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Party Animals?

We’re all Monkeys now! :banana: :banana: :banana:

INDIANAPOLIS — Three African lions at the Indianapolis Zoo are recovering after testing positive for the delta variant of COVID-19 on October 14.

Two female lions showed respiratory and digestive symptoms, while the male lion has been asymptomatic. The Zoo says the two young lions are doing well and the older female continues to be treated for respiratory symptoms.

The Zoo recently began giving the COVID-19 vaccine to tigers, lions, apes and cheetahs.

“The lions received their first dose over two weeks ago, which likely mitigated the severity of their symptoms,” the zoo said in a press release. "

The Zoo says it is unknown how the lions caught the virus and no staff members were sick or showed signs of the virus. All staff members are vaccinated and tested negative for COVID.


I blame the rouge publicans and restauranteurs. :icon_beer:


Pfizer Police

His “Love” must have expired like his fake vaccines.

Simple Simon is a big boy at the Atlantic Council too.

Irelands Chief Bilderberger Back Better is an all round good boy.

Meanwhile the Russian view the Atlantic Council as a security threat:

Did I mention Irelands Gimp Footprint is a net positive?

Further research has shown that combined with Irelands largest per capita Cunt footprint and Clown footprint in the world, we are about 2 seconds to midnight from absolute NWO ecstasy.


Japan - high iodine levels (way above Western RDA) + low obesity


Yes two very good points. Low carb diet. Iodine. Who doesn’t like some tasty Nori?

There was a time when many Irish would have had a similar diet to the Japanese as a consequence of the natural environment and living patterns, thus a higher intake of iodine and fish, until…


I watch NHK World regularly on the Sky Dish, very restful documentaries about Japan. But what’s startling is how healthily they eat. There isnt a single Happy Pear, gym nut, ‘eating clean’ type in Ireland who comes anywhere close. I know there are elements of propaganda to TV, but it’s more than that.


Always preferred the Oxford handbooks or the Washington manuals myself :stuck_out_tongue:


When you do three times as many test you get three times as many cases…

as against here…

And I would guess the huge difference in ICU case numbers between Ireland and Norway is Ireland has very high Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) rates whereas Norway put a huge effort into reducing HAI infections starting more than a decade ago and have the lowest health system HAI rate in Europe. And as actual SARs CoV 2 viral pneumonia is mainly a HAI…


Required it’s own thread tbh - 2.5 million Adverse events recorded in this WHO database


More from the “You Couldn’t Make It Up” files…


Yea but all this has been predicted and discussed here and elsewhere many many months ago, even as early as last year.


The Covids Dead

Period: July 1st - Nov 11th

2020 2021
263 568

115% increase in The Coivds dead this year compared to last year.


Where do these figures come from?

#6996 > “show datasets” > …have fun!

It is all I have ever used to make me own graphs n stuff, and have posted or cited it in the past, sure what else is there?


Words, are important.

Breakthrough cases.
Vaccine Breakthrough.

Are we agreed that these terms, using the active “breakthrough” is the approved cover for “vaccine” failure, or fake vaccination claims not holding water? The science is staled is it not! :icon_beer:

Up to now the mantra has been to follow the data and trust the science. We shouldn’t forget this when it comes to vaccine breakthrough.

Keyword: mantra

Vaccine breakthrough is a marketing and propagandists term. I see only following of the approved data, not analysis of all the data, lots of trusting marketing marketed as science, yea. I see that everyday. Dogma dinners for mass consumption.

Naturally then there is no mention of ADE Bomb or Adverse Events and lots of other things besides.

The last week has been somewhat of a roller coaster. We have gone from a situation where it appeared the country had indeed at last come to suppress Covid-19, to one where the hospital system is again now under severe pressure.

No-one knows why this has happened - as it has all over Europe, in the UK, Germany. The health authorities’ best guess is that increased socialising has led to rapid transmission increases (in retrospect perhaps hardly surprising considering that’s what we’ve encouraged everyone to do since June). The problem is we’re still missing a key piece of the puzzle: is the widespread Covid transmission coming from vaccinated people?


Universal Outcomes

Breakthrough Coronavirus Cases Up 44% In Massachusetts

About 1.2 percent of fully-vaccinated Massachusetts residents have contracted COVID-19. Of those, 468 have died.

Posted Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 11:15 am ET

The DPH data also shows that, in most cases, the vaccine protects against more serious bouts of COVID-19. Just 0.04% of the fully-vaccinated Massachusetts residents who got a breakthrough case needed to be hospitalized. (Shutterstock)

MASSACHUSETTS — At least 468 Massachusetts residents who have been fully-vaccinated against the coronavirus have died, according to a report released Tuesday by the state Department of Public Health.

The report also showed a 44 percent increase in the number of fully-vaccinated people who have tested positive for COVID-19. There were 4,608 so-called breakthrough cases last week, up 44 percent from 3,192 the previous week. It was the second straight week reported breakthrough cases rose in Massachusetts.

To date, 58,807, or 1.2 percent, of fully-vaccinated Massachusetts residents have tested positive for coronavirus. The DPH data also shows that, in most cases, the vaccine protects against more serious bouts of COVID-19. Just 0.04% of the fully-vaccinated Massachusetts residents who got a breakthrough case needed to be hospitalized.



The more you know, the more things… :icon_eek:

Inhalation chamber during the 1918 influenza pandemic


They found some scheme. They were going to put us through a chamber – sort of gas. Oh, I was up to that. I thought, this’ll do me; they ain’t going to charge. So … they showed us into this bit of a room. Oh, I suppose there were 50 or 60 at one [go]. And they put us in and sealed it up and turned this sort of gas on – you could hear it squibbing and hissing – and didn’t it get warm and sort of foggy … By gum, I began to sweat a bit. And I suppose it was on for a bit over five minutes anyway. And, I was glad to hear the door opening, and let the air in again! Anyway, I came out, and my eyes were running and I felt … I don’t think much of that treatment, anyhow. Well, anyway, it didn’t do me any good. I don’t think it did anybody any good. And as for stopping the epidemic, they found out after that it was only egging it on! It was making it worse! If you weren’t going to have it – you were more likely to have it having this treatment. So, after a bit they knocked that off sudden!

In what looks more like a cowshed than a medical facility (it was actually a bicycle shed), Christchurch citizens line up in an inhalation chamber for a dose of zinc sulphate. Like many supposed cures for the flu, it probably did more harm than good.

Audio link worth a listen:


Looking at the video:
some resemblance to those iiird Reich establishments in Eastern Europe.


Like I wrote the Waterford thing went viral especially in the US and more beside. The Dublin Castle look was not a good look. It has not been forgotten. Those on the outside looking in are often dismayed and saddened.

Irish Quandary: Who to Blame When Everyone’s Vaxxed?

No one seems curious about the prevalence of the disease in an almost fully vaccinated population.

…In the Republic of Ireland, however, health officials are running out of people to blame. This has become embarrassingly obvious in County Waterford. As reported in the Irish Times , the nation’s establishment newspaper, two of the three most COVID-infected electoral areas in Ireland are located in the county “with the highest rate of vaccination in the country.” In Waterford, a remarkable 99.7 percent of adults over the age of 18 is fully vaccinated.

The Waterford news caught my attention because the first American “Cashills” hail from County Waterford. My great-great-grandfather came to America in 1847, “Black 47” as they called it, the mid-point of a potato famine that saw more than one million Irish die from starvation or disease and another million flee the country. For all their travails, the Irish were a hardy, freedom-loving people then. With some notable exceptions, they are neither anymore.

Read full text:

A not to dissimilar piece from gript:


Leo’s Mates again

I am told the Irish Regime only have the computational and financial budget to wargame the loss or retention of their pensions. :icon_beer:

Israeli ‘wargame’ sees kids suffering vaccine-resistant Covid strain

Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett and senior aides were holed up in a nuclear command bunker on Thursday to simulate an outbreak of a vaccine-resistant Covid-19 variant to which children are vulnerable, describing such an eventuality as “the next war”.

Israel would brief foreign leaders next week on the findings of the drill, he said, citing Britain’s Boris Johnson as among counterparts with whom he is in contact.

Bennett said that, to enhance the challenge of the one-day exercise, he had been kept unaware of specific scenarios of an imagined 10-week crisis that starts over the December holidays.

The script sees a fictitious strain, “Omega”, bypassing the vaccines which Israel rolled out at record pace this year. Omega also sickens children – largely spared by the actual virus – prompting mass hospitalisations and school closures.

“What I’ve learned is if you prepare for the next war and not for the previous war, the next pandemic and not the previous pandemic, that means that you are going to be better prepared,” Bennett told Reuters from the facility in the Jerusalem hills.

“The main lesson is: Move fast, move hard.”

As part of the simulation, Bennett said he had ordered Israeli children – including his own four – confined to their homes while the government sealed off the borders and conferred with the Palestinian Authority, Gaza officials and Jordan.

“Unlike a war-wargame, a pandemic wargame is not secret. Quite the contrary, we want to share the information,” he said.

… Bennett said he and his aides could manage Israel “indefinitely” from the bunker in any major crisis.


I thought there was an “Omega” strain already but maybe not, but hey what was the plot for “The Omega Man” movie again" :thinking:

In March 1975, a Sino-Soviet border conflict escalates into full-scale war in which biological warfare destroys most of the human race. U.S. Army Col. Robert Neville, M.D., is a scientist based in Los Angeles. As he begins to succumb to the plague, he injects himself with an experimental vaccine, rendering him immune.