk about missing the elephant in the room!

I score 95 for Vit D. Keep taking the supplements esp. During the winter.


Thanks for that. I was told this week by a consultant that 125 would be fine. Which is where I’m at.

It’s very interesting that there has been a concerted effort over the last 18 months to remove any sense of agency from people for the idea that they can lower their chances of getting sick by making their own health decisions. “Social distancing” “hand washing” and “face covering” are all you hear from Tony. We don’t do this for lung cancer. But for Covid, anything that interferes with the vaccine push is ruthlessly attacked or the waters are muddied with counter-propaganda.

So for instance, this very week there is counter propaganda against Vitamin C when you google Covid Vitainin C news.


Agree. I think the studies for vitamin D showed that deficiency does correlate with COVID outcomes, but that high has no real benefit over normal levels?

Nice & sunny today - must top up :slight_smile:

Another petition against the COVID regime


Check out the responses from the normies as the penny begins to drop about the fraudulent PCR testing. All it took was very blatant and public gaming by a minister who has inadvertently revealed that he knew the test was bollocks all along, such was his eagerness to make it to the Green Woodstock. The casedemic scam has been so axiomatic amongst people like ourselves for at least a year now that I’m amazed people were still buying it.


Why would Minister Ryan have to take a “test” at all if he’s “fully-vaccinated”? :ninja:


COP asking attendees to take them. Even if vaccinated. Coz vaccines so safe & effective. Luke & Fauci both said so.


And now it turns out there was a whole set of rules and procedures in existence all along which, just like the Merrion Hotel, were never made public until a minister was involved.


“Rules for thee but not for me.” Eamon Ryan on Covid19 restrictions.


ANIMAL pharm


I can actually think of one clinical scenario where a second test after a negative result would be kinda valid. If the person had a moderate symptomatic infection with the one infection specific symptom, the intense nasal pain due to ORN (Olfactory Repose Neuron) nerve site infection, and the fact t hat PCR test having a 50% plus false negative rate. It gives a true positive result for less than 50% of active infections.

That could be a valid confirmation test.

Except for the fact that intense nasal pain due to ORN nerve site infection although uncommon with most viral respiratory infections like influenza is a bit more common with the four common general circulation human corona viruses. The ones that have a history of generating (non statistical ) false positives with all the rapid COVID tests.

So still a junk test.


Since his positive test, how many tests has Eamonn received?

Did he just keep at it until one came back negative?


"When asked about booster vaccines, Prof McConkey said they were needed as immunity waned, but the question was when was the optimal time to boost.

It might be better to wait until new vaccines were developed"

Ah now…


The lad from Mars outed the bullshit last year.


No different to Day One of the imposed regime.

The regime is and has been and continues to be totally consistent in it’s application and dissemination of divide and conquer techniques using psychological terror techniques of WAR since day one.

Calling for a Revolt of the vaccinated to support the Regime by not using their vaccine bonus to live again looks like one of the weakest moves to date, it must be frying fully-covid-logic circuits but if you were to ask me it looks like something more too, cause it’s a high risk move that is instant blunder.

Donnelley got this conversation going yesterday in the PR releases that hit the news Sunday, oh these businesses bit compiling, it’s actually people not compiling all sides, and few if any game a rats ass - see they have their survey and they’re gonna wield it like a weapon. Usual formulaic shyte from an empty dead thing.

Their move is to distract from his fast collapse in the Dail.

The weakness is a know weakens, it is that the vaccine wanes, the bonus dissolves, the magic is over, the honeymoon spent nd the new magic of the booster, well the New Magic needs to be sold.

Yep they have to do it all over again.

How many people do you think realise if they do not get their booster they will become Fully-Unvaccainted in the eyes of the all loving techno-pharma-globalist-state and the covid passes not being taken seriously (as is right), will mean SFA unless the continue to receive “booster” magic?

That’s the real story, not the crack down on “rouge” business, i.e. free people trying to earn a living under tyranny.

The real story is they’ve stitched up anyone who has taken this poison. They tricked anyone who consented to take this magical to being put on life support on a rolling 6 monthly subscription service for life. How many understand this, because they will need a way to break it to the already broken.

Perhaps they are stringing it along until they can use the horror of the winter meltdown, and are setting it up as the fall guy to explain new harder measures for the explosion of cases or hospitalisation but until that time which would only be a few more weeks, they need to avoid the awkward reality of further tripping over their own lies, exposing they regime status, deceptions, which looks impossible now. New spots keep appearing on the covid twister mat.


Just like that the whole thing… POOF!


Vote with your Vaccine Bonus

Here is the un-paywalled version of the political call to arms for the injected to rally around the occupational regime and take their business elsewhere:


In reality, it is probably more likely that customers wouldn’t be bothered frequenting establishments who make a big deal about certs and passports.

This “announcement” seems to be a PR factual inversion.

No normal person likes being asked to present their papers on a night out.